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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. 3Monkeys

    3Monkeys Starting Off

    lol...never fall for the lure of calling a government department ... you always get the block. They always respond to written material however... thats why politicians and their ilk hate writers.

    Edit : Im curious what will come first , the government response or the game release . At the moment im betting the response before game release :(
  2. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back this rate, the PC release will come first...:p
  3. I've been checking the Australian classification board website periodically to see if there's any news. While we here in Australia are waiting patiently for state of decays release their "busy" putting ratings on crap (Asian anal addiction) maybe this is what's taking them longer than you would think necessary.
  4. Latest game cert was Walking Dead: 400 days, so I guess they aren't averse to zombie games....
  5. EreWeGo

    EreWeGo Got Your Back

    Yeah I noticed that too - and it's not even out until July....
    Hopefully they've received the latest video they requested, and let's hope they don't request more...:mad:
  6. 3Monkeys

    3Monkeys Starting Off

    Damn...Sat 21st...wake up bleary eyed hoping against all hope... still nothing . If this keeps dragging out I swear ill go out and buy a Wii just too spite microsoft. Nah... no way id buy a Wii . Just someone fire someone or something... or better yet just release the game...I promise not to inform our inept and docile government . And if this classification timelength is anything to go by you will have at least 2 months before anyone clicks .
  7. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    I'm assuming your from NZ or Australia...At this point it is not UL or Microsoft's fault. The classification board in Australia is being seemingly difficult for whatever reason about this game.
  8. Yeah, it's not like Microsoft has never worked with the ACB before and has no idea what to send them *rolls eyes*
    Also I would like to add that the publisher does get a daily email with a rough estimate of when the game will be rated, as stated on this page
    it says "While you have active applciations, you will receive a daily email showing the status of all your applications and their expected due dates. Please note: this information is accurate at the time the email is sent, and is subject to change."
  9. Yeah just waiting for todays roundup to see if theres any news from ULs end...
  10. Harben

    Harben Starting Off

    Thankfully I live in North America.
  11. I just don't understand why it's taking forever for NZ. We've had left 4 Dead 2 before them, and uncensored. Is NZ's classification board even connected with Aussie's?
  12. No, the boards are seperate, but the live arcade stores are the same. If this game was avaliable on disc, New Zealanders would be able to buy it in retail stores already. Microsoft literraly has no way of selling the game to you without selling it to Australia as well.
  13. Any news on when it will be available in Australia??
  14. Plus 1 for NZ :)
    Although I am guessing NZ and Aussie share a XBLA library so we have to wait? There was some mention of not wanting to put out different versions if possible?
    I see Australin classification have yet to rate it on their web site.
  15. Been trying to check but the whole searching system on the site is just a plain balls up
  16. any news on when Australia will be included? plz plz plz go get on their ass's - I myself have submitted a few emails to them with still no reply
    I like so many others want to play this game
  17. Here's hoping with everything crossed that we aussies see it sometime this week. Our review board has had it since April, how much longer do they need?
  18. I had to jump ship and created a US account to buy it (but playing it with my NZ Live account), which I'm super happy about! If there end up being any problems (need to change the console or whatever) then I'll happily grab another copy lol
  19. xr1st1anos

    xr1st1anos Got Your Back

    I'm in Oz and I'm on the same boat as him...
  20. I can neither confirm nor deny that I might have gone through the demo twice on a US account and am concidering buying a ms point card to buy the game with that account. see what happens after Wednesday evening :)
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