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Create Your Own Sirvivor

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by Fabian907, Jan 30, 2015.

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  1. Rock33B

    Rock33B Here To Help


    Name: Jim Gallows
    Mood: Grim
    Weapon: River Snake (Scoped) .357
    Metal Bat

    Cardio: ***
    Wits: *
    Fighting: ****
    Shooting: *******
    Leadership: ****

    Off the Wagon
    Pack a Day (Improves Cardio Slowly)
    Leadership Training (Has Leadership Skills).
    Army Engineer (Good With Tools)
    Sapper (Knowledge of Chemistry and Explosives).
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  2. Dr. Evolutis

    Dr. Evolutis Here To Help

    Character Name: Edward Richtofen
    Weapon:Bowie Knife

    Stamina/Cardio: ***
    Fighting: **
    "Toy" thanks to a really terrible storyline
  3. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    Black ops so much?
  4. Dr. Evolutis

    Dr. Evolutis Here To Help

    Never been a fan of COD, but I used to love zombies. Then that really terrible story........rable..........ralbe........dkjfkasdjlf
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  5. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

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  6. Biggles

    Biggles Here To Help

    Whose face was shopped on there lol
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  7. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Character Name: Ben Strange
    Mood: Determined
    Weapon: Crowbar & Trench Knife (Grandpa's/Heirloom)

    Potential Lv Caps
    Stamina/Cardio: 5+ Marathon is locked, but Combat Endurance unlockable at Lv 4-5
    Fighting:4+ Takedown skill. Some know-how in fighting. Nothing professional. Just a yr+ of survival.

    Powerhouse - Will not be bitten while grappling zed.
    Leadership - Higher chance to avoid extreme reaction to acts of Mercy or Eviction (also relative to recipients traits). Improved ability to disarm hostilities.

    Loner - Discord goes away if left alone.
    Easy Going - Seems to be a fairly nonjudgemental sort. Not that he doesn't; he just doesn't make a practice of it.
    Easily Amused/Sense of Humor -Light. Dark. Macabre. Subtle. Inappropriate. Animated. If people have laughed at it, he probably has too. Is dry humored personally (usually). Lessens discord chance or raises morale slightly.
    Thinks Out Loud - Quietly, but noticeable. (Comments on game mechanics? o_O)Random noise pulses. Never while sneaking (but any other time).
    Ignored Injuries - Happened around onset of outbreak. Never got surgeries needed. Healed poorly. Bum Knee & cannot sprint.
    (Kind, Quick Learner, Poor Short Term Memory, and Does Voices would've fit in there, but there seems to be 4 traits, and a personal one the unveil themselves. I think he would just start rambling to himself and the trait Thinks Out Loud would reveal itself.)
    People seem to find him a likeable sort, though he couldn't tell you why. While he doesn't usually approach conversation, he is not unfriendly. Out of practice may be a good way of describing it. Likes teasing people, even complete strangers. His tone makes it obvious when he's joking/sarcastic. Can be caught sounding bitter at times, especially around MDs.
    Physical Description
    Canvas Jacket over a grey flannel, jeans, hiking shoes. Big guy. Dirty blond, 6 o clock logan shadow. Would've made a good football player if he'd had any interest in sports.

    And blah, blah, blah, thread revival done. ;)
    -counts days til back in page 2+-
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  8. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Well, here's my Last Firefighter from my fanfiction... which is still a work in progress :p

    Character Name: Warryn Blackthorne (please pardon the pen-name :))
    Mood: Determined
    Weapon: Trusty Fire Axe, & Nickel-Plated Remington 870 Shotgun

    Stamina/Cardio: ******
    Wits: ***
    Fighting: *****
    Shooting: **
    Powerhouse: *****
    Leadership: **
    Medical: **

    Others: (styled in song titles for a bit of flavour ;) )
    • Fireproof (Thanks to his overcoat/uniform)
    • Jumpin' Jack Flash (immune to Bloaters due to breather-mask)
    • When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going (Powerhouse - There's a reason there's so much weight equipment at the fire house)
    • Holding Out For A Hero (Motivated/gets the job done/leads by example)
    • Like A Surgeon (Paramedic Training)
    • The Bugle Cavalry Charge (Very much a Kick-In-The-Door/Gung-Ho type)
    • Who Can It Be Now? (The zed apocalypse has made him a tad jumpy)
  9. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    Great, now I can cringe even more of my past...
  10. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Oh. No problem. o_O
    -browses old posts again then shrugs-

    So. Make us a character? :)
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  11. Mr.LoneWolf
    Weapon: Legendary Wolf Bone some unique Heavy Weapon

    Cardio: ******
    Lone Wolf
    Young Cadet
    Watches The Walking Dead
    Born Leader
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  12. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    I wonder why I made this thread... damn younger me..
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