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    Sweet Bridge could be described by some as a 'Back Water' settlement. The most impressive building is the Motte and Bailey, overlooking the wooden buildings of the village. One day the place could develop into a major city; it even has a small church, but as it stands today, there is a long way to go. Most of the citizens are friendly, indeed they welcome strangers, as it is a source of income. However, recent events have seen the store holders petition the 'Boss' for help. Supplies have not been getting through to the village and payments of coin from the store holders have gone missing on route to the suppliers.

    "I am Sheriff D'Pont and I thank you all for answering our Lord's request for Adventurers. Welcome to Sweet Bridge" the man says with a smile. He is wearing a purple coloured surcoat over chainmail. The device on the front shows the head of a White Stag. Other men in the inn also wear the same surcoat, with the same device, though these have different types of armour and all carry some sort of weapon.

    About 4 weeks ago posters were displayed in prominent positions around the places where you lived. The words on the posters promised Adventure, Wealth and Power and for reasons unknown only to you, you made your way to the Prancing Deer Inn at Sweet Bridge. You have travelled from near and afar, with nothing but the clothing on your back. Having handed a poster to a guard on the door, you are ushered into the Inn and shown to a long table. Slowly other people start to fill up the benches, both sides of this table.

    "My friends" Sheriff D'Pont continues, "Before we get down to business, let us enjoy the hospitality of the best Inn for miles". With that he claps his mail covered hands and suddenly two serving wenches are delivering pewter plates full of cured sliced ham, goats cheese and warm bread. "I do recommend the Honey Dew Mead" the man continues, raising his flagon in a salute.

    Whilst you enjoy the food and mead, those of you that are astute may well consider that you are being studied by the men in the room. It may be the smoke of the candles or the shadows that they cause, but it does feel that every move you make is being noted.

    After the plates have been removed and your tankards refilled, D'Pont breaks the silence. "I do hope that was to your satisfaction" he asks, Without waiting for a reply, he continues "Now down to why you are all here. Our Lord is looking to develop a team to do his bidding. We have certain issues both inside and outside the realm that need taking care of. Yes there will be risk, but with risk comes reward and you never know, one day you may be in control of all this" he said with a chuckle, extending his arms out to his side.

    "Now I have been given instructions to fund your first expedition, but please do not even consider leaving us, once you have signed up". At this D'Pont looked to his left and an individual moved out of the shadows. The female warrior came into view, spinning the tip of a dagger on her finger. "I do not mean this to sound like a threat, but I am sure you understand, taking my gold and then running, is not an option. Now please, if you wish to continue, then join me at my table" D'Pont concluded with what looked like a genuine smile.

    As you each sign a document swearing allegiance, you are handed a leather purse containing some coins.

    Having returned to your place at the table, D'Pont gives general instructions. "Our first mission is into the mountains". With a shrug of his shoulders he continues "Its rough going, so sorry no horses. If all goes well, it should take two days there and two days back. Be prepared for height and depth, light and dark. You can purchase all you need within the village, either from the Blacksmith, Tanner, Village Store or if you are brave enough Mystic Rose. Now get some rest, and spend tomorrow getting your equipment. Rooms have been arranged for you here in the Inn. Meet me at the Motte and Bailey 12 noon tomorrow". With that D'Pont and his soldiers leave you to enjoy the mead and other beverages.


    For the Game

    You can either be a :-

    Wizard, Thief, Cleric or Fighter, each role has restrictions:-

    Wizard:- Cannot wear any armour or carry a shield. They can only use a Staff, Dagger and Dart as a weapon. However many magical spell Staffs and Rods, (If found) can only be used by this character. This character starts with a 5 page Spell Book (1 page per spell) containing ONLY one spell of your choice from the following:- Charm Person. Detect Magic. Floating Disc. Hold Portal. Light. Magic Missile. Protection from Evil. Read Languages. Read Magic. Shield. Sleep. Ventriloquism.

    Once the spell is used, then the Wizard needs a day of rest to re-learn it. The number of spells a Wizard can use, increases as they gain experience. Character comes with a Staff, which is really only a plain length of wood. Needs 2500 Experience Points (XP) to attain the next level. Starting Hit Points 4. This increased each level gained.

    If you want to be a wizard, then PM if you wish to know what the spells do.

    Thief:- Can only wear leather armour. Cannot use a Shield. Can use any type of weapon. Has a certain ability / chance to Pick Pockets, Open Locks, Find / Remove Traps, Move Silently and Hide in Shadows. The higher the Thieves level, the better the chance to complete these functions. Is able to carry out a back stabbing attack. Needs 1250 XP to attain next level. Starting Hit Points 6. This increases each level gained.

    Fighter:- Can wear all armour types and use all weapons. Needs 2000 XP to attain next level. Starting Hit Points 10. This increases each level.

    Cleric:- Can wear any armour and use a shield. Can only use weapons that do not have an edge or point, As an example can use a club or Mace. Can attempt to 'Turn' Undead. This character starts with one scroll containing the words of ONLY one spell of your choice from the following. Bless. Command. Create Water. Cure Light Wounds. Detect Evil. Detect Magic. Light. Protection From Evil. Purify Food & drink. Remove Fear. Resist Cold. Sanctuary. Once the spell is used, then the Cleric needs a day of rest to re-learn it. The number of spells a Cleric can use, increases as they gain experience.

    The character comes with a plain, hand held wooden cross. Needs 1500 XP to attain the next level. Starting Hit Points 8. This increases each level.

    Equipment:- Please Note you are preparing for a 4/5 day trip into the wilderness.

    You all start with 100 Gold Pieces. Money conversion is - 10 Copper Pieces (CP) = 1 Silver Piece (SP). 10 Silver Pieces = 1 Electrum Piece (EP). 2 Electrum Pieces = 1 Gold Piece (GP). 5 Gold Pieces = 1 Platinum Piece (PP).

    You are able to purchase the below from the village of Sweet Bridge.

    Blacksmith:- Chainmail (75 GP). Metal Helmet (10 GP). Long Sword and Scabbard (15 GP). Short Sword and Scabbard (8 GP). Dagger and Scabbard (2 GP). Morning Star (5 GP). Mace (8GP)

    Tanner:- Leather Armour (5 GP). Studded Leather Armour (15 GP) - can be used by a Thief.

    Village Store. Dart (5 SP). Long Bow (60 GP). Short Bow (15 GP). Dozen Arrows (1 GP). Spear (1 GP). Hand Axe (1 GP). Large Shield (15 GP). Small Shield (10 GP). Small Wooden Shield (1 GP). Backpack (2 GP). Lantern (7 GP). Flask of Oil (1 GP). Pouch (1 GP). Rope 50' (4 SP). Large Sack (16 CP). Thieves' picks and tools (30 GP). Tinder Box with flint and steel (1 GP). Torch 1 CP). Rations 1 week (5 GP). Crowbar (3 GP). Woollen Blanket (5 SP).

    Mystic Rose:- Cure Light Wound Potion (50 GP). Limited number of bottles available.

    NOTE as this is a team effort, someone that underspends can give money to another person (if they wish). If you cannot afford everything you wish for at this stage, then there maybe treasure found during this quest.

    There is the chance that your character may die - based on Dice Rolls under the Dungeon & Dragon rules. So be careful with your actions. However, as they say "No Risk No Reward".

    Just play the game as a normal RP and I will do all the dice rolls if needed.


    What I need from you is:-


    Description / Photo or Both.

    Role (Wizard, Thief, Fighter)


    Gold / Money Left

    Experience - (leave as 0 for time being)


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    Val - Fighter - Level 9 (Special Ability ) - HP 83 - AC -10 (Plate +3 / Shield +3 / +3 Helm / +3 Ring) - +3 Two Handed Sword. +3 Long Sword of Speed. Gauntlet of Ogre Power (+3 to Hit and Damage) - Ring of Spell Turning. ( 9 charges ) Rope of Climbing. Ring of Fire Resistance. Ring of Water Breathing Dagger - Mace- +3 Lance. 3 x Silver Tipped Arrows. Short Bow. Bag of Holding x 2 . Elven Cloak & Boots. (Stored in Armoury at Club One - Long Sword, Spear, 2 x Lance. 1 suit chain mail, 3 suit plate mail. 2 x +2 Shield. 2 x +1 Long Sword. 2 x +2 Long Sword. 3 x +2 Plate. +2 Leather Armour. +1 Shield. 110 Short Swords, 10 Daggers. 30 Leather. 10 Short Bows. 2 Shields)
    Healing Potion. Potion of Fire Resistance. Potion Flying x 2. Holy water x 4. Potion of Growth. Cure Poison Potions Speed Potions x 2 Treasure Map Page 217. Map Page 684 Potion of Stone Giant control. Scroll Protect from Elemental. CSW
    Money = Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. Fur Lined Cape 75Gp. Belt 250Gp. Scabbard 750Gp. (1490Pp. 25,350Gp. in Bank ) 14 x 1000 Gp gems. 6 x 500Gp Gems 8 x 100 Gp gems 2 Pp. 7512Gp 4Sp. 27180Gp in gold dust. Experience = 415,147
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Gill - Hired Fighter - Level 8 (Special Ability). HP 67. AC -9 (+3 Plate & +3 Shield, +2 Helm, +3 Ring) +3 Two Handed Sword. +2 Sword. Long Sword +1 / +3 Against Undead. Gauntlet of Ogre Power (+3 to Hit and Damage) Lance. Short Bow.
    Money - (In Bank 88 x 100 Gp Gems. 55 x 1000 gem 31 x 500 Gp gem 3 x Jewel 500Gp. 6 x 1000 Gp Chain 3000Pp 14586Gp) 15Gp 26 Copper. Experience = 188,657
    War Horse - AC5. HD 3, Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Saul - Hired Fighter - Level 8 (Special Ability). HP 66. AC -6 (+3Plate & +3 Shield, +1 Ring, +1 Helm) +3 Two Handed Sword. +2 Long Sword. Lance. Short Bow.
    Money - ( In Bank 102 x 100 Gp Gems. 53 x 1000 Gem. 21 x 500 Gp Gem. 2x Jewel 500 Gp. 3 x 1000 Gp Chain. 3000Pp 86 Gp) 15 Gp 2 Silver 6 Copper. Experience = 188,657
    War Horse - AC5. HD 3, Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Jannik - Hired Cleric - Level 8. HP 54. AC -7 (+3 Plate & +3 Shield +3 Ring) +3 Mace, +1 Mace. +1 Sling (32 lead shots) Staff of Healing. Staff of Commanding (17). Broom of Flying.
    Spells - 1st Level Bless. Cure Light Wounds. Detect Magic. 2nd Level - Chant. Hold Person. Resist Fire. 3rd Level. Cure Disease. Create Food& Water. Cure Blindness. 4th Level - Cure Serious Wounds. Neutralise Poison. Cure Poison Potion. Scroll Protection from Undead. Healing Potion. CLW Potions x 2.
    Money - (In Bank 98 x 100 Gp Gems. 63 x 1000 Gem 22 x 500 Gp Gem. 2 x Jewel 500 Gp. 2 x 1000 Gold Chain. 4100Pp 36Gp) 295Gp 1 Silver 14 copper. Experience = 186,927
    War Horse - AC5. HD 3, Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6

    Eric Sykes - Captain of the Guard - Level 8 (Special Ability) - HP 54 - AC -7 (+3 Plate & +2 Shield +3 Ring +1 Helmet.) +2 Sword. +3 Axe. Rope of Climbing. Mace. Short Bow. Lance. Potion of Invisibility.
    Money = (In Bank 2 x Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 74 x 100Gp Gems. 56 x 1000 Gem. 7 x 500Gp Gem. 30076Gp. 1600Pp ) 329 Gp. Experience = 181,114
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Aire - Elf Fighter Level 7 / Wizard Level 8 HP 53 AC -6 ( +3 Plate & +3 Shield & +2 Ring). +3 Long Sword. Ring of Fire Resistance. Lance. 5 x +1 Arrows. Potion of Fire Giant Control. Scroll - Protect from Earth Elemental. Wand of Fireballs ( 5 Charges) Wand of Cold ( 29 charges ). Potion of Gaseous Form. Potion Red Dragon Control.
    Spells - 1st Level 2 x Burning Hands. Shocking Grasp. Bless. 2nd Level Ray of Enfeeblement. Continual Light. Stinking Cloud. 3rd level Fireball. Lightening Bolt. Protect from Evil (10'). 4th level Wall of Fire. Charm Monster.
    Scroll Sleep. Scroll Spider Climb, Message.
    Money - (In Bank 2 x 75 Gp Gems. 117 x 100 Gp Gems. 39 x 1000 Gem. 7 x 500 Gp Gem. 3200Pp 20066Gp) 11 Gp, 57 Silver. Experience 100,559
    War Horse - AC5 HD3 Hp 14 Attacks 2 x d6.

    Kaltos - Wizard - Level 10- HP 38 - AC 10 - 4 Darts - Snake Staff +1. Broom of Flying
    1st Level -Burning Hands x 2. Sleep, Magic Missile, 2nd Level - Knock. Mirror Image. Scare. Stinking Cloud. 3rd Level - Fireball, Lightening Bolt, Slow. 4th Level Confusion, Ice Storm. 5th Level Cloudkill. Cone of Cold.
    Scroll - Protect from Evil, Scare. Scroll - Push, Fly. Scroll Sleep
    Wand of Paralysation* x 27. Wand of Fireballs* x 10 charges. Wand of Cold* x 22. Holy Water x 8. Potion of Invulnerability. Potion of Undead Control
    (In Bank Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. Large ruby 1000 Gp x 90. 47 x 100 Gems. 67 x 500 Gems. 6793 Pp. 40513 Gp. ) 177Gp - 1Sp - 97Cp Experience = 363,194
    Riding Horse Hp 14

    Fund - 4000 Gold

    Kulsah Hā'nim - (P 46 ) Female Monk - Level 1 - HP 8 - AC 10. Bo-Staff. Dagger. Javelin x 3. Light Crossbow. Quiver (40) bolts Torch x 7. Wool Blanket. Wine Pint Watered. Ale Pint x 3. CLW
    Money 3 Gp 1 Cp Exp 57

    Rowan - Druid - Level 7 (Special Ability) - HP 42 - AC 4 (Studded Leather & +1 Shield, +1 Ring) . Scimitar. 160 bolts. Staff. Bag of Holding. Flask of Oil x 15. 4 x Holy Water. Map (Page 481)
    Spell - 1st Level Pass without trace. Purify Water. Detect Magic. Animal Friendship. 2nd Level Cure Light Wounds. Create Water. Charm Person or Mammal. Obscurement. 3rd Level Stone Shape. Water Breathing. Neutralize Poison. 4th Level Cure Serious Wounds.
    Potion of Heroism. Potion of Flying. Potion Blue Dragon Control. CLW x 3 Infravision. Speed
    Dragon - 1 Fang, and 9 Scales
    Money - 100Gp Gem. 116 Pp, 12 Gp, 2 Silver. (In bank 7854Gp. +1 War Hammer - Verbobnoc) Experience 47058
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Roger - Ranger - Level 7 - HP 53 - AC -6 (+3 Studded Leather +3 Shield +3 Bracers +3 Ring). 6 x +2 Arrows. 16 x +1 Arrows. 2 x +1 /+3 Undead Arrows. Sword +3 Flame . Spear +2. +3 Long Bow. Dagger. 5 Darts. Elven Cloak & Boots. Electrum Necklace (worth 400 gold) has a 1 off spell - Fireball of 9d6. Potion(s) Plant Control x2. Invisibility. Control Gold Dragon. CLW x 2. Speed x 3. Pink Dress and stuff. Flute.
    Money 6 x 10,000 Gem. 30 x 100 Gems. 595gp (5500 for a Ring - Sammy)
    Experience 150,000
    War Horse - AC5. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Alarick - Fighter - Level 10 (Special Ability) - HP 79 - AC -8 ( +3 Plate / + 3 Shield - Protection from Fire / +2 Ring / +2 Helm). +2 Two Handed Sword, +3 Sword +1 Lance. Gauntlet of Ogre Power (+3 to Hit and Damage) Long Sword. Hand Axe. Short Bow. Map 617. Ring of Warmth.
    Scroll Protection from Lycanthrope. Scroll Protection from Elemental. Potion(s) Cure poison. Speed. Protect from Undead. Water Breathing. Stone to Flesh CLW x 3. Giant Strength
    Money 48 x 100 Gp Gems. 3 x 1000Gp Gems. 35 x 10,000 Gp Gems. 10Gp, 1 Sp
    Experience 530,296
    War Horse - AC5. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Drake - Mage - Level 11 - HP48 - AC -3. (+3 Ring, +4 Bracers, +3 Cloak +3 Amulet of Protection) Staff, +1 Dagger. Dagger x 2. Darts x 12. 5 x +3 Dart. 4 x +1 Darts. Staff of Striking (5 charges ). Ring of Spell Storing (magic missile, burning hands and feather fall). Brooch of Shielding (101)
    1st Spell - burning hands x 2. Magic Missile x 2. 2nd Web x 1, Knock. Mirror image x 2, 3rd Fly. Invisibility 10'. Lightening Bolt. Dispel Magic 4th Polymorph Self. Ray's Mnemonic Enhancer (30). Wall of Fire. 5th Cloud Kill. Leomund's Secret Chest. Teleport.
    Wand of Fireballs (1 charge*) Wand of Cold* (17 charges) . Wand of Lightening Bolts (17 charges ) Wand of Fireballs (19 Charges*) Wand of Fear (6 Charges) Wand of Force (17) Wand of Magic Missiles (40 charges*). Wand of Polymorph (2 charges*) Scarab of Protection (5 charges) Ring of Water Walking. Wand of Light (20) Bag of Holding x 2. Boots of Levitation. Slippers of Spider Climb. Scroll Charm Person & Message. Scroll Read Magic. Scroll Blink, Haste, Animate Dead. Scroll of Secret Door. Scroll Protect from Magic. Potion Diminution. Scroll Protection from Possession. Scroll Write, Fool's Gold, Magic Mouth, Dispel Magic, Distance Distortion, Statue. Scroll Stone Shape, Dig, (Part Water - 6th level). Scroll(s) Wall of Iron 5th lvl, Stone shape 5th lvl, Infravision. Slow, Stone to Flesh, Phase Door. Darkness 15 feet, Forget, Fly. Potion (s) infravision x 5. White & Blue Dragon Control. Fire Resistance. Flying. Holy Water x 10. Stone to Flesh Potion x 5. Cure poison. Levitate x 2. CLW x 2.
    Dragon Tooth x 1. Talon x 1. Web x 15. 17 vials of phosphorus. Treasure Map
    Money - 1 x 1000Gp Cloak Clasp. 1 x 1000 Gold Chain. 1 x 500Gp Gems. 5 x 100Gp Gems. 28 x 1000 gems 38Pp, 103,026Gp 15 ep, 7 sp
    Magic Chest - (spell books. 56 x 1000Gp Gems. Belt 6000Gp. Ivory Box 500Gp.
    Experience 540,058
    Riding Horse. HP 14. Weasel 'Limbpicken' HP 16 AC7. Collar of Fire Protection.

    Hoka Female Nomad Fighter Level 7 (Special Ability / Wizard Level 8. HP 47 AC -6 (+3 Studded Leather Armour / +3 Shield / +3 Ring / Leather Bracers +3). Wand of Fireballs (1 charges*) Wand of Fireballs* (20 Charges ). Wand of Light (15) +3 Spear. +1 Spear. +1 Dagger. Ring of Spell Storing - Knock, Polymorph Self, Animate Dead, and Maze. Boots of Speed. Wings of Flying.1st Level Spell Burning Hands. Detect Magic. Magic Missile. Shield. 2nd Level Invisibility. Stinking Cloud. Strength. 3rd Level Fireball. Lightening Bolt. 4th Level Massmorph. Potion(s) Flying. Heroism. Cure poison. CLW x 3
    Rudy on leather string 1000Gp. Blue Gem 1000Gp. Gold/Ruby Necklace 4500Gp. Ring 4000Gp Experience 103,265

    Saemon "thirty five fingers" Wyvernspur - Thief - Level 12 (x4 Dam)- HP 60 - AC -1 (Studded (Leather +3 / +3 Ring / +2 Bracers) Rope of Climbing. +1 Arrows x 13, +1 Sword + 3 Against Dragons. +2 Dagger, +2 Dagger. Daggers. +1 Short Bow. Quaal's Feather Token 4 x +1 Arrows. Ring Anti Venom (18 uses) 12 Caltropes. Elven Cloak and Boots. Potion(s) Cure Poison. Greek Fire. Levitaion. CLW x 3. Speed. Infravision
    Money - 54 x 100 Gp Gems. 4 x 1000Gp Gems. 37 x 10,000Gp Gems. 32Gp 15 sp
    Experience - 513,922
    Riding Horse
    Skills - Pick Pockets 100%. Open Locks 77%. Find/Remover Traps 75%. Move Silently 94%. Hide in Shadows 77%. Hear Noise 35%. Climb Wall 99%. Read Languages 60%.

    Tartluffe - Fighter - Level 10 (Special Ability) - HP 73 - AC -9 (+3 Plate & + 3 Shield, +3 Ring +2 Helmet) - Morning Star. +1 Lance. + 2 Two Handed Sword. +2 Battle Axe - +4 against Undead and Evil Demons. Gauntlet of Ogre Power (+3 to Hit and Damage) Ring of Fire Resistance. Boots of Speed Potion(s) Speed. Cure poison. Stone to Flesh CLW x 3. Giant Strength
    Money = Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. Huge rich golden amber 500 Gp. Sable Cloak 450 Gp. 3 x 500Gp Chains. 23 x 100 Gems. 2 x 1000 Gems. 37 x 10,000 Gems 40Pp. 26Gp & (30908 Gp in Bank). Experience = 615,279
    War Horse - AC5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6. War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Ridge - Thief - Level 11 (x4 Dam)- HP 57 - AC -3 (+ 3 Studded Leather, +3 Ring, +3 Bracers) +3 Dagger & +2 Dagger - +1 Long Sword +3 against Regenerative Creatures. Short Sword - Short Bow - 2 Daggers. 5 x Silver tipped arrows. 14 x +1 Arrows. Elven Cloak and Boots. Ring of Invisibility. Lens of Detection - looking through it from a distance of one foot or less, will reveal tiny scratches, cracks, or markings. Also allows the User to track as a Ranger at a slow speed. Periapt of Proof Against Poison. Rug of Smothering. Potion(s) Holy Water x 4. Invisibility. Gaseous Form. Cure Poison. Climbing. Poison x 2. Stone to Flesh. CLW x 2. Speed. Infravision
    Money = 6 x 50 Gp Moonstones - 2 x Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 10 x Amber Gem 100 Gp. Large blue green turquoise 100 Gp. 8 x Ruby 500 Gp. Silver Belt with Agate Gem 600Gp. 2 x 1000 Gems. 18 x 10,000 Gem 10Pp. 83Gp - 16Sp - 8Cp Experience = 328,852
    Riding Horse Hp 14

    Thalia - Fighter (Special Ability) - Level 9 - HP 78 - AC -9 (+3 Plate & +3 Shield & +3 Ring +2 Helm) - Long Sword - Short Sword - Hand Axe. +1 Lance. +3 Sword. +1 Flaming Sword. Girdle of Giant Strength (2d8) Javelin of Lightening Mace. Scroll Protection from Elemental. Potion(s) Human Control. Vial Stone to Flesh. Cure Poison.Heroism. Speed. Water Breathing. Healing. CLW
    Money = Jade Ring 550. Gold Ring set with a malachite gem worth 150 Gp. Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 1 x 500Gp chain. 73 x 500 gems. 28 x 100Gp Gem. 7 x 10,000 Gem 20Pp, 68Gp - 14Sp - 2Cp. (In Bank 14053Gp) Experience = 309,115
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Justinian - Cleric - Level 10 - HP 62 - AC -7 (+2Plate and +3 Shield, +3 Ring , Helm of Good) - +3 Mace. Staff of Commanding (9) Staff of Healing. Phylactery of Action. Rod of Cancellation. Ring of Regeneration.
    1st Level spell -CLW. Bless. Detect Magic. Resist Cold. 2nd Level spell - Hold Person. Chant. Resist Fire. Spiritual Hammer. 3rd Level Spell - Cure Disease. Cure Blindness. Prayer. 4th Level - Cure Serious Wounds. Divination. Neutralise Poison. 5th level - Cure Critical Wounds. Raise Dead.
    Scroll - Hold Person. Silence 15' Radius. Scroll Resist Fire, Remove Curse, Raise Dead. Scroll Speak with Plants. Scroll Resist Fire, Raise Dead, Heal. Scroll Continual Light. Potion(s) CSW x 2. Healing x 11. Cure Poison x 2. Speed. Levitation. Vitality. Polymorph. 2 Jars of Keoghtom's Ointment (2 doses each).
    46 x 100 gems. 50 x 500 Gem. 3 x 1000 Gem. 33 x 10,000 Gem Money 52Gp (56900Gp in Bank) . Experience = 596,366
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Fund - 10042Gp Potion of Intravision x 10. Speed x 8. 18 Purple mushrooms - Gives infrared vision - 90 feet for 1d4 plus 4 turns.8 Yellowish mushrooms - immunity to poison for 1d6 plus 6 turns. Cloak of Poison, Holy Water x 5. Yellow Enamelled Mushrooms Brooch. 2 barrels of Arrow 1 barrel of bolts. Food & Feed for 1 month. 12 chickens. 6 Piglets. Brandy x 4 - Bought 80Gp each
    In Vault -1 weeks mule feed (9 mules), 2 weeks rations. 3 Drow Ales.
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    Lakewell Fortress

    Keep (Furnished)

    Keep has 4 floors, the first is a kitchen and storage area, second is a large banquet hall, the third has 38 rooms, two armories and two offices for admin work, the fourth is my floor.
    The offices on the third floor are more for military matters and records. I'll have an additional 4 offices on the second floor. The banquet area looks like a large 'T'. Access to the keep begins on the second floor anyways. Tougher to break down doors on angled stairs


    Barracks (wood). Stables (wood). Warehouse (wood). Blacksmith (Stone). 12 Houses (wood).
    2 x Wells. Tavern 'The White Stag' (wood) - Space for Accommodation x 3 Or 2 plus a Brew House.

    Robert 'Tiny' Pitt Lvl 4 Fighter. (Sergeant) Hp 30 AC -1 (+1 Plate, Helm, +2 Shield) Long Sword, 2 Handed Sword, short bow and 24 arrows - Exp 13,556
    Bee Forrester Lvl 3 Ranger. (Sergeant) Hp 31 AC -2 (+1 Plate, Helm, +2 Shield, +1 Ring) Long Sword, Commposite Bow and 24 Arrows. Exp 6556
    48 Men at Arms AC2 Plate, Helm, Shield) Long Sword, Short Bow and 24 arrows - Exp 355.
    20 War Horses with Barding AC 5.
    Wood for 4 Balista's and 3 Large Catapults
    Armourer and 2 x Blacksmiths. 100 Pounds of Iron 500 Pounds of Steel.

    Wooden Tavern, Barracks, Stables, Warehouse and 12 Homes, 29,250 Gold spent Includes Furnishing.

    5 x Large Towers with Furnishings Paid for. One for Kaltos One for Aire

    Barbican fully furnished. Half for Eric. The other half for Tiny and Bee.

    700 feet of Wall paid for.

    10 tents given

    6 Gnome Prospectors / Miners paid for 10 days work - Gems found - Gold in Stream found - "Well we have one Gem Mine and some Panning for Gold in that river" replied the lead Gnome. "Until we start the work, we will not know what they are worth. The Gold Panning is easy, as we can come back here at the end of the day. Provide us with a guard of 10 soldiers and we will work for 10% of anything we find. No Guard then it will be a 50/50 split. The Gem mine is a different matter, as it is further away. A wooden building where we can rest and 10 soldiers as guards then it will be 10% to us for anything found. No building or guards, then we will have to ask for 60% of anything found".

    2 x stone 2 x wood buildings orders - Money paid


    Druid Spells
    - 1st Level. Animal Friendship. Detect Magic. Detect Snares & Pits. Entangle. Faerie Fire. Invisibility to Animals. Locate Animals. Pass without trace. Predict Weather. Purify Water. Shillelagh. Speak with Animals.

    2nd Level - Barkskin. Charm Person or Mammal. Create Water. Cure Light Wound. Feign Death. Fire Trap. Heat Metal. Locate Plants. Obscurement. Produce Flame. Trip. Warp Wood.

    3rd Level - Call Lightening. Cure Disease. Hold Animal. Neutralize Poison. Plant Growth. Protection from Fire. Pyrotechnics. Snare. Stone Shape. Summon Insects. Tree. Water Breathing.

    4th Level - Animal Summoning I. Call Woodland Beings. Control Temperature, 10' Radius. Cure Serious Wounds. Dispel Magic. Hallucinatory Forest. Hold Plant. Plant Door. Produce Fire. Protection From Lightning. Repel Insects. Speak With Plants.
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    I might wait until I see what other people are making their characters before I decide. Obviously I've never played D&D, but why is there such a small number of classes?
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    Heraclius - Fighter - Level 2 - HP 20 - AC 4 (Chain Mail / Shield) Scimitar. Scimitar with Gem in Pommel (150Gp). 3 x Handaxes.
    3 x 100Gp Gems. 504 Gold. Exp 2124

    Ravender (Died Page 997) - Fighter (Special Ability- Level 8 - HP 68 - AC -8. (+3 Plate & +3 Shield & +3 Ring. +1 Helm) - + 1 Hand Axe. Mace. +1 Lance +3 Sword +1 Two Handed Sword Scroll Protect Elemental. Potion of Speed. Potion of Giant Strength. Heroism Potion Javelin of Lightening.
    Money = 55 x 100 Gp Jade. Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 171 x 500Gp Gem. (In Bank 12068Gp )) 8Pp, 26Gp - 1Sp. Experience = 165,324
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Julius (Died Page 934) Fighter - Level 8 (Special Ability) - HP 67 - AC -7 (+3 Plate, +2 Large Shield +3 Ring, +1 Helm )- Short Sword - Dagger - +3 Long Sword. +2 War Hammer, + Mace. +1 Lance. Scroll Protection from Elemental. CLW Potion. Potion of Speed x 2. Javelin of Lightening. Heroism Potion
    Money = Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 2 x Tiger Eye Agates 50Gp Each. 22 x Garnets 500 Gp each. 36 x 100Gp Gems. 57 x Jewellery 1000 each. (In Bank 21058Gp) - 66Gp 160Sp.

    Sam Brown - (Died Page 129) Hired Fighter - Level 2 - HP 15 AC 2 (Plate & Shield) - Long Sword. Mace Short Bow
    Money = Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. Experience = 3814

    Morgana - (Died Page 160 ) Wizard - Level 3 - HP 11 - AC 9 - Staff - 1st Level spell - Protect from Evil. Burning Hands. 2nd Level spell - Scare.
    Money = . Silver Dagger 800. Experience = 9043

    Latvark (Left Game) - Fighter - Level 1 - AC 6 (Studded Leather and shield -has 2 shields) - Hand Axe - 8 Spears.
    Money = 251Gp. Experience = 287

    Red - Thief - Level 6 - HP 31 - AC 6 (+1 Studded Leather Armour) - Long Sword - 2 x Daggers (Both +1 Daggers) 4 x +1 Arrows - 3 Darts- Short Bow. Rope of Climbing. Potion of Gaseous Form. Holy Water x 3
    Money = 17 x 100 Gp Garnets - Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp - red spinel 250 GP - 10 x Onyx Gems 100 GP each. Ruby 500 GP. Platinum Pin and Ruby 2000 Gp. Jewelled Dgger 850Gp. 400 Pp, 3603 Gp
    Experience = 51813
    Riding Horse

    Carla - Ranger - Level 9 - HP - 48. AC 0 (Magical +1 Plate Armour. +1 Ring. Shield) - Magical +1 Long Sword -Mace- Composite Bow. 5 x Silver tipped arrows - Detect Magic spell. Message spell. 5 x Healing Potions.
    Money = Blue Quartz Gem 50 Gp. 3 x Onyx Gems 50Gp each. 29 x 100 Gp Gems. 3547 Gp
    Experience = 266,900
    War Horse - AC 5. HD 3. Hp 14. Attacks 2 x d6.

    Ryker - Thief - Level 4 - HP 21 - AC 7 (Studded Leather ). Short Sword. 2 x Morning Star.
    Money 2182 Gold, 18 Silver. (4000 Gp in Bank ) Experience 7664
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  6. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Hmm, a D&D? Never played one, but what the hell. I'll try and make a RP tomorrow.
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  7. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Treat it like a normal RP game. I will do all the dice throws required. but give a response as per a normal RP game that we see here.
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  8. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Ahh, okay. Can I do anything, like vomit on the floor?
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  9. Charsheet
    Name: Stiar

    Description / Photo or Both:
    Oh god... I'm so tempted... nah.

    A lithe woman of average stature, with fair skin tone, and shoulder length brown hair. She is careless and sometimes shows no sign of listening when others speak, especially if she thinks she knows more than they do. Not sure what else to say... can't think of anything );

    Role (Wizard, Thief, Fighter)
    Thief, ability to hide in shadows please.
    Studded Leather Armour (15 GP)
    Long Sword and Scabbard (15 GP)
    Short Sword and Scabbard (8 GP) (yep, both)
    Short Bow (15 GP)
    Backpack (2 GP)
    Lantern (7 GP)
    Flask of Oil (1 GP)
    Pouch (1 GP)
    Rations 1 week (5 GP)
    TinderBox with flint and steel (1GP)
    3 Dozen Arrows (1 GP each)
    2 Woollen Blankets (5SP each)
    Gold / Money Left:
    26 GP
    1 EP

    Experience - (leave as 0 for time being)
    A young adventurer, from across the mainland of wherever we are, Stiar had journeyed all around the continent, at times with the aid of companions, or alone. Born in an small obscure village with a population of less than 30, almost everyone in her village had thought themselves better than her. At 17 years old, she left in the night, leaving behind a note for her one friend.
    From then on, she found adventure always in her way, and gladly took upon each one.
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  10. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    You have all the abilities of a Thief, but for Opening Locks and removing some traps, you may wish to purchase - Thieves' picks and tools (30 GP). :) Also you may find the Short Bow works better with some arrows:). Dozen Arrows (1 GP).
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  11. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    I'm tempted by all three classes, as I've already in mind the different characters

    What other classes where you thinking of?
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  12. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Maybe a Cleric and Ranger?
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  13. Didn't see the arrows... xD
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  14. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Hey Bob. Looks like fun. I've been wanting to play one of these games so count me in. Not too familiar with D&D but I have seen the movie (it was pretty bad haha). Sign me up as a fighter if you're still recruiting.
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  15. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    No problem mate:) Just complete the 'What I need from you is' section.
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  16. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    these 3 serve well enough
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  17. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    If people like the RP and we move onto quests, then I can always introduce Cleric and Ranger classes later.
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  18. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Every action has a consequence, for good or bad:)
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  19. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    Sign me up! Give me a day or two and I'll get you a bio.
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  20. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    No Rush:)
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