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Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by MrStrange, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    I don't stop playing when I have survivors missing. I just don't.

    Lately, as in 4-5 days in a row, I turn it back on and a survivor is gone with the report, 'We just found our missing survivor. They didn't make it. :'( '. I know the simulation is still going, I've seen to many things implying such, but killing off my best survivors daily... *sigh*

    I know you've got the sequel full speed ahead. Just hoping this can be avoided in that one. High Wits, Fighting, Cardio, and bonus abilities such as maxed Powerhouse or Nimble, should let that survivor come back, regardless of number of outposts. Or raise percentage from base 15% recovery per outpost by 7-14% per skill point (maybe double with maxed skills, or certain maxed skills), showing that a fully maxed character isn't just going to disappear behind the scenes (or likelihood is minimized).
    The more skilled and stronger you are, the less chance you'll be mauled by zed. Each survivor should have their own chances of recovery, especially if they're the badasses, like Rick and Michonne (as an example).

    If they're going down, I'd rather it be my mistake, then this.
  2. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    "No offline progression" which means you can relax without worrying while you're away, everything is paused.
  3. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Maybe in the sequel, but right now?
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