Die Hard Fans Followup Q&A, 10/10/13

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    My favorite is when person A is driving person B to someone to kill zeds because of person B's anger issues, but they have the same voices so it sounds like person A is having some serious mental issues ;)

    I think they did a pretty good for the most part with separating it enough where it doesn't happen often though.
  2. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    Have you had Lily interrupt herself?
    "Have you looked outside? It's like every day is zombie pr... Are you gonna go talk to Job Wilkerson?"
  3. so if ive beat the first one, is this new update going to start me off with my players that i finished with or how is this going to work
  4. Hey guys, sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I got a question. I'm from Brasil, and the game-news channel here announced Breakdown to be a DLC that would ONLY change the game dificulty, but from what I'm reading here it seems like it will be a survivor\sandbox mode. Am I right, will it be a sandbox mode or the normal campaing but more dificult? Thx for the time!!
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Got Your Back

    Heya renato, welcome to the forums friend. :)

    Yes, it will be sandbox with the story element removed.

    Here is a bit of a summery, from an article posted a while back - link at the bottom:

    Full Article: http://undeadlabs.com/2013/07/news/enter-sandbox/#more-6209

    Difficulty will increase with each move, I am really looking forward to seeing actually how difficult this becomes.

    *two decrepit zed thumbs up*
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  6. Hey Rusty, thank you for the answer! Me too, I bought this game a week ago and loved it! I`m looking forward to this new DLC, it sounds awesome!!!!!! Thanks again!
  7. Dantron

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    Dantron waves to renato. :)
  8. You can get loose by pressing Crtl

  9. Thank you frined! :D More than happy to be part of the comunnity now!

  10. Are survivors randomly generated in this, and not drawn from a set pool?
  11. Slice-N-Dice-Travis

    Slice-N-Dice-Travis Starting Off

    Realy big quistion.
    Will this be on xbox360?
  12. Doctor Invictus

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    Yes, it's a DLC for the existing State of Decay.
  13. Slice-N-Dice-Travis

    Slice-N-Dice-Travis Starting Off

    Thanks man
  14. e5futter

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  15. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    Did you see what happened to Pastor Will in the "secret" video? I thought about you when I saw that. :cool:
  16. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I was sort of in awe at it. Out of anyone, they chose HIM for that part.
  17. Slice-N-Dice-Travis

    Slice-N-Dice-Travis Starting Off

    Wht video???
  18. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    The promotional video for Breakdown was apparently released onto the Xbox dashboard too early on accident. This post might get deleted I don't think we are supposed to talk about it. It's very hush hush. :cool: I feel dirty having it still downloaded on my Xbox. =/
  19. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I keep watching it :p
  20. A question please, will the location be the same as "Trumbul Valley" or it will be located in different location? (after the they move away from Trumbul?)
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