Die Hard Fans Followup Q&A, 10/10/13

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. Se7enus

    Se7enus Starting Off

    Same area dude
  2. logan23

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    I was thinking after you pick your 6 people to come with you to the new level/location-
    There would be a screen shot of the base you are leaving with the people you left behind (a random few or all) depending on the number of your community you leave behind.

    In this screen shot you will see some Text/words -

    Version 1 - You have the text say that the community is sad to see that you decided to leave but there is a good deal of supplies for them to survive on. (This is based on the materials and supplies you leave behind)

    Version 2 - You see the text say that the community is angry and they know you have left them to a death sentence due to the small amount of supplies/materials left.

    The concept is built on that you might have a good community but sometimes people decide to leave which is what you are doing but sometimes people drain all the supplies till they have no choice but to leave.

    Another idea is to have a way to have a list of names of those who died and what killed them as a form of a memorial inside your notebook. Something the player can always reflect on and also show their friends and compare. This would be only for "Breakdown"

    Would love to see these in an update if not part of a future DLC.

    These 2 ideas are to help personalize each time you play the game.
  3. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    I have a few points of concern.
    1. Why just people in the RV? Lily is driving that thing anyway, so why not 1 pick up truck with the RV/ this vehicle has up'ed everything. 5/5 durability and is quiet as a mouse 1/5 with all the hard work put into the RV could put some work into a Pickup or Police Cruiser or which ever vehicle the player chooses to have join the convoy ( 1 player driven car and the RV)
    Cause for me the Idea of starting off in the Church every single play through already sucks. 8-12 members of a party are required everywhere else... 6 + Lily = 7. so having to set up in the Church... not my ideal start location.

    With a 2nd vehicle that is another few members that can survive into the next area, and with that give a fighting chance to take a far better starting location. Asking for 12 members is pushing it. (Snyder Trucking + Fairgrounds). But the idea to have a souped up pick up to survive into the next play through will also make the player far more careful with this said vehicle, and if it is lost... back to square 1. Noisy cars that bring all manners of pain on the survivors.

    With the new vehicle being able to put survivors or rucksacks or rucksacks and survivors.
    The RV is a great mechanic to impliment, But Just 1 single RV? When there are about 18 all about the map. Why not fix two or three... (this then increases the needs for multiple Workshops and more members of a community to repair the RV's)

    Also the FAME mechanic during this also needs attention. The most Fame I have managed to get in a single play through was 1244. Tons of time consuming grindings to Wits of multiple people, leveling all stats to 7 and then playing "god" to those that I felt had lived to not be useful any longer. (pineapple, M67, firebomb, chemical insendiaries etc. plus horde resulted in a wonderful way out for them) and I still managed to keep the Fame points that I earned leveling them up.

    I want to be able to survive 2 months (real playtime)on level 1 and then I want to be able to try to survive the same amount of time on level 2. and three and so on and so forth. I have played slowly each and every time I have played. so I do only have 5 playthroughs. But to get to have a team that could survive anything, having the best skills and Items and food, ammo and construction material counts... Take time.
    Play through 1 I rushed... took me a week. 2 took 2 weeks. 3 I decided to play and do all quests every time they popped up... Quick completion... and play through 4... From June sometime Until last week, When I found the date of release of Breakdown moved to November 29th. (totally over the moon for this by the way)

    I have to ask that the available mods. Be tried and tested on Xbox 360 as well. So that us Console gamers can experience the same "cheating death" results that many PC players do.

    With all that said and mentioned. Feel free to pick apart and rip me a new one. I am on playthrough 5. and already at 618 Fame. I level up my Characters before I recruit more... (so I try my damnest to keep my enclaves alive and around for a long time) Then I kill off the useless ones (has to have 7 stats for all attributes {including weapons}) Marcus, Maya, Ed, Sam, Joseph, and who ever else doesn't have (Construction, Medical, Fitness, Research, Cooking) if they do not have one of these traits... They die when their time comes.
  4. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    There are multiple SPAWN points. There will only be one per map. And there are more bases you can use within that. Besides that you may find other survivors already in one of the homebases that allows you to start there.'

    And why should they rework fame? It is there to limit your influence, which I rarely get low on. So please tell me what they should do to it.
  5. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    To add onto what Red said:

    You don't always start off in the church. In fact you atart off in one of the dozens of spawn points (like Red said) around the map alone, with Lilly talking on the radio occasionally, and you will get a mission to "Find a community" There will be a lot of missions on the map (Most of them sight seeing so you can look around and see the map) and there will be 3 other missions at Home bases where you can set up. You don't always start off at the church.

    When you leave the Level one and appear on Lvel two you will start off in a broken down RV with your 6 survivors. and you will have to find a home base again.

    You don't have to rush through the levels. You can take as much time as you want in level one so you can level up your community. Then you can look for the RV whenever you wan. And if you find it you don't have to rush to get everything fixed up. You can just let it stay there and continue doing whatever you want. :)

    And also. The reason for the 6 character limit is for you to make those really tough decisions. Do you want to bring along your Medic? Or your Building expert? Suff like that.
  6. Loving this so far. Breakdown seems to be adding some badly needed elements to make State of Decay something you'll keep playing.
    Replay value is important to make sure a game is worth its money after all.

    I did have some questions on how a breakdown game would actually start, but from what I could tell from the answers above its essentially like this:
    (and here's my attempt to summarize all this)

    (This is me acting on what others have told me. if I got something wrong here, please quote'n'tell!)

    - Breakdown is separate from the SoD "campaign", you cannot continue a normal SoD game in a Breakdown format.

    For the 1st playthrough, this applies:

    - You start off as a random survivor(Not Marcus, Ed or Maya from the original SoD) at any of the random spawn points anywhere on the map.

    - An initial mission will have you find a community where you'll meet Lily.(and possibly a few other survivors as well?)

    And in general(not just the 1st playthrough):

    - None of the normal story missions exist, this is true sandbox. You only focus on survivor-given missions(clear infestations, rescue survivors etc etc) and looting, instead of story-missions like going to help the Wilkersons, the army or the the sheriff in the courthouse etc etc.

    - The RV will permit you to go to "the next level", which is essentially the same map. Fixing up this RV takes a hellova an effort and a lot of resources. It will spawn in highly random locations.

    - Each "level" of breakdown gets notably harder with zombies hitting harder and being able to take more damage. Supplies and vehicles also gradually get more rare. "Lore"-wise, I suppose you could say that this is you just driving on with your choice selection of 6 survivors(+ Lily the driver) for a new town to loot. This new town happens to conviniently look identical to the previous map. (oh how it would be awesome with new maps, but...would be a tinsywinsy bit much to ask for, perhaps. )

    - New hero characters that are using original SoD characters as a model(Doc Hanson, Wilkersons etc etc) can be unlocked as recruitable survivors when certain achievements are accomplished.

    - After setting up each new level, the RV acts as a tempoary small-scale base until you manage to find something new.

    - All maps features new randomized loot and survivor enclaves. (but not the "story-enclaves" from the original SoD)

    - Trumbull and the faire will be accessable right away as the bridges will be blown open.

    Does this all sound about right or did I miss something or get something wrong?
  7. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Sounds about right. Welcome to the forums Tomeran. :)

    And yes when you find on eof the home bases you will find Lilly and I think 1-2 survivors with her.

    Also There will be more special zombies (at one point the devs tried making 1 out of every 5 zombies a bloater. and that they scaled it down a little bit) in the higher levels. And that around 5 (or 6?) you will not see the zombies red blip markers on your minimap. :)
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  8. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Sounded about right. Answered and filled in some for you.
  9. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Welcome to the community Tomeran!
  10. jacobr1020

    jacobr1020 Starting Off

    Will you be able to make outposts and relocate? If you'd be able to relocate, is the warehouse included? I love that place.
  11. Add1cted

    Add1cted Got Your Back

    Ive heard or read somewhere that there is a re-worked looting system.

    Is that the case and if so what are the changes?

  12. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    They have edited it so now it makes sense when you loot a location. Example, food will be found in the fridge instead of a gun. Lockers will have guns etc.
  13. Add1cted

    Add1cted Got Your Back

    Oh I see so the mechanics haven't changed in any meaningful way. That's good.

    Although I do keep my guns in the fridge...
  14. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    I hide my running stash in the freezer.
  15. Dantron

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    Dantron waves to Tomeran. :)
  16. Freedoms_glory

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    Still think you guys should have opened up the high school
  17. Hey i have a question and i really really need this answered its been bugging me since state of decay was released and after i beat it but at the end it shows the road going to the city??? is there gonna be a second game to continue the story? or is it gonna be in an update? or will there be a continuation of the story at all????
  18. Will there be more quests/missions added to SOD and Breakdown. I know it's an open sandbox just would like to know if there are updates forthcoming to make SOD be a game like Dead Island where even if it's completed you can do something. At the moment it appears to be do the last mission and the radio communication stalls I love this game just after buying both packs I feel the game is self limiting at the moment. Please Please Please bring more features to SOD
  19. Jokunedo

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    Is there a section about your gaming experience or is it possible for undead labs to share their experience with breakdown?

    If any of you had time to try and survive past stage 20 or 50 i would also like to hear that especially after sharing that the game becomes to hard for even the developers! Very interesting.

    BTW i dont understand the Lily hate.. i for one enjoy the distraction of her kind voice between the constant moaning and howls of the undead, also her encouragements are downright cute. Gues its the same as the ticking of a clock, if you focus on it everything becomes annoying Lily is not the problem shes a good design choice imo. ;)
  20. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Wow... Since November... My view of BD has changed so drastically...

    I mean like WOW!!!! OMG drastically different views of BD....
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