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    Updating the bug template to be a little closer to what we use internally. A few members on the forum have either put up an example or posted bugs in this fashion and they have been a bit easier to read. Thank you everyone!

    If you have an issue, or one happens to have you, please feel free to do the following:

    1. Attempt to parse through the bugs already posted to see if someone has reported the same or similar issue to yours.
    2. If you find an issue the same or similar to yours, please respond to that thread and let us know. This helps us keep track of how many people are experiencing that issue.
    3. If you cannot find an issue the same or similar, no worries. We've had quite a few things reported or discussed in the bug forums and I can't blame you too much.

    Please have a go at creating your own post for this new issue using the following template:

    An example would be;

    Platform: Xbox or 360

    Game: YOSE or State of Decay

    Title: A Feral zombie stole ate my ice cream (not my brains)

    Frequency: 25%
    (How many times did you encounter the issue vs. not encounter the issue)

    Steps to reproduce:

      • Launch State of Decay
      • Create a New Game
      • Find some ice cream
      • Find a Feral Zombie
      • Notice the behavior of the Feral zombie

    Observed Results:
    The Feral zed knocked me down and stole my ice cream!!!

    Expected Results:
    Feral Zombie don't like ice cream, they like brains. It should have eaten my brains, not stolen my ice cream.

    It appears the agro range that Feral zed display for strawberry ice cream is 2 blocks larger of a radius than that for vanilla ice cream. I haven't tried chocolate yet.

    If you have a video or a screenshot, that would be absolutely lovely! They put a picture to your words and help us in reproducing your issue internally, which helps whoever is going to fix the issue... well... fix the issue. Attach that screenshot or video to the post at the bottom, after your description.

    Please understand that we can't and won't respond to each post, but we do read each and every post.
    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to explain these issues to us!
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    Undead DJ Starting Off

    If you have an issue that we need your save file to track down. If you are willing, the following are instructions on how to extract your profile and save game.

    You will need a USB storage device that you're willing to format.

    For any questions or concerns doing the following, feel free to reference Microsoft's material on the matter:

    · Plug it into the USB port on the 360

    · From the Dashboard, scroll over to 'settings'

    · Choose the 'System' tab

    · Select 'Storage'

    · Find the option 'USB Storage Device'

    · 'Configure Now'

    You will be promoted with a warning that this action will remove all content on the device, if you are willing to lose all data on the USB drive at this point. Select yes. If not, repeat these steps when you are.

    Depending on the size of your USB storage device, formatting can take some time.

    !The following action will sign you out of your profile!

    · Once complete, select 'All Devices'

    · Choose 'Profiles'

    · Select the profile you have the issue with.

    · Choose 'Move' (once copied over to your computer later, you can move it back to your 360 easily).

    · Select 'Memory Unity' that has the icon looking like a USB storage device, not a 360.

    Back up in the menu to the root of 'All Devices' and choose 'Games and Apps' found at the top of the menu.

    · Select 'State of Decay'

    · Select 'Game' that is labeled for the profile you are having the issue with and just copied to the USB.

    · Choose Copy

    You will be promoted a notice about ownership and achievements. Please read and continue.

    · Select 'Memory Unity' that has the icon looking like a USB storage device, not a 360.

    Viola! Now remove the USB device and bring it over to your PC.

    Okay, so you can't read the USB drive on your PC? Because the 360 formats in a different version of FAT. To view this there are several third party programs easily found in the world wide interweb. I have had success with a few of them. One of a few I have used most easily found by searching for 'USB XTAF Xplorer'.

    Once you have copied your profile and save file to your PC, please do not forget to move your profile back to your system.

    To do this, put the USB storage device back into the USB slot on your 360.

    · From the Dashboard, scroll over to 'settings'

    · Choose the 'System' tab

    · Select 'Storage'

    · Select 'All Devices'

    · Select 'Profiles'

    · Find your profile, which should have an icon on the right resembling a USB storage device.

    · Choose 'Move'

    You will receive a notice about being signed out if you are signed in with another profile or auto signed in via the USB.

    · Select 'Yes'

    · Select where you normally store your profile.

    Cheers and thank you for sending us your profile and save game. We'll look into your issue and hopefully find enough information to help us address what was causing it to happen.

    If you are on a PC:

    This assumes you let Steam install in the default location:

    · C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

    Your save file is located in:

    · C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata \ Your Steam ID # \241540\local

    · Class3.0.ulsave

    · Sandbox.0.ulsave

    Send us these files along with your Steam ID # and username (so we can verify the number).

    Preferably the entirely link resembling something like one of the two below:

    Thank you everyone for continuing to help us make a better game!
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