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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Today's guest post is a good look at the disaster planning being done at the home of our fearless leader, Jeff Strain.

    Hey, no better way to see how we're thinking about the game than to see how we're thinking about our own homes!

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  2. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    Jeff is lucky indeed!^^ If the outbreak happens his worries are halfed because his wife is already prepared!
    Now we know also Jeff's first-to-do thing on the list^^
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  3. What I lack in non perishible food items, my house and land makes upfor it.
    Most has a barbed wire fence around it, with turkeys, chickens, and pigs. I also have good land for gardens, numerous rifles and shotguns, and tons of tools and equipment in the sheds and barns. Not to forget A lot of woods for hunting, And a sparsely populated area with a small town about a half hour drive away.
  4. I have a tropical storm,with a great chance of becoming a hurricane,predicted to head toward my state.This disaster planning really applies down here right now...
  5. Deffcon_1

    Deffcon_1 Starting Off

    My wife has gone from thinking Im crazy for wanting to have a plan just in case the S.H.t.F (S**t Hits the Fan), to liking the fact that I know what to do and where to go just in case, and now shes come to a point that she has learned somethings. Things like how to setup a solar still to purify water, how to make a fire with primitive techniques and things like that. Im glad to see that there are other families that are prepared for things just in case.

    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    Look, we can lie to our significant other and say we are preparing for a natural disaster or terrorist attack so they won't think we are crazy. So never mention it's really for the great zombie apocalypse. They just won't understand unless we are lucky to have someone who understands us like Jeff. You are blessed or I'm just nuts, either way it's great.
  7. I am pretty sure, I am not in anyway ready for an apocalypse or a disaster so I will speak to you all tomorrow whilst I find out ways to survive and also buy some survival gear.

    I am so screwed......

  8. I've only got what I can carry. I don't plan on staying here. The area is to close to another heavily populated area and I have no trust for other people when it comes down to a disaster situation. For example, when that big tornado hit Joplin, my wife and I were down there that next morning, (news spread kinda slow). Talking to a lot people out there they were having a huge problem with looters. They were telling me that it was minutes after it all had happened. People running to the hospital to steal a lot of the drugs. And not for medical reasons either. People lose rational thought after something that disastrous happens to them. And I don't want to be near it.
  9. I think I'm pretty good, lots of water sources, got some the boy scout manuel so really if anything survival needed its right there,got guns in the safe ready,got lots of food in the house most of the time(No not stores but enough to keep us going for a week or 2 which in my mind is good enough where we live) we got vechicles,gas however is not abundant here(no freakin gas stations) theres lots of fields around here to till when S.H.T.F. so we're all stable and lots of livestock really in my mind the only problems I can think of is emotionel reaction from my family and neighbors,My medications and my physical condition(I'm really skinny but I'm not fit) other than that I think I got a good chance oh and plus its rural here so not many people(I think meh community could deal with a disaster pretty well,especially zombie cause we got SHIT loads of guns(People where I live hunt every year that and the fact that we have some gun collector fammilys))
  10. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron waves to Mrs Strain and inquires if there are any blappleberries or Energon in the piles of supplies. :D

    [SUP]P.S. Dantron congratulates Mrs Strain on acquiring tab-opened soup cans. Many humans stockpile the 'traditional' can yet forget to secure a can opener. :confused:[/SUP]
  11. dang... nothing will stop you guys ^_^
  12. I had a screwed up dream last night about the apocalypse(I dont have dreams often)I was in D.C. with a group of survivors and we went to a hotel and a mine and other things but what scared the unholy shit out of me was I think i felt the hands of the undead diggin into my chest every time I was tackled(Saved every time) Damn that scared the shit out of me, I dont get dreams often nevermind nightmares damn that scared the shit out of me, Im going to start shooting guns more
  13. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    sounds weird, nightmares suck sometimes, but its fun to think about it
  14. Yea but nightmare like that man that stufff felt real to the max, also gotta love the fact that after i said that this post went quiet lol
  15. murdock1969

    murdock1969 Starting Off

    that stinks look at pax and it said state of decay tba 2013 was hoping this year
  16. no good names left

    no good names left Starting Off

    I will find Chuck Norris, nuff said:p
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