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Discussion in 'News' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 13, 2017.

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    I think they said '~deeply expanded base building' at one point in the interview. I have high hopes that you will get your wish. It should all be a trade-off. Use your materials for a garden or a new tower. IMO, if I have the materials for 50 towers, let me build them. Honestly, I never understood the scarcity of building materials when I had a crowbar and I was surrounded by a city of empty houses.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if we're able to upgrade our vehicles via a skilled mechanic and building a garage in our home base. And if that's the case, I could see watch towers being able to fill a space as well.
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    @ 4:45 "people freak out at night, kill 2 of your survivors, take half your stuff, then run away." If this is in, but a little form of human enemies isn't, I'll be suprised.
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    In one stream what they said about the vehicles " You ain't seen nothing yet" :D
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  5. Vers

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    my guess is we'll be able to modify them. here's to hoping.
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    Segment from E3 Spotlight twitch stream on the last day with Jeff

    Jeff states that can we choose which map to start on. Interesting.

    This raises a lot of new questions too.

    Edit: Youtube version of this link

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    I hope i can choose marcus lol
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    I like the volunteer flare thing going on for multiplayer. Just hopefully there won't be a ton of "volunteers" that only want to troll, but I'll definitely be putting myself on that list. Ughhhhh I want the game naoooooooooooo nao nao nao.
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    Posting so I can find it later. :)
  10. Hey just a minor note: you can "watch" threads so you'll get notified without having to post in them! It should be right below the thread title
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    Bah! Thems the easy way out lol!

    <walks away mumbling "I should of known that">
  12. Lol no worries! There's a lot of cool stuff on the forums I'm still discovering
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    Game Informer (I know it's not a interview but had to add it)

    Youtube At E3

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    Seems like in the Shacknews interview he confirms that there are violent human encounters with other enclaves if relationships break down. I understand they want it a mainly human vs zombies environment but i really appreciate that we may have to deal with humans on occasion as well.

    Just as long as they don't overshadow the MAIN threat the zeds then i'm happy with this inclusion.
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    Pretty certain they can be upgraded. One of the devs mentioned "Mad Max" style vehicles. Also gas use for cars (and power generators for base) confirmed.
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    8:00 into that Twitch interview, Jeff comments on and dodges the whole relationship mechanics question, a la Persona/Fire Emblem/Rimworld... Realllllllly want it in the game...
  17. I made it easier for y'all. Enjoy the full interview without skipping anything.

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    There is some really cool stuff in all those interviews :D I am really looking forward to this game:D
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    This was the only thing I hesitated on. Maybe weaker survivors (see low Fighting skill) will die, while skilled survivors have a chance. Maybe go and look for medical supplies while they arevdown, ala Coral on Hershels farm scenario. Would hate to see my best survivors go down because of some whiner. o_O
    Give me Aaron Aigner the psychopathic plumber cook guy, and I'll be happy. :D
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