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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Just announced that we're releasing the Early Access version of SoD on Steam...tomorrow.


    Please note that it is indeed an Early Access version. It has bugs, and we are going to be developing the keyboard interface from scratch with your feedback... which means the first pass will be rough (and during tomorrow's launch, it will not have the keyboard interface AT ALL). Please DO NOT play it if you are not okay with all of this. I want you all to be happy.

    If you do play it and have feedback, I will be opening the feedback forum tomorrow. Not today, though - we gamers have a tendency to give feedback on things we have not actually tried, and I have to guard against that where I can ;)

    Read the announcement itself for all the details, and come back here with any questions you still have: http://undeadlabs.com/2013/09/news/greetings-pc-players-the-steam-release-date-is/
  2. Awesomesauce! can't wait to play, and thanks for making it available so quicky for us!
  3. I agree. Can't wait either.
  4. :D :D :D yay.

    Is it going to be significantly buggier than the XBOX version right now?
  5. nice cant wait <3
  6. Booyah! Thank you for the game and now it's time to explore SoD on the PC.

    Also, any word on the 'Official' Steam group for SoD? Currently it's closed, and I believe it was mentioned that it had been created as a placeholder?

    Anyways, thanks for game. :)
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  7. You've no idea how much I wanted for this to happen! I'll be one of the first to get my Early Access through Steam as soon as it gets posted there!
  8. Mind blown @_@

    so does anyone know if it will be available to purchase at midnight or will we have to wait til like 6am or something. If it releases at midnight I probably won't sleep tonight.
  9. From the post:

    "Right this minute, the Early Access version requires an Xbox 360 controller."

    Does this literally mean ONLY an XBOX 360 controller?

    I use a Logitech Gamepad F310, same button layout. Will this NOT work? Not going to go out and buy an XBOX 360 controller when I already have a controller that functions in every other game where a gamepad is necessary.
  10. soulguard03

    soulguard03 Starting Off

    *rises from the grave*

    My xbox died months ago after SoD crashed it... it then never started again. I have been eagerly waiting for this announcement. Now I may actually get to see the end of the game.


    *smashes xbox*
    *sits at PC*
    *zombie stare at Steam game lists*
  11. Harmor

    Harmor Starting Off

    Nice and finally! Thank you UL!
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  12. Also when this is completed will it have multiplayer to team up with friends
  13. Harmor

    Harmor Starting Off

    I had been checking the Steam shop for 'coming to Steam soon' or however it's called in the English version (I'm German) but nothing showed up o_O ... is there a difference between early access and regular games in the shop?
  14. Tomorrow is the 20th (here in the US).
  15. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    So glad you're all excited :D

    It just means I don't know. We're only testing on the Xbox controller. If it works with anything else, I will be delighted, but I cannot promise anything but the 360 doodad.

    I haven't been given the exact time yet. I will post when I have it.

    Still waiting to hear from Valve on where the page/hub is. It'll happen. Meanwhile I'm keeping an eye on the biggest player-run group. I saw you there, Nova, and thanks for getting the announcement to the gang while I was juggling chainsaws earlier :)

    No, sorry. The whole explanation is in a thread called "Update on Multiplayer" in this section. :/
  16. It be me birthday t'day and this be glorious news this scurvy lad been waitin' for!! Me PS3 controller be hooked up and DS3Tool installed, awaitin' sight o' the HMS StateOfDecay from the Port of Steam!!!

    In case this be gibberish, t'day also be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!!
    ...Now there's a thought... Pirates and Zombies.... perhaps future DLC? LOL...
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  17. Lanzdowne

    Lanzdowne Here To Help

  18. Lanzdowne

    Lanzdowne Here To Help

    P.s. got the game hat t-shirt, when can I get SOD the Coffee Maker?
  19. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    I am the happiest little e5! :D Gettin' it tomorrow!
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