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    So, here it is. Empire Builder, finally started. I won't bore you too much, just need to go over some rules.

    1. No meta-gaming (this is your character knowing something that they would not know in game. For example, my character knows exactly what K-Mans race is, even though they've only just met)
    2. Be nice and show respect
    3. Everything will be rolled for. All battles and interactions with NPC's. the roll is final. If you don't like the roll you got, tough.

    Here is the ship post. Ships go from largest to smallest. Brackets indicate how long a ship takes to be built. I'm gonna say you're allowed to have three ships being built at any one time. Research will take up one of these build slots.

    1. Capital Ship-Named (GC Limit: 1) -The king of ships. You'll need a shipyard to build this (10 pages , shipyard take a further 6 to build)
    2. Dreadnaught-Named (GC Limit: 3) -A big-ass ship. Perfect for ruining blockades (7 pages)
    3. Heavy Destroyer -Standard heavy ship to ship vessel (5 pages)
    4. Deep Space Constructor -You can use it to make space stations (4 pages)
    5. Bomber Cruiser -Use this bad boy to glass a planet. Not good at ship to ship combat (4 pages)
    6. Mining Ship -For mining planets and asteroids (three pages)
    7. Light Destroyer -Standard vessel used for a blockade quicker but weaker than the heavy (three pages)
    8. Battle Cruiser -good for supporting other ships in a battle (two pages)
    9. Frigate -light, quick, strong. The workhorse of your starfleet (two pages)
    10. Support Ship -for protecting fighter fleets. Also for supporting ground forces (two pages)
    11. Transport -for moving ground forces around and can also board ships 1 through 9 (one page)
    12. Scout Ship -for spying and exploring as well as trading ( one page)
    13. Bomber -for taking out vital systems on large ships and ground support (one page for squadron (4 bombers))
    14. Fighter -harassing large ships and ground support (one page for a fleet (20 fighters))

    Ground army takes five pages to complete. Current cap is 15

    Everyone starts with one dreadnought, four frigates, five fighter fleets and ten ground armies.

    That's it, get to posting! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, FTcivic, Mad cannibal or K-Man.
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    Castellar Object.jpg

    Little Explanation: if I draw the commercial lines the map turns a mess (I suck with picture editing, so... bare with me) the blue dots outside of the systems are stations to link - you can build your owns, but as of now only the Empire has them.
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    President Hood's POV
    He sat down in his chair with a sigh. It had been a long day. He had been voted into presidency the week before, and the last president had left Arcadia in a right state. "God, the army was so much easier then this," Hood said to himself, pouring himself a drink. He had to attend to the military first. Well, sign off on a few things. The increase of the fleet. It was small, too small. He approved the production of a scout ship (1 page to build), a heavy destroyer (5 pages) and a galactic shipyard (6 pages). Some long projects, but they'd be worth it.

    He sent a quick message to the Sultanate of Wylo, more specifically the sultan himself.

    Sultan Ferhat Guldenheim

    I would like to invite you to meet with my advisors and I aboard the Spirit of Fire. I would like to get to know you better as I can not exactly learn much about you from a damn file.

    President Terrence Hood

    He also sent a message to the Covenant Empire

    To the Prophets of the Covenant Empire,

    I would like to invite one of you (or an ambassador if you do not wish to come yourself) to meet with me aboard the Spirit of Fire to discuss some of the aspects of our treaty, and to try and I prove our relations.

    President Terrence Hood
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    Archie Xhaat

    "My fellow brothers. We have reached a new age. As you know, our fleets are ready". He stamped one of his legs against the solid floor of the large cave. Standing at 18 feet tall, he towered over his armies. A map appears. It zooms in on the 'Sax' galaxy, where Klendathu, their home planet is, showing it and one other planet. "This, my warriors, are the keys to our success. First, Second and Third army, you shall be transported to the closest point, and will be dropped. The ships will retreat to the highest point they can go without leaving the atmosphere. Each army will carry a Screecher". Three peculiar looking bugs thundered in, letting off a horrendous screech, enough to deafen anybody. Bugs had grown up with it, being introduced to it slowly. "Friends, settle down. When they screech, it will signal the ships to open fire. That is, of course, if all goes well. Providing it does. First army, you will be above ground. Second and Third, you will tunnel underneath, and surprise them from underneath. You will weaken the earth until it caves in, engulfing the defenders above. Of course, if these people are friendly, we will surprise them. Do not murder them all. We shall... Need them. Good luck my friends. Fight for me, fight for your comrades, fight for your nation. We shall await your return". And with that, the strange meeting erupted into screeches, and then the armies dispersed. The bugs of the armies went to tell the planets guards, the whole planet connected by a series of complicated tunnels.

    The King, Archie Xhaat, returned to his quarters. His general, and his advisers, were there waiting for him.

    "Welcome" He screeched, and then rested. "What do you suggest we do?" He asked his advisers. He wanted to get rid of them first before he was to speak to his general.

    "We have devised plans to build a ship yard (6 turns) and a bomber cruiser. We believe both these projects will help us."

    "Well then, get to it friends". He said. He turned to his general.

    "Write this down for me, would you?" He asked. His general gleefully obliged.

    "To the Covenant Empire.

    I believe, in these times of war, the Empire should be... disposed of. I ask for your trust, and will return mine in advance. I propose an NAP. My dreadnought, HKS Troligy is currently... on a mission, so I will meet with you, or an ambassador, when it returns. Here we can discuss our futures, and sort out this NAP, or possibly more. I have a translator, my very own general, so we can easily communicate.


    Archis Xhaat, King of the Arachs." And the general sent it.
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    Legion System - World 22 (Grasus)

    The spire was giving off it's ever present ping, far out into the galaxy with hopes of reaching something intelligent. No response has been heard from beyond their planet since it begin it's beckoning call. If life was found they could gain knowledge and more resources, the space to expand, organics to study...

    Deep below the surface the hands of the mind began their endless labor, ten billion working towards one goal. Building a scout ship(1 page) and two more dreadnaughts(7 pages) to complete a trio. Their actions were in unison to the completion of their projects, no stopping, only working.
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    Tear - Yureka System

    The team of scientists were preparing the ship in a hurry. The discovery they did was... AMAZING! The Great Head would have been so pleased.
    They found what they believed was one of the Ancient Ones.
    Councilman Manners began filling the report, guarding the relic buried in the ice.
    Their research was secret, and, by no reason, they were to send signals.
    Other false believers of other cults could decide to target them to destroy their evidence and weaken their word in the rest of the Galaxy.

    The members of the expedition were all on board, and the small vessel was ready to leave the planet.
    Destination: New Kingdom
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    The twin suns rise over the grasslands of Krilliton, their light reflecting off the backs of the massive frog-like creatures plowing fields the size of a county. The creatures grunted from the massive weight of the plow and their backs, yet continued on to the end of the field. As they reached the far wall if the property, a majestic brown-grey Alyidin clopped over, and released the blow from the monsters back. They plodded off to the barn, their seemingly docile nature belaying the dark past of their race.

    The Alyidin sighed, and wiped the sweat from his brow. It trickled down his bare chest, and disappeared into the thick fur that abruptly replaced his waist. With a casual chuckle, he clopped back to his house, and prepared lunch for himself. The act was being repeated all across the planet, across farms that spanned a large portion of the planet.

    Meanwhile, far to the north, near the very roof of the world, a heated discussion was taking place among the frigid wastes of the tundra. To the ears of others, it sounded as if the argument was merely a myriad of grunting and snarls. To those who spoke the Alyidian language however, it sounded more like this.

    "I care not how long it takes to complete, it needs to be done! Our best astronomers have spied ruins across the desert planet, and they estimate they date only 5,000 years before us. Sister, I must know whether or not they were attacked by some outside force, and whether or not any usable technology still exists!"

    Shalu turned to face her brother, who was coincidentally the Eldest of the Elders, leader of their glorious planet.

    "Very well! I'll shift the focus from military ships, but only long enough to build the transport (1 page) and the support ship (2 pages)! We need to begin considering expanding anyways, and I think a military base would be a good project before we begin searching outside the system."

    Harklin, the Elder, gave a throaty chuckle. He turned towards the other members of the Caste, who grunted their agreement. The planet-side shipyard began to come to life, as the scientists and workers began working on the new projects. He turned back to his sister, the General of the Alyidin armies.

    "Good show! If this works out, I'll happily support your blasted space-dock project. Some larger ships might be just what we need."
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    The Planet.

    The hundreds of bugs deployed, the ships rising.

    "Well you heard your orders TWO and THREE!" The commander of the three armies screeched above all. In one motion, the armies surged downwards, digging down until they were 20 meters down,and then once again surged forward, heading north to the nearest town. The tired ones would cling to the roof as the fresh ones would take over, digging the hardened mud and rock mixture with slight ease. The screechers stood at the end of the tunnel, ready to signal the bombardment of the town.

    Meanwhile, lead by the commander, the ground forces steamed forward, dodging between trees, the commander only ever moving when he could hear his comrades below slightly ahead. The ships were there. The tree line suddenly stopped, the bugs in the undergrowth, their 8 foot figures shadowed underneath the trees. The commander put his head to the ground, and the digging stopped. He let off a screech, which was echoed by others behind him. The screechers soon got the message, letting off a terrifying screech, which was picked up by the ships over head. The bombardment began, two fighter fleets heading down to the town, waiting to support the ground armies.

    The bombardment rained upon the fields of green, obliterating all animals on them. The bugs who were digging kept going, creating a simple tunnel structure to start off. The land army went in, at first killing all animals they found, until one bug stood by it. He screeched, halting the murders. He began to cut a strip of the back of one, and eat it. He cut another, until he was joined by more, the cow in obvious pain. The dreadnought began to immediately turn, heading back through the atmosphere and heading towards the home planet.
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    [Warning: some sexual content present in this post]
    Alexandra The Foreordained

    Alexandra sat behind her desk, stirring the sweet tea that had been made for her, looking out over the expansive forest, deep in thought.

    She pressed a button on the synthetic wood desk and a moments later a man stumbled into the room.

    "Yes my lady?" The man asked nervously. He seemed new, even more nervous than the others.

    "Your name." she commanded.

    "Ch-Chad." he said, stuttering slightly on the word. His posture slouched for a moment in his confusion and his eyes opened wide, immediately correcting his stance. The saw beads of sweat appear on his forehead.

    "You're new, are you not?" She asked the man.

    Chad nodded quickly. "Yes, my Lady, I started yesterday." A drop of sweat rolled down from his forehead and down his cheek and he didn't wipe it away, keeping posture.

    Alexandra stood from her seat and approached the man. He gulped and looked straight ahead, jaw clenched. Alexandra moved around behind the man, putting her left hand on his side, which caused the man to flinch slightly, but he regained his composure quickly.

    She slipped the hand around to the front section of his uniform, and into the waistband of the pants.

    The man kept his stance, his body tense, but his form held.

    Alexandra pulled the hand away and the man shivered.

    "Bring me Selina." She whispered into the man's ear. He nodded and immediately left the room.

    Alexandra smiled. She wasn't difficult on her servants but Selina... Selina might keep him for a while.

    Alexandra made her way back over to her desk and sat once more. It was early morning, the light building on the horizon. She pressed a button and another man appeared, this one familiar to her.

    "Gather the people." She said to Lok, one of her favorites, but she didn't need him for his usual duties, there wasn't time. "They are to meet at the Presidium Building, cameras will record the event for those in the other provinces."

    "Yes, my Lady." The man said, and left the room immediately.

    Today would be a big day.

    Selina of the Frozen North

    Six times in a row, not bad for a new guy. Selina thought, the man still naked and strapped into a device she'd set up in the corner of the room, his mouth gagged. He attempted to hold still, but flinched as the device continued to work over his body, him crying out in pain when it hit it's sweet spot.

    She loved it when they broke down early.

    She walked over to the man in the device, removing the gag for a moment, "You want more don't you?" she asked with a sadistic grin.

    "Yes Master, More..." he said weakly, his breath short, knowing the only answer he could give.

    "That's right." She said, and turned up the frequency on the machine, the man struggling involuntarily against his restraints as his body reacted to the machine's work, the man crying out in pain, though Selina liked to think of it as pleasure. She placed the gag back on his screaming mouth.

    "Oh hush, you love it." She said with a wicked smile, "You should see the other fun I have for you, much more intrusive."

    A tear dropped out the side of the man's eye, and she leaned in and licked it up, kissing the man's gagged mouth.

    "I'll be back soon, sweetie, gotta go meet with Alexandra." She said, "Promise I won't forget about you in here." She said with a devillish smile as she left the room.

    Walking down the hallway she met one of her lieutenants heading the opposite direction.

    "How is the transport (one page) and scout ship (one page) coming?" Selina asked the woman.

    "I had orders to fulfill for Alexandra," The woman replied, "But I'll give the orders for their construction now."

    "Excellent, thank you darling." Selina said and continued down the hall towards Alexandra's main room.
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    Sultan Ferhat Guldenheim-Istanbul, Captial of the Sultanate


    "My Sultan! Please do remember! When the General is in the room, make sure you are alone! If the Ambassador is with you, always make sure you have a witness! And if the two are together, never leave them alone! As for the Navy, they will do there best to prove to you there supremacy over the army, while the army does the same. How do they do this? The Navy may request a -" Ferhat held up his hand. "Yes. I understand. Grans. Your a great aide and all. But. I memorized all of thi-" The old woman objected. "None Sense! Now! What do you do when the Army asks for land maneuvers or parades?"

    Ferhat sighed.

    "I order the Navy to do one, to level my playing field." She smiled. "And what if the Royal Guard asks for an inspection of the Palace for a spy? Or if they wish to make a Parade in the public square?" Ferhat looked out the window. "I call for both the Military and the Navy to begin parades to once again, pull them in against each other." The old womans eyes were teary. "You have grown up to be a fine man. But remember. Do not trust either the Ambassador. Or the General. They have there own Agendas. So does the Military Council, and the Naval Board. As well as the Parliament and the Grand Vizier. And to top it all of the Merchant Alliance and the Elite Honor Guard also have there own wills and wishes. You. Are the tranquility, and the chaos. You are the Sultan, of this Empire. Your word is law, your power is Justice. And you blood is Gold. For you are the Sultan of Wylo. May the Creator wish you great luck. And pleasure upon your journey. After you have taken the crown, you will be asked a single question. What is it?" The Young Sultan looked out the Balcony.

    "Do you wish to Travel, or do you wish to Sit." She took a deep breath. "And your decision. My Grandson?"

    This was the day. If he chose to Travel. He would be recognized as a Military Sultan. If he chose, to Sit. He would be a Calm and peaceful Sultan. This was the tipping point of Symbolism.

    He of course. Had the perfect path already in mind and planned.

    The Great Doors of the Palace opened, the Palace of the Sultans. It would be closed until a new Sultan came to power. His Father had recently passed away.

    Ferhat strode in, shocking all those who laid eyes upon him. He had no horns. Ferhat looked no different than a Human. On his back was his blade, Pasgech. A blade that never rusted. On his right hand, the Holy Scripture, and on his left the Law of Commerce and Justice. They were shocked. To a degree unheard of. The Music stopped as he stepped on the Podium, before the Army Council, the Merchant's Alliance, the Naval Council, Royal Elite Guard, the Vizir, the Ambassador of the Sultanate, and the Supreme General. They stood in shock, and Awe.

    The Supreme General spoke up, denying everyone else the chance. "Where is the Sultan? Why is this Human here? Is this a joke? Do you not know manners? To enter the Palace? Ha! Where is our leader!"

    [The Giant room, shaped like a Hippodrome, could at any time, seat 3,000 people. It Was Giant, when first built it was unmatched in Grandeur. Now, 950 Years later. It still shone beautifully. The only disturbance, were these fools....

    The Noise is unbearable. As people are yelling, sides are threatening each other.]

    Ferhat turned to look at the Qadi, called by the Humans, Judge. The man remained stone cold. Silent. Not being able to hide his shock]

    Ferhat took a step forward. "Lis-" He was cut off, as no one was listening to him. He remained very calm. Politics in the Sultanate, was very.....diverse. In the aspects it could devolve off to.

    This. Is. The. Palace of the People. You Arrogant pricks!

    "Who!? DARES DEFY MY RULE?!" Silence erupted like a massive drum against Ferhat's ears, the room was dead silent.

    All the lights, were on him. He turned to the General, the Supreme General. "General. I will not tolerate, your way of speaking out! who do you think you are? Coming from the house of Rus'ta?!" She took a step back, and bowed in embarrassment. The Ambassador chuckled.

    "And you? From the Clan of To'nu? What to do with you? How rude is it to raise your voice. Louder than mine? Who are you?!" She was also silent.

    "I am sorry. Your Excellency. It's just. We....we were not informed." A smile was placed upon Ferhat's lips. "What would you have done, if you had known. And had the power to stop me from gaining the throne?" She remained silent. When she saw that he was seriously waiting for an answer. She quivvered as she said this. "No-" He cut her off. "Tell me the truth."

    She took a deep breath. "I would boil off your skin. And make you swim in salt water. Then I would tear you, limb from limb. Until your death. Excellency."

    Ferhat began to laugh. This blew her and the others off track, entirely. "I forgive you. Because, I would have done. Far worse." Her eyes widened with fear.

    The Ambassador and the General took the crowns that they both possessed, and began to walk over. Slowly. The Generals had there entire plans in disarray. While the Politicians where not able to speak. He had been extremely cruel. Yet. Also had shown mercy. What could this be?

    Soon the two were bowing as they presented the two crowns. Each hoping he would choose one, or the other.

    At this. Ferhat placed his hands, on both the Crowns. "I. Am the Sultan, that will neither sit still, nor spend my entire life on the front lines. I am the Sultan. That will do. As his nation needs of him."

    [Once again, Panic, fear, and unpredictability. Everyone was shocked. That meant, neither the Military, nor the Politicians were gaining an advantage over the other.]

    He took both crowns, and interlocked them, to form one crown. This, shocked everyone. His Grandmother, was not sure of even on what to say. "What is it that my Council's need of there Sultan?"

    The Ambassador spoke up. "Your Excellency. You have been invited to the United Nations Space Command, who has sent a direct request to you. So that you may meet him aboard his warship."

    Ferhat thought for a good moment. Hm..I could send an Ambassador, but that would be rude. I could say, I was just placed on the Throne recently as an excuse. But, there is no need. At all. for me to endanger potential possibilities.

    He looked at the two of them. "You two will come with me. The Parliament, the Vizir, and the Various Councils are free to speak and act. Get a Gul Type Frigate ready."

    [A couple hours later. Aboard the Frigate Sonbahar heading off to the UNSC]

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    Covenant Empire:

    The High Council, collective advisors and leaders of the Covenant were all called to order. The buzz of conversation was quickly silenced the three High Prophets floating to their places at the head of the chamber.

    The High Prophet of Regret floated ahead of the rest, his voice booming across the chamber, silencing all others that dared to try and interrupt him.

    The Honor Guard stood at attention, not one in the council allowed to even step out of their designated zones to approach the Holy Ones.

    “It has been the decision of this council and the noble Hierarchs to pass these laws. The time to test our resolve is now upon us. Our former enemies, the United Government of Arcadia have requested our presence at negotiation meetings on their flagship the Spir-“

    The council devolved into the shouts of the lower San ‘Shyuum, distaste and opposition flaring at such an idea. The two Hive Queens, hovering on their own platforms protected by thousands of their children remained silent, their wings hardly twitching. The Sangheili Councillors muttered back and forth, glowering glances revealing their response. Regret growled at the Council’s impetuous behaviour, turning towards Truth before motioning him to speak.

    “Enough! Let your Holy Ones speak!”

    The High Council fell quiet in an instant, eyes turned towards the Shepherds of the Great Journey.

    “I know that these Unbelievers have threatened us before. They have spilt holy blood and honor, threatening our path into the Beyond! However this is not a time of foolishness, if it possible to reclaim what was lost there can only be gain. Let us not let our flawed egos and pride obscures the Path.”

    Mutters of agreement passed among the various Councillors, nods of agreement and even a twitch from the Hive Queens signalling their accordance.

    “As a result, your Hierarchs have decided to accept their request and also to agree to open negotiations with Klandathu Empire on matters involving our fellow enemy. The High Prophet of Regret will be departing on the frigate Twilight Compuction to discuss in detail any further agreements, protected by a double company of his Honor Guard.”

    Submitting to their wisdom and ability there were no objections, respect keeping even those completely lacking candor silent.

    “Furthermore, all available resources are to be put forward for the completion of our glorious High Charity (Four pages) along with the immediate deployment of our mining craft to collect metals and most importantly, plasma (One page). Should time allow, we shall reveal further plans at a later date.”

    Turning as one, all three disappeared behind the doors to their personal exit, disappearing as the Honor Guard moved to protect them. With their exit the doors leading into the Holy Sanctum were unlocked and the anti-surveillance/listening devices disabled. With their varying number of Honor Guards waiting to escort them back to their places of residence, the Councillors slowly exited the space.

    Twilight Compuction:
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    Admiral Cutter's POV
    Two ships entered the Armenian system almost simultaneously. A sultanate vessel first, and then a covenant vessel. The President and his ambassador, Petyr Baelish, were already on the Spirit of Fire. "This is Spirit of Fire to Sultan and Covenant ships," he said to the two newcomers. "Please enter hanger bay D in shuttles."

    A short while later, Admiral Cutter was standing in hangar bay D, along with the President and ambassador. They were waiting for the Prophet and Sultan. As well as the three of them, there were lines of Arcadian military personnel, some in well maintained dress uniforms, others in combat attire. They formed two lines either side of the shuttles as they landed.
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    Selina leaped over a large branch that ran through the hallway, letting her hand graze against the leaves, the smaller branches retracting from her as they recognized her.

    The hallway sloped down from here, more branches growing through the specialized hallways, but none as big as the defensive block she'd already passed. These branches were more for help, should the defensive block recognize and fail to apprehend someone or something dangerous.

    The hallway opened up and Selina walked across a long sturdy branch, finally arriving at Alexandra's door and placing her hand in the center, the door whooshing open.


    "Selina, good to see you" Alexandra said with a smile. She swept her hand towards a seat near the large window, sitting across from her. The seats were synthetic, soft and cushioned.

    "I won't waste your time with idle chatter." Alexandra said, "I have many jobs for you to do, and I want you to start them as soon as my announcement is over."

    Alexandra paused, the immensity of her plans flashing before her eyes. She continued.

    "It's time."

    Selina's face broke into a wide smile.

    Maria of the Ancient Isles

    Maria woke calmly, stretching noiselessly and turning to her side.

    Jeniva was still asleep, her blonde hair covering her face, attractive even when she was asleep. Maria kissed her on the forehead and got out of bed, dressing herself and eating her morning meal. She stepped outside a moment, breathing in the fresh air coming out from over the sea, the morning slightly foggy, and was about to take a walk when her wristband lit up.

    Maria frowned and pressed the button, Alexandra appearing on a holographic screen.

    "Alexandra? What is it?" Maria said, fearing a situation.

    "The time is drawing near for the Goddess's plan to be fulfilled. I need you to travel here with haste, I am calling the people, making the announcement. I would like you to be here with me when the news is shared." Alexandra said.

    "I'll leave shortly." Maria said. Alexandra nodded and ended the transmission.

    Alexandra headed back inside and woke up Jeniva.

    "What time is it..." Jeniva said, and then caught the look on Maria's face, "Something wrong?"

    Maria took a deep breath.

    "We're going to war." She said.
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    Covenant Empire:

    The Twilight Compuction entered the system unhindered, the Honor Guard on board at the ready to beam warning messages back home if any problems were to occur.

    Regret cast his eyes upon the visual on the display, the system’s planets laying before him.

    “To believe that these could have been ours...”

    An officer approached the Hierarch, stopping twelve meters from the High Prophet as the Honor Guard moved to intercept him.

    “Noble Hierarch, we are receiving communication from the UGA vessel.”

    Regret waved his three-digit hand at the trusted officer, “Proceed.”

    The comm. system suddenly squawked to life, human voices with their peculiar language giving instructions.

    “This is Spirit of Fire to Sultan and Covenant ships; please enter Hanger Bay-D in shuttles."

    An Honor Guard officer approached, warning filling his voice. “Noble Hierarch, can we really trust these humans? They threaten our honor, kill our warriors, and now they request that you enter their hive with only a shuttle’s worth of your Honor Guard?”

    The High Prophet merely glanced over at him before relaying to the Communications Officer to proceed.

    “If anything is to happen to me, the Covenant will deal them a final blow that will end their civilization. They would not dare to cross us yet again. Inform them that we are en-route and prepare me a shuttle of my Honor Guard.”

    Activating is transport he carried himself towards the shuttle bay.

    [Forward Time Frame: Ten Minutes]

    The shuttle fluidly carried itself forward, the Honor Guard effortlessly gliding towards Hanger Bay-D as it flew and landed at one side of the hanger. Fanning out to defend the High Prophet with a dozen Yanme’e as back-up, the Honor Guard stood eyeing the uniformed officers which came out to greet them.

    Shuttle: [​IMG]
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    [As the Sultanate Friage appears you realize something is wrong. The ships Engines are offline, life signatures. 0%]

    Sonbahar-Sultanate Frigate Automated Messaging System.

    "We are sorry to inform you that a Life Support system failure aboard the SRN Frigate Sonbahar has disabled her crew. All life forms are as of now, exterminated due to hull pressure."

    Sultanate of Wylo

    [Upon hearing of the news.]

    [Figther fleets strike the Capital, Frigates turn on one another, and the Dreadnought comes down to the fray to stop it.]

    Capital city of Istanbul.

    "I feared this day. I feared the legacies. Of a Sultan, so unmatched. Unparalleled. Would scum to a force. We could not stop."

    [Gun shots are heard as the Military Council suicides. Off in the distance Mushroom clouds are seen.]

    "This. Is the fall. Of one Nation. Let. None fall to this fate...."
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    President Hood's POV
    "Greetings," he smiled at the High Prophet of Regret. "Nice to finally get to meet you in person." Hood had chosen Spirit of Fire for their negotiations for one main reason. It was the heart of Arcadian military power. If necessary, he could kill the Prophet's guard and take the profit himself hostage. "Shall we proceed to our meeting?" Hood asked Regret. "I've got a room prepared. If you'll follow me."
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    liamypoo Famous

    Life... the beast was awakening. A new cycle was about to begin.
    The functions of this form started returning. The heath and life flowing back in the appendages once more. By resting in the ice it could hear the noise of this life.
    The ice cracked, noisily...

    One of the leading scientists flicked around. "Men, women....Something is happening to the ice. The life form....It's awakening.
    They stared in awe as the ice began to crack. Some took notes, others took steps back to avoid whatever was coming. It was either the next fantastic discovery....Or something that they wished to avoid.
    One of the scientists stepped forward. He was the braver, biggest member of the team. He sniffed as the ice made his nose run. Some people called him back but others tried to gather equipment to record their findings.
    He held his hand out and touched the ice. His glove pressed against it as the ice cracked....

    With all its strength the thing broke free, fragments of ice flying over the room. Finding itself surrounded the beast ran away from the room, smashing through the metallic walls. It had to hide. In a chaos of squeals and snapping tentacles the thing rushed down the hall. A solitary man, called by the improvise noises, was in the corridor, and the thing captured him, before starting to feed. It hid in a small room, tissues fused with tissues, assimilating life and knowledge...

    The men and women panicked and most of them split off in multiple directions. Some wanted to go after the creature, others just wanted to leave.
    A lone scientist had been split off from the group. She was panicking and she was shaking uncontrollably as she held her flashlight. She moved slowly and jumped at any little noise. She checked each room, calling out for help. She then bumped into the newly assimilated scientist.
    "Steve? Are you okay?"

    Knowledge of how this ship works...
    The assimilation was not yet complete. It needed more time being such a big life form.
    Turning, still incomplete, with long clawed hands, it reached for the female human, a hollow screech coming from the incomplete throat.
    The woman was out of its reach though, and ran off as she saw it...

    "Steve? You okay man? I think we may be in some deep shit." He stood next to him.
    "Staying together might be good. You got a plan?"

    "Yes, I do. But first come here. I have to tell you something, better not be heard by everyone." the Steve-thing said, moving closer.
    Rapidly the hand went to cover the mouth of the man, and tissue melted with tissue. Pure pain and scare in the eyes of the man who could not scream, the thing started assimilating him too. Much faster now, since he was more bigger...

    The crew of the ship and some scientists were armed with whatever they had found. Discussions about what to do were going on.
    The captain had called them on the main deck.
    Then the doors locked, and hell broke loose.
    It was a matter of minutes, and resistance was almost none.

    The ship landed on New Kingdom.
    Councilman Manners immediately called for the Great Head.
  18. SwamplessThing

    SwamplessThing Got Your Back

    The Vatrix Iteration
    Council Palace Train

    The Council Train.
    A tube of a palace, a testament to compactness, and efficiency. Moving through the unclaimed plains between cities.
    The Council chamber falls silent as High Queen Curiosities begins speaking...

    "You know what we are? We are hollow organic lifeforms. Just hollow." High Queen Curiosity. Not bothering to stand, as is custom when speaking in the chamber.

    High King Forbearance raised an eyebrow and scanned the the council chamber. 17 Vatrix in the Council, 9 here. A quorum.
    Forbearance stood. Smiled at Curiosity. "You could of just said; 'lets start the meeting'."

    Curiosity sighed. "And you could have kept a better eye on everything. My domain is this planet, our people, our economy and our civil future. Yours is everything else."

    Curiosity's voice became slightly shrill and she lost composure. "Instead, instead, I hear from some science idiot, with barely enough Vessol personality to fill a cup." Curiosity breathed. Forbearance checked his nails for dirt. "And hes stammering and stuttering and completely ruining my lunch, and finally he spits it out." Curiosity adopted a high pitched sequel. "High Queen Curiosity, we have just discovered that three of the other planets in our system are inhabited."

    Forbearance cleared his throat, he'd not imagined his day would be this interesting. "Curiosity, that was 100 years ago."

    Another council member stood, and was quickly seated again under the weight of Curiosity's glare.
    Curiosity did not speak again, simply waited for Forbearance.

    Forbearance shrugged. "Ships are built, more are being built, I can tell you the specifics. The troops are so ready they are unprepared, again, I can give you specifics. We are researching stuff, again, specifics."

    It was Curiosities turn to check her nails. She had no interest in the specifics of war. They both knew it.

    "Tell me the specifics."

    Forbearance grinned. "Currently we are constructing a ship yard [6p] a scout ship [1p] and a bomber cruiser [4p]. We already have a small fleet, and our first Dreadnaught-Class ship just rolled out, current executing testing maneuvers around the moons. I want it and the crew to have a good shakedown. The Dreadnaught has been christened the Scalpel. The tro-"
    Curiosity stopped Forbearance." Enough. Damnit, enough. Meeting adjourned, we will finish this later."
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  19. FTcivic

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    SRN-Son Bahar-Armenian System.

    Sultan Ferhat Guldenheim


    "So. That's what would have happened. If I had, just....died?" All the staff in the room took deep breaths. The Simulation was scary as hell to watch. For all of them.

    "Yes. Your Excellency." The Sultan got up to look at the Mushroom clouds closer. "We have those?" Silence. "Hm.." The Sultan remained silent. "I see. Well. This. Is rather interesting." He sat back down in silence. "Ouch." A smile appeared on there lips. "My Excellency. We should really dis-engage the Stealth and turn off the decoy." He smiled at the Ambassador.

    "That is a very well put together simulation program. But, how did we fake our deaths?" The officers got up, and began to explain it.

    "Okay! So. It is a system, more like an AI that has no task, but think about the various things that can happen. To you, and our nation. Nothing more. It showed you, what would happen if you die-" The Sultan raised his hand. The Ambassador blushed. "Yes, your excellency?"

    The Sultan spoke up. "Remind me, why we are in Stealth mode, and our decoy projection has just shown the United Arcadian Coalition that? Why lie? I could have watched this, without anyone's knowledge...." The Ambassador was silenced. "Good point, your Excellency. Perhaps to make it more realistic?"

    The Sultan inspected the warships. "And if we appear now. Don't you think...er...things could go wrong? Real fast?"

    A longer moment of silence. "We hadn't thought that far ahead your excellency."

    He remained silent. "God. I thought it was real..." The Ambassador laughed. "When I first saw it, I was in a conference with the Empire. They did not know what to do....i-"

    The General butt in. "Ha! She cried! Until we got back!" At this the spider found itself coiled by the snake. "We. We don't ever talk about that....Kunsar." Sural smiled as she brought her fangs an inch from the Kunsar's face. Who seemed mad, and unfazed at the same time....

    "Enough." The Sultan humbly tugged at Sural's hand. She then coiled up around the Sultan. "Oh! My lord. Your hands~! So cold! I should warm our fingers up for yo-"

    The Transmission opened, Kunsar had done it. The Sultan found himself facing the Communication officer of the Arcadian Fleet. Who was now redder than a sun about to explode.

    The Officer behind him screamed. "No porn on the Military Channel Cadet!!"

    (Black out)

    "Do you think. They think it's real?" Once again. They remained silenced. "Sural. I can't feel my lungs....or my...."

    There was a dashed, and a hiss. "Sorry. Your Excellency..."

    The Sultan sighed as he opened the Comms.

    "Permission to board vessel?"
  20. Matt419

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    "Permission granted sultan," a woman's voice said over comms. "Please board at hanger bay D.

    Admiral Cutter's POV
    He was waiting for the sultan. The president had gone off with the Prophet of Regret. It was Cutter and Ambassador Baelish waiting for the sultan. Cutter hated Baelish with a passion, but they had to get on well at the moment. The sultan's shuttle landed, and Cutter waited patiently for the Sultan to emerge.
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