Enter Sandbox. (7/18/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    The first of a short series of articles about our upcoming sandbox mode!

    By the way, Geoffrey is a designer, and a new member of the gang. He's been lurking and reading, particularly on the various sandbox-related threads you've been posting for the last month. Please give him a warm and Decayed welcome.

    Edit: And if you didn't get here FROM the site, but instead are a forum dweller: http://undeadlabs.com/2013/07/news/enter-sandbox/

    Edit: Geoffrey has responded here: http://forums.undeadlabs.com/showth...ox-(7-18-2013)&p=237929&viewfull=1#post237929
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  2. Gunz N Rozez85

    Gunz N Rozez85 Starting Off

    Awesome sauce!

    Thanks for the blog guys and welcome to UL Geoffrey!
  3. Hi guys !..the dlc is very very nice but what about the pc version of the game..i got bored seeing all the others playing it on the xbox..can you pleae at least make an assumption when will that happen...a month or two...? anyway keep up the good work
  4. [​IMG]

    EDIT: Also, didn't get the Metallica reference until I re-read the title.
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  5. Capt.C.Baker

    Capt.C.Baker Here To Help


    Welcome the Undead Team and decaying horde of forum members, Geoffrey! ;)
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  6. Am I missing something? This is not an article at all.
  7. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    Awesome article i love it
  8. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    You need to go on www.undeadlabs.com
  9. I noticed that now. Sanya, can you put a link to the article in this thread to make it a bit less confusing? That would be much appreciated. It is a great article!
  10. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Fixed to include the link. Sigh. My bad, y'all.
  11. Hi Geoffrey I give you a warm and Decayed welcome from decayed friend. Wish you a great success in the UL teem.
  12. erislover

    erislover Starting Off

    I'm excited.
  13. "Fixing up an RV isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to scavenge for fuel and materials. You’ll need tools, and a decent workshop. You may run into setbacks, and have to risk your life to resolve them. And it will take time — time during which the zombie hordes are growing.

    There won’t be room for everyone (we’re still working out the exact numbers). You’ll have to leave a lot behind, including some close friends. But at least you’ll have hope. That’s more than can be said for those who remain in the valley.

    Now it’s a race to get everyone you can on board before the zombies overrun the valley.You turn the key, and the RV’s engine rumbles to life. Now it’s a race to get everyone you can on board before the zombies overrun the valley — taking control of each survivor you’ve chosen, traveling alone and in pairs, from wherever they are on the map. Your friends can still die, even a few short steps from the RV. But once they’re on board, there is nothing keeping you here. You floor it, leaving the dead in your dust.

    This sounds like a challenge, with some heartrending moments and hard decisions!

    More details, please!
  14. RoA of the Dead

    RoA of the Dead Starting Off


    RV of the Dead
  15. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    There is only one bad thing about this and it deeply upsets me....No pie. As for Geoffrey. Welcome. I only ask one thing of you. Design us a good lookin' pie.
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  16. RoA of the Dead

    RoA of the Dead Starting Off

    meaby they keep it for new easters egg - shuuuuut
  17. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    By harder zombies what does that mean? If they deal more damage and are more numerous that's cool, but please don't just turn the enemies into bullet sponges. That's not more difficult that just gets tedious.
  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    I'm sure by more difficult they mean more in numbers and deal more damage like you said. :)
  19. wow! After reading that it almost felt like a new game or something. Very intense write. Got me more excited about this than i was before. Hope there is some new missions and stuff going on, maybe a few achievements?
  20. M >>>

    M >>> Got Your Back

    A Bloody Warm Welcome to Geoffrey... !


    "We Welcome You.
    We Welcome YOU.
    Be one of us !
    One of us !"

    Thanks for the briefing on Sandbox of Death mode.

    Say.......Is there any room in the next game for pretty girl zombies ?
    Well then, lets add her to the list of requests for Class 4.

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