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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    We should get them for free anyways because we are so easy to frustrate although we have read before we bought stuff we still complain about it!

    This game is so good I wouldn't mind paying another $20 for the DLC.
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  2. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    how do you delete double unwanted posts?
  3. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    You can send me a private message and I'll help you out. :)
  4. Mizuuchi

    Mizuuchi Starting Off

    Man, if I was a multi-billionaire investor, I'd love to throw money at these UL folks to make a true zombie simulator. What they got is definitately in the right direction. Sandbox is neat in all respect considering the factors (budget, resources, staff, etc etc), but what I wouldn't give to see a SOD with the budget GTA5 got. I've watched several youtube's on GTA5 and it's pretty good in it's own right, but the theme is quite old (it's part 5 for crying out loud) and seriously, the helicopter is still hard to drive/pilot (and yet someone wanted a helicopter in this game). In any case, I know that I'll be waiting for this DLC, and hopefully a TU4 intergrated as well, I'd love to get that enclave system working again.
  5. Does anyone know when this new dlc is coming out?
  6. DEADLY9996

    DEADLY9996 Here To Help

    more info monday. i heard
  7. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    I was thinking the same thing.. I was already hoping rockstar does a zombie expansion for gta5. SOD is fun but UL is too talented and ambitious to have SOD limited as a arcade release.. The game shows so much potential.. Its almost a tease for me because it left me wanting so much more..
  8. nbryant

    nbryant Starting Off

    Bethesda........ Skyrim: Modern Walking Dead version.

    Won't happen, and I sense that ULD will continue supporting the development of their product to the point it will continue to expand both in content and playability. The added content that the modding community would/could eventually be able to add to it will no doubt increase the potential and possibilities to even more amazing heights. Looking forward to enjoying the ride!
  9. GamerGirl82

    GamerGirl82 Here To Help

    So with the 'new' characters, who to me were just unplayable last time, will AI be better? I haven't played the game in a month because I'm sick of saving the stupid people. It's also very frustrating to actually SAVE these people and provide 'help', and get nothing in return. My materials cache continues to drop and I can't get it back up. Is there a reason nobody in this forum will give me a reason to why this happens?
  10. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Materials drop as it is meant to be used for maintaining things. You get it up by scavenging for materials. The AI will probably stay the same. And you do get influence, fame boosts from helping them. You also gain friendship with the person you helped.

    As to why nobody have answered before, no clue. Probably because it was posted in the wrong place and dismissed.
  11. Mad Dog Kelso

    Mad Dog Kelso Starting Off

    One of the tricks you can do to (possibly) ameliorate your frustration at having to save your "stupid" Survivors is devise another reason (in your mind) as to why they leave the safety of the home base. The bitter reality is that Survivors acting of their own accord is part & parcel to the game (though whether because, technologically, it HAS to be, or because, artistically, someone WANTS it there, is not entirely clear. At least not to me). (Actually, an answer to this question would be appreciated. That way I would finally KNOW. :D)

    I choose the word "bitter" with care, because this particular game mechanic leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth, as well. Since the game's narrative -- as it's presented -- doesn't provide a compelling or even a remotely cogent reason for these Survivors' boneheaded departures, it's up to you to manufacture psychological cushions to act as buffers against your inevitable frustration and confusion.

    In a lesser game, this problem would be easily rectified by turning the game off and never playing it again. It just so happens State of Decay does have, as Undead Nicole suggested, a kind of "magical" or bewitching quality about it. Simply stated, it's usually fun to play. In fact, one WANTS to continue playing it . . . even in the face of such a mystifying, baffling, and ultimately frustrating game design choice as the one you've written about here, and that others have also pondered at some length.

    My own inferences as to why this mechanic has not been tweaked or completely scrapped altogether are 1) because it's part of UL's Vision and they want it there or 2) because said mechanic is intricately embedded in the code, and so to remove it would be to essentially dismantle the entire game.

    Personally, I seriously hope the reason falls entirely into the second category.

    Because if it's number one . . . well, ouch. And for shame.

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  12. GamerGirl82

    GamerGirl82 Here To Help

    I LIKE playing the game and not playing it for a considerable amount of time is more due to the fact I'm employed and I tend to lose track of time while playing. When I get over frustrated, I just take a break. My survivors are all building their skills, but don't seem to use what they have. They also leave the base equipped with both an automatic and melee weapon, along with ammo. I scavenge as much as I can, but can't get anywhere. It's VERY difficult to gather materials when I'm constantly having to save someone. If I could delegate, that would make playing so much easier. Having useless AI as a 'vision and wanting it there', to me, doesn't seem like good reason, if, in fact, it is. From what I've read, I'm clearly NOT the only one who is having issues with this. People want SMART survivors, not people who can't get themselves out of sticky situations. Even if the stars on the skill are maxed out, they STILL need 'help'. I can't get anything done because of this. I also have to say that if I had to deal with these survivors in a REAL zombie apocalypse, I'd either be on my own or give myself to the undead. If one isn't equipped to deal with Big Bastard or an infestation, DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR ONE.
  13. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    I really like the arguments she's rising. I understand the reason behind generating these missions (to give additional Gameplay constantly "generated"), but there really needs to be a correlation between the skill of the survivors and the chance of them getting into trouble. Really experienced and talented survivors must be capable of doing things on their own, which would make it meaningful to level them up. Also, it would be really cool if helping them would increase their characteristics, for an added bonus.
  14. meestah009

    meestah009 Got Your Back

    Just let the material reach zero and only collect what you need to build. You'll lose morale a lot but you'll always have tons of chances to gain it back thanks to the 'stupid survivors' that run away or want to hunt stuff all the time.

    The only problem I have with the survivor tasks is that there's only three of them. Hunt something, save someone, or look for and kill hordes. Having little variety already gets old in story mode, it's gonna be worse in sandbox. Hope they add more mission types.
  15. I don't believe the survivors go out looking for trouble. I mean, YOU don't go out looking to fight big bastards or Hunters for kicks do you? More often than not you go out looking for materials, or weapons and supplies, or maybe to kill a Horde that's too close to home and stumble across these threats. When you find an Infestation do you just ignore it so it can attract even more zombies to become Hordes that could attack other survivors? "Man I can't handle that, let someone else take care of it." When you spot a Hunter who hasn't seen you yet and you're not entirely prepared to take him down would you just slink away or would you call for backup if you could to make sure it's not there the next time you come around? "Maybe if I just ignore it and don't come this way again I won't need to worry about it..." I've gone far enough away from my base and even car placements sometimes and crashed through enough zombie hordes who ambushed me in trucks to destroy my vehicle looking for stuff, and had to HOPE that I could make it back to either things alive because I didn't HAVE anyone to call for help.

    In a real zombie apocalypse I'd want to make sure that when a threat presents itself, and I know I can call someone capable to help me take it out so we BOTH make it back alive and don't end up more of the walking dead, that I would want to be able to call for help even if they can't always come immediately. Because undead need to die so we don't.

    And for those of you who just care about gameplay: For cripes sake if you keep morale/friendship up and have a bunch of Outposts most of the time the survivor will take care of whatever problem they're having and make it back alive. Yeah you might lose some influence and friendship with them, so don't leave your favorites out to dry or you can't pilot them anymore, but that's a small price to pay if you're that strapped for scavenging time. If they died every time you didn't make the deadline then you'd be spending a LOT more influence on finding new survivors to replace the ones you didn't make it to and then you'd be complaining about THAT aspect of them. Half the time the missions even have survivor names attached to them so if it's one you don't care about you could probably ignore them every time they come up until eventually they fail the survival check and die.
  16. Light Foot

    Light Foot Starting Off

    I just want to clarify that this DLC will be a seperate save file from my other SoD save? So when I download the DLC I will be playing off a new save, and can jump onto my classic SoD save file on another playthrough if I wanted to? Really excited to get my hands on it tonight!
  17. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    That's correct. Even though they use the same assets, Breakdown is a completely different save. :)

    Have fun!
  18. Light Foot

    Light Foot Starting Off

    Ahh thanks so much for getting back, I hit it up hard tonight, great fun!
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