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    (If you keep seeing the same question floating around again and again, drop me a PM or an email, and I'll include the question and the answer here. Then you can just drop a link on the newbs.)

    Q: My game did not save! Why did it not save?
    Q: How come I can't make it save when I want to?

    A: State of Decay is a persistent world game. What that means is that time continues to pass when you are not online.

    If you left:

    - your community in pretty good shape, morale wise, and
    - cars in parking spaces near your base and food in the kitchen,
    - weapons in need of repair in the lockers near your workbench,
    - and sufficient time has passed,

    You will come back and find that people are happy, repaired cars and weapons, and possibly some new stuff from the things your survivors did while you weren't there. Their lives continue, as independently as you saw them living when you were online.

    If you left:

    - Morale sliding, and
    - Too many infestations, and
    - Vaguely ominous warnings about someone looking sick, and
    - Not enough beds for people to sleep in,

    You will come back to find the shit has hit the fan.

    It continues on the path you set.

    PLEASE NOTE: The pace of progression slows the longer you are offline. If you are offline for one day, you will see a pretty sizable chunk of change. If you are offline for two, you'll see a bit more than that. But the difference between a week and a month is minor. We expect that our players are adults, and adults sometimes need to be away from a game for months at a time.

    Q: My car/weapon did not get repaired while I was logged out. What's up?

    A: You will need a facility in your base (the workshop for weapons, upgraded to a machine shop if you also want to fix cars), and time. (A survivor with the skills necessary to make the repairs will give you a very nice bonus.)

    Place the weapon in the shop's supply locker, or park the car near your home base equipped with a shop. At "dawn" (game time dawn, not real dawn), everything will be fixed.

    Q: I'm not getting any new story missions. What happened?

    A: Look at the upper left. There's a list of things to do under the map. Doing that stuff should clear the blockage. If that fails, we'd appreciate your help over in the bug forum.

    Q: Wait, I don't want to finish the game, I want to sandbox! How can I do that?

    A: After you finish the final mission, log out. Log back in. Select the load saved game, and you'll appear in the world right before the final mission kicks off, whereupon you can ignore it and just freeroam until you run out of supplies. We do not yet know what the longest you can last might be.

    Q: Okay, how does influence work?

    A: Influence is earned by doing things for your community. Bring in supplies, you earn influence. Take out some nearby threatening zombies, influence. Put weapons into the community supply cabinet, influence. You spend the influence you earn when you take things from the supply cabinet, when you call for help, and so on. The more you contribute, the more options you have.

    But it isn't the same thing as money. For one thing, your community has a limited memory for your good deeds. That's right, if you try to say that you cleaned out an infestation last week, your survivors are going to think "yeah, but what have you done for me lately?" (Thanks, IrishDead, for the mental image!) Each survivor is allowed to retain as much influence as he has Fame. Any influence amount over that cap is "use it or lose it." The rate of loss is two influence points per minute, and it stops when you hit the cap set by your Fame. The game does not drain influence while you're offline.

    Q: What is Class3, and what is Class4?

    A: Class3 was the code name for State of Decay, where you must attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. There's a storyline, but the main part of the game is a sandbox. The concept for Class4 is way, way bigger - a massively multiplayer sandbox world. We will be using your feedback on State of Decay's mechanics and systems to make Class4.

    Q: Will this game have multiplayer/co-op?

    A: The short answer is no. Although we had originally intended it, and desperately wanted it, we decided that it would be best for the game to support it with free Title Updates, bug fixes, new features, and DLC. Coop mode would have meant the loss of all of that.

    The long answer from Jeff is here:

    Q: Will this be available on the PC?

    A: Yes. You can play State of Decay through Steam. Find it here:

    Q: How big is the Class3 map?

    A: (Thanks, William4, for suggesting I include this.) It is a square, four KM to a side:


    Q: Is there weather?

    A: Not in State of Decay. We opted to throw our development resources into making sure the day/night cycle was realistic. Light level has a huge effect on zombies, so that was a higher priority.

    Q: First or third person?

    A: Third.

    Q: Fast or slow zombies?

    A: A mixture. We didn't go for ideological purity. Our first priority is making a fun game, with lots of variety and room for many different playstyles.

    Q: Are there bows/crossbows?

    A: Not at launch, no. We chose to focus on guns and melee weapons and make them extremely varied and awesome.

    Q: How do I reach Sanya? Her in box on the forum is always full.

    A: It fills up in an hour. If you miss that window, please use sanya AT undeadlabs DOT com.

    Q: How much does it cost?

    A: 1600 MS Points.

    Q: Can I customize my character?

    A: State of Decay is not a typical game. You aren't a single person - you are a community. You switch viewpoints between the survivors in your group, depending on what you need to do. Are you doing recon? You'll want to choose the character who sneaks well. Do you need to get through territory that's overrun with hordes? Your best melee fighter is called for. Each survivor has his own skillset and personality (and he'll act independently when you're not him) that grows and develops as you act.

    So, you customize individuals based on what you have the character do as you're playing him, and you customize your community based on who you choose to rescue.

    This is one of the biggest elements of State of Decay, and it's tough to answer in a FAQ. Please check out these links for more information:

    Q: How big is the game?

    A: We are within a few bytes of the XBLA limit of 2 GB.
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