Farewell to Sanya

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Jeff, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    @Undead Sanya You will truly be missed and I wish you the best now and always. Please drop by and say hi when you can....that way none of us has to say goodbye. It will always be "See you again soon" :D
  2. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help


    We'll miss you, Jenny...

  3. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Feeling the same feels that I had when I first saw this:



    We're all going to miss you sorely Sanya; thank you very much for everything you've done both on and off the forums, and here's wishing you all the best with your future endeavours :)

    And when SOD2 comes out and if you're playing on PC, send up a flare for us forum-haunters - we'll all be very happy to join you :D
  4. Sailorwolf

    Sailorwolf Famous

    Very true :D. @Undead Jeff Please be sure to give Undead Sanya a free copy of SoD2 when it is released ;)
  5. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Goodbye young lady:( I hope all your future endeavors are as successful as your run with Undead Labs was. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family :)
  6. Vanilla

    Vanilla Here To Help

    Good bye and good luck in your future endeavours Sanya. Thank you for all the work you have done here on the forums. Especially around and up to SOD's release.

    You will be missed by us all ;(
  7. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Not the best at goodbyes, so I'll just say I hope you have as much fun with whatever you do next as you had here with us, and we had with you being here.
  8. Azuries

    Azuries Got Your Back

    All the best Sanya, I haven’t been active in here but I lurk daily and it’s not going to be the same without you.

    I’m gonna aim for leaderboard spot #1 and dedicate it to you
  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Now that is an 'Awesome' dedication - Go for it and I am sure everyone will 'mentally Co-op' you in achieving it:)
  10. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    I wish you luck and good times in your future endeavors. Hopefully you'll be back as a fellow fan. :)
  11. FreedomFighter

    FreedomFighter Here To Help


    I'm not good with words that dealing with this kind of situation.
  12. People, don't forget that I'll be streaming sod live this Saturday as a "farewell Sanya"!
    I'll show how I parked the 7 cars on the bronto gas station in lifeline.
    the only issue is that I wanna know which time is best for streaming? Just so that everyone gets to be there!
    thank you.

  13. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    Aww... a farewell it is :(
    But you can still jump in to say hi from time to time, right? Right?!
  14. New theory: State of Decay 2 is a Meta game we've been playing for the past 5-6 years, and they are slowly picking us off in a dice-roll fashion.

    Jokes aside, I'm going to miss you Sanya.
  15. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

  16. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Wish you all the best @Undead Sanya with everything you do. The skies a little darker around Trumball valley today, now I know why! :(
  17. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Sanya. Be sure to stop by and visit us often. You are and always will be a part of our forum family.:)
  18. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff Here To Help

    This is a great forum and my favourite one to visit, and a lot of that is down to Sanya and Nicole's firm but friendly moderating work. I know it's not easy.

    You've done a great job here Sanya, thanks for everything and good luck in the future. :)
  19. Zombie_Coats

    Zombie_Coats Here To Help

    Thank you Sanya for helping bringing the best zombie apocalypse game to us! Sorry to see you leave!! :(

    Best wishes and good health for the future.

    A PC user.
  20. illdigurgrave

    illdigurgrave Got Your Back

    Hope you were not forced to sign a NDA I'd love to hear the story about how this happened. I have not been around recently because I do not like the direction ULs has been going and I feel like you the face of undeadlabs and the one who fostered this community is a mistake. well whoever decided to let you go or accepted your resignation is a fool. If you wanted to leave they should have paid you more to stay, and if they let you go ULs is not the company they once were. I truly wish you the best in all you do more into forward, Good luck.
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