Farewell to Sanya

Discussion in 'News From the Lab' started by Undead Jeff, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Shadowfogkiller

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    Hope everything goes well for you in the future @Undead Sanya ! We will miss you!
  2. Bob Crees

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    Okay I was going to wait until November before I posted a response, but I am 'Tired' 'Emotional' and 'Drunk'

    Having been around on the Forums for a couple of years, I have seen the UL Team listen to what our 'Community' has said / requested. Yes okay, this is the only Forum that I am 'signed' into, so its a sort of 'Family' if you know what I mean?

    @Undead Nicole has the hardest job of all, keeping us in order.

    @Undead Brant teases us with the guns that may appear in Sod2, but don't forget he did a bloody good job with the other game(s)

    And then we have our Beloved @Undead Sanya - She has always been there; a part of the UL team for longer than I have been on this Forum (by at least 3 years). When she posted something, people checked what she had to say. I hope you will all agree, Sanya is one of the 'faces' of UL.

    Like @illdigurgrave suggests, I think @Undead Jeff has made a Big Mistake by letting you go. Yes you might not be able to be there for 'Daily' meetings, BUT will your replacement post on a daily basis what was discussed?
  3. Furie

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    I've not much to say that hasn't already been said by so many others. You helped make this place what it is today from the early days, and those of us who've been here for that long both appreciated what you did and will miss you. Thanks for everything, San, and good luck in everything you face moving forwards. I'm sure you'll shine in that sky as much as you did in this one.

    Looks like Nicole will be getting a post-launch bottle of rhubarb vodka to herself then...
  4. chikawowwow

    chikawowwow Here To Help

    I was going to wait too but first things first @Undead Sanya gutted you're going and I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do next. I've been trying since the announcement to quantify in words how much you mean to me, us, the community, without having met you face to face but there just isn't a way to say it and still have a comprehensible sentence.. But it's a lot :)

    Now if attending meetings is the real issue how has no one at UL thought "oh we could do teleconferencing, or Skype, or get a really long bit of string with cups either end and give Sanya one end". That makes me think that entire reason is bollocks and it's something completely different or it's Microsoft policy to have everyone in the same building. I know that in the world of HR discussing staff dismissal/resignation/amicably leaving publicly is a legal minefield but giving a really obviously daft reason isn't sufficient when loosing good people.

  5. XzerothreeX

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    My wifes company flies upper management from Japan for face to face meetings. She has to drive a few hundred miles in a rental several times a year to meet with mid level management for meetings. Some companies are silly like that.

    Edit: That being said, it is a bit fishy and I don't like it at all.
  6. chikawowwow

    chikawowwow Here To Help

    With her company they probably recognize that the best people won't always be within the local towns. If for instance they were flying people to meetings everyday then that would be excessive but they would obviously see a value in it as plane tickets aren't cheap.

    If Sanya had to leave for personal reasons or something like that I don't need to know the specific reason, I have no right to know, but the reason given just doesn't seem like an issue to me unless nobody can be bothered to get reliable equipment to make the situation work.
    I've been a semi-remote worker for around 11 years and never heard of anybody needing to leave the job because of attending meetings.
  7. Alajeff

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  8. illdigurgrave

    illdigurgrave Got Your Back

    After reading everything to me is honestly seems like they are screwing her. I'm not sure if they want to go a direction she didn't agree with or something but I bet as time goes on we will find out more of the gritty details and I smell MS behind this or perhaps a falling out with management. I don't want to take this too far so if any new info arises I will certainly bitch at length sometime in December. Thanks for everything sanya you will be missed.
  9. QuarantineRoad

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    While State of Decay is my favorite game, the reason that pushed this introvert into joining this forum was the people; the team, and this community. People like Sanya, Nicole, Brant, Geoffrey, Jeff, and those who've shared their time with us, here and on Twitch. Like the many team members who jumped on to help, say a kind word, or work behind the scenes to make this place what it is. People like you. Those who created and held the foundation for which this amazing family could thrive.

    Without them and the friends I've made here, I never would have become the fan I am today. Because no matter how good State of Decay is, it's you and UL that has earned my dedication; not just to the series, but to the team and this community. In the past, the longest I'd ever stuck with a forum was barely a year, and tomorrow, it will have been four since I joined. In life or online, I've never experienced or been a part of anything like this before, and I can honestly say it has made my life better.

    The moment I saw the subject line of this thread, my heart sank; for Sanya, for us, and for the team. With the release of SoD2 on the horizon - in what I anticipate to be a pinnacle moment for UL - in my eyes, Undead Labs is at a crossroads that will define who they become. Sanya's departure is symbolic of the choice in front of them.

    As has been said, we don't know exactly what happened. So much about this place shatters the status quo set in place by so many others, and I have a lot of faith and respect for Jeff and UL. They've earned my trust, so for those reasons, I try to remain optimistic. Although I share in the sadness and heartbreak, for now, I have to believe it was an honest and mutual decision.

    Yet, I'll say what I have since some of my earliest posts: What makes Undead Labs special is their heart. It's evident in everything they've done, and the way we've come together in this moment. That heartbeat was created by a team of wonderful and irreplaceable people like Sanya. People who care about what they do, each other, and all of us. To everyone at UL: Don't lose that. Don't ever forget how awesome you are, as you are, right now, with the people you have. Don't lose your heart. There are a rare few like it.
  10. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Right there with you, brother.

    The conspiracy theorist need to stop and think for a moment. Sanya has been there since the beginning and has been a part of the core of ULs. If she can't be there any longer, there's a damn good reason for that. I second Doug when he said, I trust Jeff's decision. I've looked Jeff in the eye and deemed him a "good human", someone that I trust. I was at UL when Moonrise's demise was announced, I saw how it affected everyone (Jeff included). This announcement was no less impactful, I'm certain.

    We, true fans, need to continue to support the team, even when we lose one member. If it's for the greater good, then it's worthy of our support.
  11. Cejao

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  12. illdigurgrave

    illdigurgrave Got Your Back

    You need to chill man, I'd appreciate if you didn't throw that around so lightly since I assume you are talking about me. This seems shady at the very least it shows a lack of appreciation for sanyas contribution to the success of undeadlabs and SoD franchise. UL is not above reproach and people + companies make mistakes all the time. A little skepticism might do you some good.
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  13. Furie

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    A little skepticism is good, but when it's all you've got and you can't view the world without it; that's a problem that needs to be addressed.

    This is someone who's been part of the group for longer than most members here even knew there was a group. For whatever reason, she's having to move on, and we may never know the full story. I wouldn't presume to speak for Sanya but I'm sure she's not happy about it, whether it happened for the stated reasons or not. Assuming no foul play she's still having to step aside because her situation no longer matches that of a company that she had no minor role in getting to the place it is today. The vast majority of fans know that and appreciate her and the entire community team for it, and this is us saying thank you and farewell just in case we don't come across each other again. We want her to know that what she did here has meaning beyond just another website where people call each other arseholes, and that she built something good that has a chance of lasting.

    But your every post has been about how you think she's been screwed and how this relates to your theories about the direction of Undead Labs. By doing that you think you're standing by her and showing appreciation for her contribution, but just consider the fact that this may all be your paranoia surrounding the gaming industry. In that case all you're doing is taking away from all the well wishes and thanks that people are giving and making this all about you.

    Quite simply, there's a time and a place fir everything. You already have an "Undead Labs might be going a bit evil" thread so there's no need to bring theories like that in here where they honestly do more harm than good.
  14. Cejao

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  15. QMJS

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    No, he is quite right. This is not the place.
  17. Zamasu

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    Good luck, to ya sister. Take care of yourself.
  18. @Undead Sanya, Take care, I hope you the best and you'll never be forgotten.
    Now, a cold and a broken Hallelujah
    : (
  19. What they said.
  20. illdigurgrave

    illdigurgrave Got Your Back

    I don't know what to tell you guys, I expected you guys to fight for Sanya and make a scene so UL realizes this is a mistake. But if the thread about her leaving isn't a place to challenge that decision i don't know what to say. I'm sorry you feel that way. Especially considering you and furie have been around for a long time.
    I don't agree, but I will remove it and repost in another thread since people seem to be sensitive about this thread. So long as there is a discussion and you are not stifling the conversation.
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