Fastest way to make a fatty go boom

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by LetsPlayCatGaming, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. LetsPlayCatGaming

    LetsPlayCatGaming Got Your Back

    No, seriously. I've been playing State Of Decay since release, and as recent as the Lifeline release, I discovered this method, I believe by accident, and I have also seen it demonstrated in Lu Caz's videos, so I probably subconciously stole it, but Caz is where the party at for revolutionizing my videos with this epic method.

    After over a year of being battered by them, totalling my cars just to knock them down and trying to perfectly time a dodge roll so they smash into a sign post before the impending whooping. Not needed at all.

    Pretty much every one of us builds a workshop if we are planning longterm survival. A workshop gives us access to the Flame Fougasse. One building session of these items creates 5 at the expense of I believe, only 1 fuel from your stockpiles.

    To kill a juggernaut mad easy:

    Plant a flame fougasse by it. This will stagger it. Run close to it, plant another one. FATTY GO BOOM. No more juggernaut eating Amelia's face.

    So basically, two flame fougasse = very dead juggy.

    Thought i'd share this, as I still watch some Let's Plays where folks occasionally struggle or die against these big bastards............ In fact, I still get wrecked by them on a regular basis, but that's mainly because I like playing with them.

    Hope this helps :)

    Happy boomfat funtimes!

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  2. Texas Killdozer

    Texas Killdozer Got Your Back

    It works, but you have to be careful if you're doing a Zed Hunt mission. I lost some trust in an earlier game of Breakdown when the ally I was doing the mission for saw the Juggernaut and ran toward it after I placed a flame fougasse... they didn't die, but they got hit by the blast radius.
  3. Revenge0frock

    Revenge0frock Famous

    Is this really that huge a problem? Juggernoobs are rarely a challenge unless you've got AI around. Just some ducking and dodging. You can kick them to death, usually in less than a snack (Results may vary depending on common infected in the area).

    Its entirely a different story with AI around. They charge in and get bitten immediately. This tip would be extremely nice for taking them down with ai, provided you don't mind lighting your friends aflame.
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  4. The Badger

    The Badger Starting Off

    I just use muh trusty 416 and mow'em down easy enough. I love Siege missions with Juggies. They get stuck in the door frame. LOL. I can do it at my leisure.
  5. Texas Killdozer

    Texas Killdozer Got Your Back

    Earlier I tried setting a flame fougasse near one of those big propane tanks to see if I could kill a Juggernaut using only one explosive. It looked really cool, but it still took 2 flame fougasses to do the trick.
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  6. DeRoc

    DeRoc Starting Off

    I would always ignore the hunts and the Juggies. Recently I discovered the joy of assault rifles and SMGs (namely the PDS and Super Z), and they're KO'd before they realize there's even a threat.
  7. Paroni

    Paroni Got Your Back

    Usually just go with headshots with ARs. 7.62 I think its usually 2-3 headshots. 5.56 its 3-4 headshots or 50cal rifle....BOOM! Usually they are rather easy if you are prepared. If you have 10-15 regular zombies around and a jugg....running is not a bad option...

    Having focus aim helps a lot too. :)
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  8. Jokunedo

    Jokunedo Got Your Back

    Tried all suggestions but personally had the most fun Hunting Big'uns with the allmighty Mk. 15 surpressed *whispers* BOOM!!!
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  9. Who says they Eat me Wayne? You Proposing something? you think im Soft? Same on you Wayne!!! :p
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  10. Enzo_Guy

    Enzo_Guy Here To Help

    I've killed juggernauts with just about every type of gun and explosive available from a .22 Snub Special to miraculous propane tank detonations. The most efficient method I've found so far is to just grab that damn 6-shot grenade chucker haha! That's if you have the ability to prepare for it and collateral damage is not a concern (pro tip: always aim away from your truck).

    Now since lugging 13lbs of explosive ordnance around is neither practical nor good for the health of your AI companion, I have to suggest either a .44 revolver/rifle or a 7.62mm rifle (or assault rifle).

    If you can stomach the noise, then the revolver specialist is the way to go. Due to the close damage values, there's no real advantage to a .50 caliber Anvil over any 44 caliber revolver; you'll need to hit it with the same number of shots with either one. If you've read my guide threads then you'll already know that .50 caliber guns are actually louder and attract more attention than .44 caliber guns despite the same displayed volume stat, so if you're doing the same number of shots you're better off with the .44 as it won't draw as much attention.
    Otherwise, my preferred anti-jug rifle is usually the Ranch King. The slower rate of fire helps calm the recoil down between shots, when you start getting hasty on the trigger with something like an SKS or FAL then you'll quickly find half or more of your shots might be flying wild. If you're really trying to call long distance then the FAL is actually the best option if you can do without the scope, its range is pretty much unmatched in the 7.62mm category and borders into big .50 territory. The scoped 700 Huntsman actually loses about 10 meters (if I'm remembering correctly) in maximum range to the FAL; if you can do without the optics you'll be best off with the FAL.
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  11. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    If I was alone and with a revolver I can head shot him easily.
    If I was with a survivor on a quest to keel one then I grabbed a Modern truck and drove over it (slowly hit it first and back up over it) so the survivor can sit comfy in the truck and wouldn't get keel.

    Then I either dump damaged truck or take it for a slow drive home if my base is close.
  12. JTM01

    JTM01 Got Your Back

    I've found it to be easiest to toss 2 pipe bombs from range to kill them quickly and easily. Especially with AI following...I don't take a chance... If just me, then you can kill them in many ways...most of which are already enumerated.
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  13. OldBill

    OldBill Got Your Back

    Two words. Focus aim.
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  14. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    The advantages are: less recoil & higher rate of fire— increased even further with specialization. A Pistol-SPC with a Condor or Automag can drop a juggy in a fraction of the time it would take any equivalent caliber revolver... and they can do so quietly.
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  15. Enzo_Guy

    Enzo_Guy Here To Help

    I was comparing .50 caliber revolver directly to a .44 caliber revolver there.

    And honestly, if I want to do it quietly, I skip the Condor entirely and just grab a rifle specialist with a 7.62mm semi-auto (or Ranch King). I'll give you the Automag, no doubt she's a mean bitch, but it's a rare day I even have a pistol specialist since their prowess is largely based in focus aim. I rarely use focus aim these days so pistol specialists don't offer much to me, I'd rather have two or three rifle/revolver specialists. I mean I do love using the Automag (especially considering why it's in the game lol) but it tends to get shelved if I have a Ranch King on hand.

    If I'm low on 7.62mm ammo then I reach for the RC40. If you want to talk about a WMD, give that thing to a level 7 rifle guy and watch the bodies drop!
  16. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    My mistake, I regularly see 'Anvil' and 'Condor' and think of the same gun... derp.

    Automags are much more plentiful than Condors IME, but when I do find a Condor it becomes an avenue for using all the .50 ammo collecting dust in my locker. I'm certainly not going to lug around a 20lb rifle that staggers the user with each shot. And unlike the revolvers, the .50 pistol will get the job done in fewer shots than the .44mag.
  17. Enzo_Guy

    Enzo_Guy Here To Help

    To be honest, I have come to the point where some games I don't even pick up .50 ammo at all. As far as .50 caliber goes the rifles are too heavy as you said, the revolvers offer no real benefit over a .44 and are louder, and the Automag sharing the same .50 caliber volume as the Condor is largely negated by both being able to use a suppressor (I know I'm the anti-suppressor guy but even I fear the zombie wrath of a loud .50 cal at the wrong place/time). What it comes down to is the Condor offers a rather marginal increase in damage at the expense of a rather marginal increase in weight; I prefer the Automag (besides the obvious reason lol) simply for the ammo availability, I might need an extra shot but I also have at least 10 times as many .44 caliber rounds in my locker as I do .50 caliber. I can afford to go a little Charles Bronson with the Automag and not worry about recklessly wasting precious rare ammo.

    Let's face it, besides a rifle specialist with a Ranch King and playing Clint Eastwood with a revolver specialist, when the hell do you even use any of that always-growing .44 stockpile? Haha! Going on a shooting spree with the Automag is great: ammo you have lots of and little use for!
  18. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    I had 3 Pistol-SPCs with Automags, had two of them trade out for a Condor and a G20 respectively, just for the sake of variety. The issue with lever guns is that they don't mix well with Focus Aim. Not a problem for people who don't use it, but for people who do— wayyyyy too much time between shots. Also, it'd be nice for the higher caliber lever guns to have optics.
  19. Jmababa

    Jmababa Got Your Back

    get swat support from Dan Hoven thats the easiest way to kill a juggernaut
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