Fastest way to make a fatty go boom

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by LetsPlayCatGaming, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    M82A2, focus aim.

    Seems to drop them fast enough. Nothing like punching holes into it with a .50

    No matter what Enzo's guide says :)
  2. Garfield2000

    Garfield2000 Got Your Back

    I just toss an artillery marker, then I just sit back and enjoy the view. Besides if any zeds are near by, they are drawn to the marker so I'm killing a Juggy + whatever zeds are near him. Win Win.
  3. JTM01

    JTM01 Got Your Back

    FASTEST way to kill a Juggernaut...

    2 shots from a Grenade Launcher (no focus aim)...this is the fastest method I've used period and I've killed them virtually every other way. Focus aim is great fun...but it's slower. Artillery Marker is great but it's little slower. Backing over them with a vehicle is interesting...but it's slower. Flame Fougasse and mines are fun...but slower. Melee is sure fun...and for sure slower. Throwing 2 grenades is also quite fast (my favorite)...but slightly slower due to the throwing animation. Throwing the various fire

    Anything FASTER than a grenade launcher?
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  4. Jmababa

    Jmababa Got Your Back

    yes the 6 shot grenade launcher is 1 shot from a revolver guy with this grenade launcher he has stopping power from revolver specialization so 1 shot only cause GL M32 uses the specialization revolvers even though its category is grenade launcher. MK 15 or Eli if you good aim and has high rifle specialization 1 shot sometimes the Juggernaut in headshot but watch out for the recoil.

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  5. JTM01

    JTM01 Got Your Back

    That sounds very cool but unfortunately in my game I'm not able to reproduce the effect you claim Jmababa... I wish I could though. Using Ray, level 7 revolvers, he was not able to 'one shot' a Jugg. Perhaps getting a perfect hit would work...however even one steel pipe bomb thrown such that it air bursts right on the Jugg will usually one shot them also...but reproducing those moments is difficult. Same with using Eli. Job Wilkerson, level 7 rifles, was not able to 'one shot' the Jugg so far. However, I'm playing PC so I don't get the benefit of level 7 rifles and 'snap to' so that may be part of the issue... In any case, the GL M32 can be fired successively very quickly such that it's not really much of an issue speed wise I think...;)
  6. brianhumbum

    brianhumbum Got Your Back

    The game not implementing any real need for fuel means unlimited plantable explosives. I think two of any will kill them (fire being best because it doesn't require ammo unlike the shrapnel mines).
  7. Mattyice26

    Mattyice26 Got Your Back

    The bigguns r pretty easy to kill with just a melee weapon. Just let them charge into something, when they're stunned it doesn't take long to take em down
  8. Bullet Catcher

    Bullet Catcher Starting Off

    My personal favorite way is the .44 Automag with a pistol specialist, he pretty much just goes out for feral and juggy hunts. Usually he'll have a specialty like mechanic or medic so he's not completely useless when he's not on a hunt
    The fastest way is definitely 2 shots with a grenade launcher (pretty much the only reason I keep the damn thing around). Two pipe bombs or grenades work equally as well. Or if you don't want to get all up close and personal the FAL or M14 with an assault rifle specialist does work against FattyMcMiller.
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  9. deadlineclick

    deadlineclick Got Your Back

    What's the joke about the reason the Automag is in the game?
    If I'm on a hunt it's either the grenade launcher or pipe bombs. If it's a random run in I make whatever on hand work. All those things have already been covered. I think the OP is speaking specifically of early in a game when you just have a workshop up and running and have not procured any fancy gear yet. I do sometimes just carry the preppers pack rifle with one extra grenade to take them out.
    Oh yeah, incendiary shotguns vs bigguns is fun too.
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  10. SubApathy

    SubApathy Starting Off

    I've always used a semi-automatic rifle. (And a grenade launcher during sieges)
  11. xcrimsonlegendx

    xcrimsonlegendx Starting Off

    I just keep a few Molotovs on hand, a couple of headshots and they're done.
  12. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Quickest way for me so far. I was at the Grange doing a feral hunt. Jug appeared righ next to the office. M27+focus aimed shot into propane tank staggers him, 1 or 2 (can't remember) bullets to dome kills.

    I Love Infinitely-Spawning Explosives!!
  13. Asimov Tesla 81

    Asimov Tesla 81 Starting Off

    Yep, I'm in agreement with the grenade launcher (six-shooter) method. Click, click, boom, boom and goodnight.;)
  14. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    I go out with an assault rifle, turn on auto, then snap target, fire burst, snap target, fire burst, rinse and repeat. 7-12 shots generally. 7.62 and 5.56 calibers.
    Or an RC rifle (the one that uses .40 calibet) drops in 7 single shots.
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  15. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    All ways are fun, that's what make this game so great. There are so many ways to succeed or fail.
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