Fate Cards and Rare Character Dialogue?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Talk Thai, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Jack Talk Thai

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    I'm poring through the forums and Goggling other discussions, but in the meantime thought it wouldn't hurt to just flat out ask here: is there any link or thread that goes into how the Fate Cards work, as in what may (or may not) trigger them? Also, what, exactly, triggers the random conversations that unlock traits?

    I'm thinking having a more varied group of personalities in my next playthrough--like a supportive counselor with a psychopath or someone who's overvbearing--might trigger a few things.

    I'm on Xbox 360.
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  2. Bob Crees

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    Can you Mod the game using a XBox?
  3. Terrafutan

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    Nope, and if Jack is on the 360, then he isn't playing YOSE either AFAIK.
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  4. maltriagon

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    I don't think you can change those without being on pc and modding them. Then you can make your own traits per character entirely. If you're just playing State of Decay on xbox as far as I know it happens randomly. No way around it unfortunately.
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  5. Bob Crees

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    Yep I did not think it was possible to Mod the game with a Xbox
  6. Jack Talk Thai

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    Yes, I'm on the 360.

    I was just wondering if having certain personalities in your camp might trigger more rare events. The only strange things that have happened so far in the latest playthrough are finally getting the Pimms guy quest (first time ever) and a couple bits of dialogue I've never heard (the Camaro tailpipe story). I kicked Gunderson's sick ass out but he showed up again the next day for a cutscene with Lily urging him to get some meds from the infirmary (he insisted he was fine). I later ran into his new home randomly while scavenging. I imagine he'll eventually vanish and I'll get a notice of an enclave collapsing.

    I seem to have a LOT more random encounters with Ferals this time, too, already lost a survivor. I see at least one or two every time I go out.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    I think if you delay some of the Main Missions, they eventually disappear, thus stopping you getting others from the theme.
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