Favorite Methods of Fighting?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by ThatChristmaskid, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Melee

  2. Firearms

  3. Explosives

  4. Fire

  5. Roadkill

  6. Unarmed

  7. Other (Please Specify)

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  1. What are your favorite methods of dispatching a zed and why?
  2. xtra dave

    xtra dave Got Your Back

    Melee because I don't wanna make noise. They should let you progress your abilities instead of just smashing a zombie head I could slice zombie head off with one hit
  3. gt-Weedy683

    gt-Weedy683 Starting Off

    Roadkill Is boring. Glad breakdown makes cars more trouble then they are worth in most cases as you progress
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  4. xtra dave

    xtra dave Got Your Back

    Just break down your car too.
  5. EndlessAnguish

    EndlessAnguish Got Your Back

    I use both firearms and melee I take as many ouy wit my firarm until the silencer runs out then I take the rest out with melee
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  6. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    I chose all of them, because they all work and a well-rounded survivor will use every method available. And to specify my other— burning bloater bombs. :D
  7. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Gets' em every time. CygRiNB.gif
  8. WalkerZed

    WalkerZed Here To Help

    Melee with heavy weapons, especially axes and shovels. Awesome! A firearm is still needed for bloaters. The pros take care of the Juggies.
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  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Melee with Edged weapon is my preferred choice - like Walker I only tend to use a firearm for bloaters. Explosives for Infestations.
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  10. RossBeeUK

    RossBeeUK Got Your Back

    I use heavy weapons because I have an eye problem in real life where I can't confused when things go to fast. So it's slow enough for me to keep up. Btw who fights unarmed? Crazy folk
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  11. CoreWorld

    CoreWorld Got Your Back

    Up close and in there face.

    "Crowbar Smash! uppercut uppercut, Crowbar SMASH!!!" and repeat.

    Me and Miss Rosey do wonders together.:D
  12. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    I have to admit that I do miss Marcus doing a sweep with an axe. That's just good times!

    But in Lifeline, it's all about putting rounds down range with a grenade included to help calm down the situation.:D Every time I play the game, even for just 30 minutes or so, I'm just stunned how much ammo I go through.
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  13. Dest of all 2

    Dest of all 2 Got Your Back

    If I'm using ammo that's plentiful, it'll be about 50% melee, 50% guns. If ammo is not plentiful, It'll be about 80% melee, 20% guns in which case i mostly reserve it for the freaks (other than the armored zeds of coarse.)
  14. Kaiservadin

    Kaiservadin Starting Off

    I use firecrackers for distraction, melee and guns for combat, and cars as tnt as a last resort ... i do not use prox mines because it easy to kill teamates i will let you know on the box prox mine
  15. JCass

    JCass Got Your Back

    I chose Other...Most of the time I actually kill Zeds is when I want to procure something.

    When this usually comes to pass I tend to stay well away from any corners, or structures, and start yelling swears at them like a Drunk Redneck outside his Ex-Wife's trailer. This of course draws them outside where any number of tactics can be used to eliminate the threat...prefferably with a buddy to cover my back. After that its pretty much check, and clear, Load up the truck, and GTFO!
  16. xtra dave

    xtra dave Got Your Back

    I love all the mechanics in sod the driving reverse and breaking feel so real. Fighting and how different guns feel
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  17. koolaidman35

    koolaidman35 Got Your Back

    I also like stealth kills. And ill sometimes use a silenced gun to shoot next to a zombie to make it face another direction and then stealth kill it. also Firecrackers, Timers, Clocks. "the last thing you will never see"-Boone. fallout new Vegas. :D:D:D Also fighting a zombie unarmed is the worst possible decision ever. besides punch a zombie in the mouth and get a tooth scratch on your knuckle. Also if the disease were spread by fluid then its probably not a good idea to get zombie blood on you either. just talkin as if it were a real problem. :D:D:D:D

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  18. xtra dave

    xtra dave Got Your Back

    I wonder how they going to do class 4 open world zombies with other players
  19. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

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  20. BL4CKW4TER

    BL4CKW4TER Got Your Back

    I love nothing more than taking my trusty M14 or AR-15 Custom out of the locker, loading it up, grab about 60 rounds, sliding on a suppressor, and going to town on a few Infestations. There's absolutely nothing like it! But, throw in a few Steel Pipebombs and you've got yourself a done deal. (And maybe a few Flame Fougasses for good measure :D)
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