Flash Contest: Head for the Hills!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Nicole, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Cejao

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    Your welcome to join me in Galveston when I try to get a ship crew together. ;)
  2. Brundolar

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    I would head to my office. The outer doors are metal, and so is the siding. The front and rear of the building are separated from each other by a heavy duty fire door. We have a warehouse with building materials, like brick and mortor to seal up the windows, or any other entry points.

    Best of all, solar panels on the roof, and a large clear yard behind the warehouse we could use for farming. The yard is also home to several shipping containers, like those at Snyder Trucking, we could use for watchtowers. For building purposes, we also have an electric forklift that is very quiet. We generate plenty of power and should be able to hold out for some time.

    With a kitchen and room for at least 20 people, based on the number of offices, we could have a pretty good setup with nearby access to great places for loot.
  3. Undead Nicole

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    Congratulations to @Alan Gunderson! Random.org chose you as our winner this morning. Please send me an E-mail nicole at undeadlabs.com with your mailing address.

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I have a solid idea of what I'm going to be doing to prepare for the big day. :D
  4. Alan Gunderson

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    Holy shit

    Edit: Going to do that now

    This is like the best birthday present
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    Congrats Alan!
  6. Bob Crees

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    Congrats man.
  8. Gmutant

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    The scene that I remember most was where the girls were bitching about their father cheaping out and buying them Mac 10s instead of Uzis. I remember it because I was a little pissed that my parents never bought me anything full auto.

    We should start a thread to list the most obscure zombie flicks that we've seen. Might give some people ideas of what to check out.
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  9. Cejao

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    netflix has a slew of b-grade zombie movies. :)
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