Followup Q&A: Customization (8/17/12)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. This is semi off topic/old but in earlier post by the devs there were numerous mentions to "everything going according to schedule". So does this mean there is a set release period they're targeting? or are they just doing what they set out to do with no major problems?
  2. Undead Sanya

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    When you talk with investors, you tell them basically that you'll need X amount of money per month, and for Y months. It behooves you to stick as close to that as possible, even if it means making tough choices.

    We're both kicking ass and making tough choices. :) Things like realistic fuel consumption and co-op mode got pushed back... but we've not sacrificed a single thing in terms of the sandbox, the survivor community, Home building, vehicle driving, zombie AI, etc etc etc.
  3. I needed to read this, the game doesnt play for you, it just changes the world and brings new things to the table. Before this I thought every time you logged off you were rolling a dice, with your progress (I understand there are no possible save games as would be expected in Class4).

    Now I also have mixed feelings, relief bc my progress is not in hands of npc AI (lol) but also bc I think that situation would be interesting to experience I feel that something else is lost (but hey, you cant have everything), maybe if you have to log off in a tight spot then you would have to trust in your npc (and hope that it has learn something from you, or not). I wonder if we will be able to hide our characters and come back later.
  4. I have a question regarding the characters and how injury works, if it hasn't already been answered. What are the restrictions of being badly wounded, if any? Does your character and NPC's show visible signs of desperate need of medical attention, such as limping and slowing down? If there is an injury system, when escorting a character who has low health, or say, a wounded leg, are you able to shoulder hug them to help them move faster, etc?

    Also, if a character has been bitten, is there different stages of infection taking control of a human, or do you instantly die? If there is different stages to an infection system, what sort of things should we be expecting.
  5. FTcivic

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  6. I think that was in reference to when someone dies, how long it takes for the corpse to get back up. Thanks for trying tho :)
  7. Arc79

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    I would like a system where a gravely wounded survivor can have a chance of either becoming infected or dying, that way you might have to shoot one of your own once they turn or if you just leave them they could be part of a horde later on. If all survivors just die when attacked it won't be very "realistic" by zombie fiction standards.
  8. I see a big problem there.
    The xbox has a problem, if you aren't online or connected online and plug off your console from power, it resets the time.
    So how did the game always know, how long i wasn't playing?
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    i hope the ai ped with you turn into zombies if they get bitten
  10. I have not looked very thoroughly for this information, but please tell me Class 4 (or State of Decay something or other) will allow you to customizable your character before playing. I can understand why State of Decay (Class 3) has a starter character, but I strongly believe picking your own class and designing your character is absolutely essential for Class 4. It simply allows for a greater immersion factor.
  11. ah ... i just heard about this game and i looked over the Q&A .... awesome info ... but when will the game is release on xbox ?? ...
  12. Melychath

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    No release date info yet, just speculation by the community.
  13. Aw that kinda sucks. I mean it runs on cryengine 3 which is one of the best graphics system, I dont realy care but if they add 1st person it would be much more realistic Im still gonna get it do but its a real let down.
  14. There is a trailer out there already :D state of Decay :) and its awsome :rolleyes:
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    Personally I think 3rd person with the view around you helps with the "senses" of whats around you which you might do after hours of playing a game in 1st person.
  16. M >>>

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    Oh When the Ninjas come Rolling In !

    Q: M: Will survivors (when you are not playing them) be able to decide for themselves to sacrifice themselves for the greater good?

    A: That can happen. Your survivors, when not being played directly by you, have their own minds and motivations. When they are in extreme danger, they will make the best choice available. This may mean running away. It may mean going out in a blaze of glory if they think they’re going to die. If you want to keep them alive, you need to defend, protect, or fight alongside them.

    Please note that while you are offline, your survivors will not die.

    ~ Phinney

    Thanks to Phinney and Sanya for the exposition on those details !

    So some survivors may be heroic and some may not be so heroic...good to know.

    Now if they could just ride into battle singing as they slew the faceless the Riders of Rohan.... ! would attract even MORE zombies...darn it.

    Okay what we need is a division of silent ninjas to wipe out the faceless hordes. Then the survivors can sing, dance and have a proper "Survivor Celebration" !

    Do ninjas party down ?

    *** Question for Class 4: Might we see zombie killing ninjas ( male and female ) in Class 4 ? And do they like to party ? ***
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    I know this QA is "yesterday's news" at this point, but I have a follow up question for a little clarification that I think most people are curious about.

    So we can't shoot a fellow survivor in the leg and expect him to hobble around while the zombies have their way, but does this mean that we can't injure our teammates at all? In other words, is there ZERO friendly fire, or can we shoot/blow up our teammates by accident (or on purpose) either weakening them or killing them completely? Obviously, there are pros and cons to either setup, and depending on the AI, having no friendly fire might be the difference between fun and frustration.
  18. I want to know something. If you get bit by a zombie, do you become infected or just get hurt?
  19. I remember reading that survivors can get scratched, bit etc. but wont die outright. they will be wounded but they will live if the zombies didnt hurt them too much.
  20. Sounds so awesome! :D
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