Followup Q&A: Customization (8/17/12)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. With all this, I wonder how the other NPCs will react to such actions: Will they see you as a threat or understand why you did it? Will the friends/family of the victim hate you? Will the girl you saved by killing that fat brat fall in love with your characer? I think that things like that could determine the kind of population we build.
  2. Melychath

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    What part of the Valley are you in, Chaotic? I live in SW Phoenix (Tolleson).
  3. Nice wish I read this before posting a certain comment. I like what I'm reading so far.
    So the game micro progresses as I'm away but who's to say that if I'm gone for an extreamly long time that everything will go down hill? I'm not talking about base as it was explained that home base WILL NOT be lost. I mean how bad will things thru the wire get.

    My big question to the team is ... I'm not so big in playing melee weenie and tend to be more of a tactical rifleman. So will stealth be implemented and will there be even a basic weapons customization like firearm silencers?
    I would really like to know how much stealth is being incorporated in the game. You asked us "the public" of how would we do to survive the Z-Apoco, well there's my answer. Silent and tactically.

    Oh and just thought of this as I was editing my comment. Are resources found out in the wild the only resources? For example if I clear out a house of all it's goodies can I come back later on and have different stuff spawn or is that house cleared forever?

    Sorry if someone has asked this just haven't had time to read the thread completely o_O
  4. I don't know if this has been addressed yet- forgive me I just found out about this game today, but I was wondering about infection. Obviously when your character dies you die, but what about your fellow survivors? May they be infected? Maybe cause a little strife inside the safehouse by turning in the middle of the night???
  5. All of this sounds really awesome and i cant wait to play this thing.
  6. That is a relief. I was worried that Halo 4 would destroy my State of Decay world.
  7. Good read. I really want this game like NOW
  8. Please sir, may I have this now?
  9. what is the extent of the character customization for the character from the start, do you make your own guy or choose from a list of pre-existing survivors? is there any control over what they start out wearing or their personality type? can you choose their core skills?
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    Vansfire, welcome. I think you might want to read the original article, as well as re-read this followup Q&A. You don't play a character, you play a community. Each survivor has their own personality and set of skills. You customize the community by choosing who to rescue.
  11. Hey I am not sure if this is at all asked or answered but if you collect everything from the map will supplies after awhile just reappear in the world so you don't have a map that is devoid of items because you used them all?
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  12. NEW amErykah 2012 A.D.

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    "This was really just a matter of development focus. We think those are cool things and changing outfits is absolutely essential for Class4, but we were not willing to push back the overall schedule for this. Ultimately, working on the core mechanics took precedence."

    Well played. Customization is usually a big deal for me, but I agree with this, and I respect how you put it to a wonderful degree.

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    Thanks for clearing things up
  14. Kjolly99

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    wish we could wear different clothes or at least armour and helmets
  15. Was this ever answered? Curious about that aswel.
  16. I think it runs out. But you can trade with other survivors, and make what else you need, like ammo and food.
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    It will run out. But like Nib said, you can trade with other survivors. Everything in this game is permanent. Nothing respawns.
  18. Also, you can grow/make/fix resources provided you have the supplies, a big enough base, and the know how.
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    Eventually you'll have to be growing your own food and fabricating your new items to replace stuff you burn thru. So some stuff is gonna have a finite limit in the game. Unless you'll be able to develop a workbench and ammo reloading capability then you'll run out of bullets. Without a workbench your melee weopons will get used up or broken or dull.

    Partly the time factor is gonnad determine how quickly you burn thru the available resources. I think the challenge of limited items to find and scavenge is going to make for a great strategy and tactics of survival game.
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    OK. Hello everyone!

    Game looks fantastic and I can't wait, though I have a few things to have confirmed!
    Hope it hasn't been asked before (I have done some searching, though I have my boy screaming at me to play Minecraft!)

    No character customisation at all? I believe customisation is a must to immerse 'me' into a game, though I read outfits cant be changed, though I read that thread dated 5 months ago.
    Can you at least rename characters? To add a little personalisation?

    I have more, but I gotta run! Thanks in advance!
    Looks great, Can't wait!
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