Followup Q&A: Customization (8/17/12)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Negnar Holf

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    Nope, no customization. It's supposed to feel like you're thrust into a dangerous situation... And would you be thinking about YOUR clothes in a dangerous situation?
  2. I probably would be to be honest lol. Under normal circumstances I'd rather be caught dead than without jeans and a teeshirt. But with zombies? Hell, the last thing I'd want is to be caught UNdead in my pyjamas. Especially since I don't sleep in pyjamas ;)

    But nah in all seriousness it's not really a game that even needs character customization. From what I've seen there's such a massive variety in the way survivors look that everyone is bound to find one they enjoy playing as. Same thing with the weapons.
  3. TheMuse

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    I'm betting character customization will be an option come Class 4 time anyway.
  4. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    I'm betting character customization will be an option come Class 4 time anyway.
  5. Yeah probably. It's kinda a staple of MMOs. It'll be interesting to see how they do it, I'm assuming they'll have to do away with the ability to play as the other NPC survivors but who knows? Maybe there wont even be NPC survivors. But I'll leave that thinking to the pros lol.
  6. Paton

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    I imagine class 4 is a long way away though?
    And yeah, changing clothes wouldn't be a priority in the initial outbreak, though after a while, changing your shirt orpants (undies anyone?) Would be nice.
    And this game doesn't seem as if it ends within a day!

    Though an option to select your initial character would rock...

    So no name customisations? What about community mods in the future?

    Sorry if this stuff has been asked, this forum seems friendly though :) ...
  7. Yeah I would imagine so. I'm new here so I might not be privy to all of the information that others here are but from what I've gathered the guys and gals at Undead Labs are putting everything they've got into making this game as good as it can be, the main focus being to create a great singleplayer experience. Then their aim is to take that same experience and make it work online. So in a way they've kinda started working on it, only not lol.

    I guess whether or not there will actually be a Class4 is entirely dependant on how well this game does too, although from what I've seen of this I doubt that's going to be a problem.
  8. Paton

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    Game looks great. Noticed it a while ago but only checked back now... almost perfect timing... should be long now if the polish stage was 6 months ago...

    If I put my hand up to beta test that would put me in line at roughly #10546th, right?

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