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  1. You shoot it in the gas tank, if I'm not mistaken? Kind of like in GTA.
  2. While I am a separate individual just reading through these forums. I feel inclined to state that I do this in the game (no screenshot yet) I try to collect as many cars as possible, though I moved from church so some of my cars are across the map :( . But at the warehouse now I've accumulated a nice collection all around the front and side of the fence. I might try and do what he said and make a barrier of cars cause I've always wanted to do that in a real life situation.
  3. BTW, I read a comment by your staff saying you can have as many cars as you want....NOT TRUE.....8 is the limit. At least in my world at snyders. Every time I try to bring a new car home, that biatch Lilly goes for a joy ride and moves my trucks. Thought i'd let you know....keep up the good work, love the game so far, ChaseBoyz100903
  4. bashprompt

    bashprompt Starting Off

    What good are you guys then if you can't even get one simple realism aspect right with your vehicles?

    Why can't I load three rucksacks into a station wagon? Or five or six into the back of a pick-up truck?

    Your excuses for lazy game development are so transparent. You rushed it to market to make a quick buck, we called you on it, and you can excuse every single piece of evidence the players have suggested is caused by haphazard rushed and sloppy dev work but the excuses just don't cut it.

    It's laughable that you guys aren't even TRYING with excuses as to why car inventories don't exist. They should. Obviously. The main way you transport goods is in a vehicle, not in a backpack. Both pre and post fictional apocalypse. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. So instead of an excuse, you say what was it? "Not this round." Yeah. Like there's going to be another round? Once bitten twice shy.

    We zombie gamers are fast to forgive, we're pretty stupid actually. Every zombie related game has fallen short of being great, it's fallen short of even being accurate as advertised tbh, all of them have. And yet we still keep on buying the next one to come out. As a demographic we keep thinking "Surely not every dev company could be taking us for a ride and shafting us knowing that we're an endless source of fast money? Surely this next game will be THE greatest zombie game ever, right?" only to have rushed product after rushed product forced down our throats, our wallets constantly in hand, as we stupidly buy the next half baked game. So hey, maybe there WILL be a 'next round'.

    But there shouldn't be. You should have done it right the first time. You should have put quality over profit. If you released a good game, a quality game, and took a few more months rather than wanting the green too badly you very well may have been able to get an even bigger sale on Class 4. But now besides sycophants and optimists Class 4 will never get the same sales figures Class 3 did.

    Know why?

    The same reason The War Z even after renaming itself didn't get better sales figures. Because we remember when we get shafted. I honestly am starting to think the executives behind Undead Labs must be the same people as those behind The War Z, the brazen excuses and bad, bad PR attempts just smell of flawed rhetoric.
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