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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by warbrand2, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. warbrand2

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    Ok, if you could have any weapon from reality in SOD2, what would it be? and if it is special how would it work?

    For me It would be an x15 flamethrower. reason, well fire seems to be highly effective against pretty much anything not a juggernaught. so why not go through my fuel stocks and equip a survivor or two with flamethrowers.

    How I would see this working, instead of just being an equip in go out weapon flamethrowers would require you to refine fuel, and prep weapon these being workshop items. you have to refine fuel first then prep x15 second. once done you have a weapon with 400 "ammo" that is highly effective at taking out most zombies, but has a limited range and burns through 20 ammo a second, and prevents the user from carrying supplies.

    Idea is something that takes a good chuck of fuel and materials out of your base but allows you to easily wipe the floor with the zombies for a few good moments. main use would be in things like high level breakdown when you need to clear out 7+ infestations across the street that popped up in the middle of the night while you where looting a shed.
  2. Bob Crees

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    If you are talking from 'Reality', then I am not sure how many Flamethrowers would be available? Any found in museums would not doubt be deactivated and trying to repair such, would be very risky to the User. I guess with the right 'Knowledge' then you could convert a 'Water Cannon' to a flamethrower?

    A 'Hunting' Crossbow would be a good weapon of choice for anyone in the UK.
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  3. warbrand2

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    Uh, I live in a farm town, I know 3 people that own xm-42's one person that owns a x15 and 2 idiots with home made flamethrowers. Something to note farmers can and do own flamethrowers in some states. field burning is a thing and a drip torch is boring.
  4. Alan Gunderson

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    My thing will always be an emergency firefighter's axe and aluminum baseball bat.

    Give me those two and I will gladly rearrange the facial structure of a zed.

    Other than that, I've always held the Colt Anaconda in high regard. It's in SOD as the "River Snake" and I find it quite the satisfying gun.
  5. Dunadain

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    For melee (God forbid. Too close!), my favorite tool I've seen is a little toy called a Wrecking Bar. I don't think they're sold anymore, but they're awesome! Or some other flavor of demolition hammer.

    Gun I'm not sure, probably some double-stack 9mm pistol or AR I manage to stumble across, just because they are everywhere. I won't be able to find the good stuff easily, as I'm in the middle of the anti-gun-est portion of anti-gun California.

    Best approach to zeds I can think of is 'borrowing' an F-350/GMC 3500-size truck with the impact bars and everything, and just mowing them down with air conditioning and surround sound.

    Edit: looks like it's still being made.

    images (3).jpg
    Stanley FatMax FuBar wrecking tool
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  6. DJB204

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    I like the low weapon selection in State Of Decay before YOSE. It felt more realistic when weapons and ammo were scarce and finding guns was like a Christmas present. Now in YOSE we come across more weapons then we need, we have radio options to deliver anything we want. These are cool and fun features, but I feel like the SoD experience lost something along the way. Am I the only one?

    But back on topic... If I were to pick any weapon to have in SoD2 for the fun factor, it would be C4 with a detonator. Being able to place C4 literally anywhere and detonate it on command would be fun as hell.

    - Plant it on a vehicle, drive towards a horde or freak, dive out and let the vehicle keep going, BOOM.
  7. Necrotic Eradicator

    Necrotic Eradicator Here To Help

    Am i the only one who wants a truck mounted minigun? I could then laugh manically in a rain of shells, probably while shouting rude words as the Zeds turn into red mist in front of me.

    Melee, well for me it has to be a samurai sword, but being British i should really have a knights single handed sword for authenticity . . again while saying something like "have at thee, foul demon, find thy self cleft in twain!"

    Side arm . . must be Desert Eagle .50, i just think they look cool . . and to my knowledge pack quite a wallop. (Not that i have any experience with guns)

    *Side note* I always did wonder in Zombie movies, especially using melee weapons . . if caused by a virus, surly you would want to use something that involves distance or minimizes "splatter" . . any blood that gets on you, maybe infectious? Always was curious about that.
  8. Furie

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    Cold Steel bokken. Sure, it's a blunt weapon but I can do a lot more lasting damage with that than most things, and the fact it's advertised as unbreakable really adds to how hard I'll be swinging it. With blades you've gotta be careful as they break so easily, especially when used to take apart an enemy that isn't put off by pain.
  9. Erudain

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    I'm a simple man with simple taste, an HK 416 or a SCAR with EOtech sights + a m203 grenade launcher will do :p
  10. Pipe Bomber

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    Mk1 Pickaxe handle.
  11. Doomen Gloom

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    The Bat'leth would be pretty bad ass.

  12. Dunadain

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    It is certainly far more interesting than the Mekleth he had later.
  13. XzerothreeX

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    images (1).jpg
    One for each hand.:cool:
  14. Gmutant

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  16. Bob Crees

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  17. zechs

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    Perfect for human and no-longer-human foes.

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  18. Bob Crees

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    When you cannot trust your survivors from taking a Grenade Launcher and going to your Watch Tower.

  19. Cejao

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    M134 Minigun
    Plenty to go around.
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  20. Necrotic Eradicator

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    That scene out of T2 is one of the best . . any weapon that can cut down trees has my vote.

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