Fortitude Mod - Bases - Blood & Barricades - Savini & Snyder Only

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Phacops, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Haha, excellent :)

    Yeah, again, it was even eating mine up. Looked really nice in some places with the heavy fog though, haha. I was thinking about fiddling with some of the particle effects to make them wider without trying to cause too much mayhem. Never have time away from coding for work though, haha. :(

    Also, do you have an old version of MasterClock? Or maybe reinstall it? Flashing sounds like maybe the time handler is messed up and swapping times really quickly? But that'd be if the whole screen is doing it, I'd guess. /shrug

    At any rate - enjoy!

    If I do anything, I'll probably go and redo my Snyder Trucking Warehouse mod for bases. No timeframe possible to be given though.
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  2. :)

    Wait... so you're saying those aren't in vanilla? Aw... too bad. I encountered places where it's like a desert, sands everywhere. It was quite nice actually. I thought it was something new that they added on YOSE, apparently not.

    Oh, don't mind it. MasterClock is not really causing any serious problem. Just those icon flickers.

    I am sure I will. :D

    Many people including me will probably be happy to see that. I mean, look at this Savini MOD. :cool:
  3. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Aye, I haven't looked at it explicitly, but they must have changed a whole bunch of things in order for it to have gone that wild from having the contents of the file from non-YOSE. Obviously they still had the key components under the same names, at least, or it would have crashed the game on load.
  4. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    That was decent even in it's unfinished state, looking forward to what it'll look like when you're done with it.
  5. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Thanks :) Haha, the unfinished state is only because of never figuring out how to stop Zeds from walking through all the geometry. I'm sure I redid the whole layout 20+ times, trying to find what worked :(

    I do note that the only thing that Zeds seem unable to get through is I never tried building it into an actual vehicle entity whose wheels would be some kind of rotating death machine that ran when you got into the chair and pushed the accelerator. While the "body" of the vehicle would be the base geometry. That would also facilitate following the path I was on with the custom vehicle platform, in that you could then change your base parts live, in your face, with the click of a button.

    Then, instead of flipping through bumpers and windshields, you'd be flipping through walkways and staircases and things.

    Whole lot of work though :/
  6. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    I'd drive it.
  7. Genious

    Genious Here To Help

    So I'd have a literal way to push zombies off cliffs??
  8. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Haha, I suppose? I guess the only place that such a base death machine would be possible is at Savini, and they don't really advance from that side of the base. Although it should be possible to create a catapult which could potentially launch them from the front to the back and off the cliff?

    I've had trap systems that inflict damage but when they collide before damaging, the Zeds kind of treat them as though they're terrain, if you will. Main problem being that you have to be within a few meters - ~10ft. or so - or the trap mechanics don't work.

    There are inherent physics, of course, so you could probably apply a positive g force...though I'm not sure it can handle death mechanics for Zeds like it does for humans.

    Sadly, the options that work are somewhat limited with working outside the system :/
  9. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Quick aside:

    Took a moment to test the hypothesis that you could turn a base into a vehicle and drive it - it works. However, you get the same thing with Zeds being wild and walking through the meshes once you're 20ft. or so away.

    On the bright side, I was also able to prove that you can use the custom platform as I intended, with being able to spawn it and change the parts within the entity structure. Hypothetically that means, as reasoned before, that you could have a spawnable base, that I could then hook a UI to, which would allow you to choose the parts on it that you want. Given, you'll still have naughty zeds walking through it...but's something different /shrug

    And I still had my old bases hiding in my modding folders so I can redo the Snyder base the next time I get bored, haha. Mapped out the area in and around the base so I have a 2D schematic for where nearby buildings, walls, and objects are.

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  10. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    Hmm.....could you make it non mobile and place static objects around it that aren't attached to the base itself like wrecked cars, road dividers, or spike barricades with just a couple gates to get in and out?
  11. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    That's what I have already for Snyder, I'd just be making it a little nicer - as it stands the vehicle thing doesn't change anything, so I'd just use the easier method of static geometry. Mainly I'm just working towards trying to get these physics to stop zombies if that will ever be possible.

    Final thing I can think of is a custom entity or a smartobject which I never got around to trying for a base. At worst it'll be the custom entity with special LUA so I can change helpers to let you choose which pieces you want and they'll just load in. It'll be purely cosmetic but hey, it's better than nothing :)
  12. I was hoping to install this mod for the original (not YOSE), but the link seems dead. Is this even available for either version anymore?

    Do anyone know of another place this mod can be downloaded?
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  13. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

  14. Hey thanks man!! I really appreciate it. If it doesn't work on non-YOSE, I can play it on the YOSE version. Lost my save data and all progress on non-YOSE anyways and I am not a fan of starting over. But smashing the head into the ground was the best part of the game... that little knife ruined it. :p
  15. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help


    Did it work alright?

    I booted back up to doublecheck some things and it seems that the base it working perfectly at Savini, and my tools mod is doing fine as well.
  16. It works!! Thanks again man, this is 100% my all-time favourite SoD mod.
  17. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Woo hoo!

    I love it as well, though I know it conflicts with others and hence doesn't get as much attention.

    I'm working on that just after I clean up some of my vehicles and make them nicer.

    Then one can use other people's mods that hit the same files.
  18. I guess I'm lucky, this is the only mod I feel I need. It's a shame no one has done any of the other bases up all nice and fancy like this one, but from what I have read there seem to be issues.

    Do you mind if I ask what makes this base doable over the others? It's location is real nice, was that the deciding factor overall?
  19. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Well, I had started with the Church because you can directly mod the building, and I think I did the Snyder warehouse second, then this one.

    The difference is just that it was the only one I could build up walls and have it feel like they were actual barricades. Every other base seems to be structured in a way that zombies would walk through any of the geometry I made which ruined all the fun of having it in the first place.

    In this I was able to build up a bunch of proxy walls - invisible walls - that block them from going up the side of the hill and easily getting over the front wall, so it meant they had to funnel up the walkway and into the front gate rather than swarm you.

    They still walk through all the barricades in the road though, haha.

    People keep saying they just maje a bunch of outposts so zeds never come near their bases so I could do them all, really. Issue for me is that I don't feel invested unless I can have 10-million zombies out front to really have to fight for it, and feel like my defenses mean something.
  20. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Added this to a GitHub so people can browse the files and use them in their own, assuming we might get some more would-be modders with the announcement of SoD2:

    Also, a quick note:
    Working on a Java UI, as I get time, that will check to see if the main game files exist that other modders also use, then see if my Savini mod elements are inside it. If they aren't then it adds them, and the main file if necessary.

    Specifically for mod-knowledgeable people: mission_mission0.xml and facilities.xml.

    In theory, this should allow people to use any other mods they want that use this same file. E.g. QMJS'.

    It's an easy maneuver with some basic parsing, but the UI itself would be the part where it takes a while, even with NetBeans to do the heavy lifting so I don't have to. No ETR.
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