Fortitude Mod - Bases - Blood & Barricades - Savini & Snyder Only

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Phacops, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Mr.Shaggnificent

    Mr.Shaggnificent Starting Off

    Is this only for YOSE now? I used to have the Savini only one for the base game, but now that mod seems to no longer exist. I never got around to activating it because I always went straight to Snyder's.
  2. First, thanks for all the effort. Anyone who is willing to give away their time to enhance a game with mods is cool in my book. Especially seeing as how I'm too lazy to attempt it, lol.
    Okay, on to question. Do we need to start a new game in order to use this mod? If you have already answered this question elsewhere, I didn't see it, and apologize for the repeat.

    Also, I have Java installed, latest version, but when I click on exec file, I see nothing happening. I have it in C/ProgramFiles (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/State of Decay YOSE/Game. I tried playing on a current save where Snyder is my base, but see no difference. Hence my first question :)

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    Edit: So, been messing with this since I posted, and managed to get it to work, even though I'm not sure which of two possible things I did got it to work. First, I downloaded the file from another site, just in case something was wrong with the file from Nexus. Second, Phacops intructs us to "Manually, just place the .zip in your State of Decay directory and unpack it there! Then run Phacops_MoD_Manager-Build.jar which will add all the right data to the right files.", which I did the first time with the file from Nexus, but didn't this time. I was in a hurry and forgot to place the .zip in SoD directory, and instead unpacked it from my desktop. I clicked on the manager exec file, and it worked. I opened two different saves and the changes were in place.

    So you don't have to start a new game in order to see the changes. Wish I could say what made it work, but I suppose it doesn't matter. My wife and son get to have their Walking Dead fortifications, and I can go on playing my own game! Thanks for the mod(s), Phacop.
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  3. mine won't work
    i downloaded java and the mod and it won't work

    Edit: Ok now it works
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  4. Bob Crees

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    Welcome to the Forums:) I have not seen the creator of this Mod online for some time.
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  5. If you are able to place platforms and objects into the game what is stopping you from building a new homebase and having someone script and code it as a homebase?
  6. I'd believe that it's just a lot of work. And being honest, Phacops and QMJS are the only ones to master the art of building in our community, if I'm correct.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    WillieSea has also done some modding. Amelia has the 'Lone Wolf' mod.
  8. YojimBeau

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    Phacops, for sure, is our resident expert. I think SAK has dabbled with sockets, but not sure to what extent.

    Short version, it's not nearly as easy as one may think. There are still files we're locked out of and they complicate things that we want to do.
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  9. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    • Firstly: I'd say thank you, but QMJS knows way more than I do--I just did my best :)
    • I did get new bases working, however it required the map to be rebuilt, which was an immense feat as @ThatChristmaskid noted
    That said, the ultimate reason I never finished is because CryEngine took everyone's access away from old builds :)

    I started the work to try to get it to work in Lumberyard for the comparability, but the distance was too great between the two builds that it didn't seem feasible. Although that could just be that I have no idea what I'm doing, haha.

    Hmm, as for those whom likely have long since gone, I'll have to go check out what the deal is with the .jar when I have time. Sorry chums :(
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