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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LiNanMian1984, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help


    Now I know you have noticed this by now. And are using exploiting this.

    But every single time I have to look for a weapon one of my survivors is running around with it.

    My lovely out of ammo Ump... Was in the locker... Then why the frack does Joe Bob have it...

    Etc. now with this there are two situations... Not having to give everyone what I think they should have or...

    Being able to always get "free influence"
  2. ugluk

    ugluk Got Your Back

    Yea, that's what playing with the locker is all about. A lifesaver in Breakdown. Couldn't do without it many times. Also it puts worthless survivors to good use (mining influence).
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  3. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    Wait, what's this locker trick? << >>
  4. Karstedt

    Karstedt Got Your Back

    Just be careful, those weapon pinchers will often grab your grenade launchers... then they like to go on guard duty. Had one grande the crap out of me as I crossed the street from Snyder's to the fast food joint because there was a zombie sitting against the wall.
  5. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    The "Locker Trick" is to leave all your unused Survivors disarmed when you aren't using them.

    Whenever they go 'Away from home', they'll grab a Gun and a Melee weapon from their Locker if they have space in their Inventory for free. You can then switch to them, and deposit the Weapons for free Influence.

    You can speed up their going away from home, by disarming them, and making them your Active Character. Now run them a short bit of a distance away from your base (while still disarmed), then switch characters, which willl make them "Away from Home", but also magically Armed. Now switch back, and deposit the Weapons, then rinse/repeat.

    The distance I usually run to get Switching to result in Away From Home is to roughly the Drive Thru Window of the Fast Food Restaurant, next to Snyders.
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  6. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    Nice! I knew you could disarm / rearm to get influence, but didn't know you could force em to do it!
    Haha! I had three of em running around with grenade launchers and man oh man is that scary! It's like they were the only ones taking shifts on he guard tower too cause everytime I'd come back from a run it was just a battlefield trying to dodge those grenades! Good thing they don't use ammo though
  7. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    Yip, makes keep Influence up a cinch in later levels, as the Locker Cap prevents you from turning in most redundant Melee weapons and duplicate guns (that, or forces you to eventually have to remove them at a cost).

    It's best when the Survivors are picking up high ticket price items - which in later rounds, at least your Melee weapons in storage should all be Top Tier 4-5 Durability (and really, they should be at some point in the early rounds too, if you loot much at all)
  8. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    Yeah I have every melee a 5 Durability, so I definitely get full benefits from that. I'm slowly combing through all my guns and deciding which ones aren't for me. Can you tell me if sound reduction is something to even bother with come later levels? From my understanding, there's such an overwhelming number of zeds that you'd be there forever fighting them off. And I'm quite familiar with the 'locker cap' :rolleyes: it's ridiculous, but using this method I'm able to keep my locker supplies at reasonable quantities.
  9. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    Oh, that's awesome! I'll have to keep those tips in mind. :3 Thank you. :D
  10. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    This is another tip not necessarily related, and I'm still relatively new to these forums, but I haven't seen or heard of anybody use this trick.

    If your low on resources, or just really a penny pincher like I am, to maximize your gain you can call a scavenger to a place with one resource left, offer to help them out, and while they're looking around scavenge that resource yourself. You'll end up with double the resources! Definitely will come in handy once I progress into later levels, but I like to make sure I always have more than enough of everything so I'll do this all the time especially with materials since I'm making 3 different bases a level.
  11. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    Wow, 3 different bases a level? Do you just hole up in one town until the resources run dry and then move to another? I had thought about doing that for BD2 since the drive from the prison, I mean Snyders, is so far. XD
  12. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    To use the Double Resources Scavenger glitch, you don't actually have to wait them to arrive, or help them.

    As soon as you see the 'Scavengers Inbound' msg, and their Green Dot appears on the map (ie: pretty much right after you Radio for them),,you can grab the Rucksack and go about your business.

    They'll still bring home a Magic-Dupe-Sack.

    And to the post who asked about Noise reduction -

    Im still on Level 5 (I've been cleaning out the levels of the nice Guns, Med Rucks for Pills, and Ammo Rucks for bullets) - There are already a LOT more Zombies, but i've still been getting a lot of great use out of my beloved Shotguns and Revolver Specialists.
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  13. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    Yup. The Kirman Residence in the north-east, Savini to the south, and Carnival land to the north/north-west. Resources aren't really an issue as far as finding enough goes, I just need some place that's not too far for a supply run cause in order to suicide EVERY useless character I need to make friends with them first, and doing the buddy supply run is the easiest way for me to do that. Gone through well over 80 survivors by now, but the heroes are slowly trickling in
  14. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    Ouch. I have a lot of work ahead of me to find the ones I want. @.@
  15. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    Ok, thanks! Been thinking about doing some shotgun specialization too, it seems like people are making good use of it.
  16. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    It's ridiculous, apparently they've kind of fixed it on the PC to make it more frequent, but there's no way any playthrough other than your first is going to go as easy as you'd imagined.
  17. SgtMBeck

    SgtMBeck Got Your Back

    You can always delete your BD save game, which will make it so you have to unlock all the Heros again. And then you can unlock them exactly when you want in a new Play Through.

    And Yeah, Shotgun Spec. has by FAR the most noticeable increase in weapon effectiveness. For a non-spec user, Shotgun are borderline Non-Lethal.

    By lv7 Shotgun Spec, your character becomes Death, Destroyer of Worlds, and can one-shit hordes with a single 12gauge shell.
  18. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    That sounds scary. Scary awesome. XD I must play with a shotgunner now!
  19. Ckrauser

    Ckrauser Starting Off

    True... I think I'm getting close though; I've ran into almost half of the heroes and I have a feeling the girl I want is coming up soon.

    And I agree with Aero, that sounds epic! I might just have to make room for another character...
  20. AeroSeraphim

    AeroSeraphim Got Your Back

    I still want my Rick Grimes revolver specialist. I don't care how noisy it is, i'll find a way out. XD And thank you topic creator for the like on my thread I just made. :D
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