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Discussion in 'Undead Labs PC Club' started by Undead Nicole, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    There are two rules to PC Club.... wait, wrong Club.

    We need game suggestions. The requirements are that it's cheap (so everyone can join in on the fun) and it has to be multiplayer so we can play in groups.

    The point of this exercise is mainly to get everyone prepped for State of Decay 2 multiplayer. If you're already playing with forum friends, then you know who to go to when you decide that playing the Multiplayer mode is for you.
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  2. chikawowwow

    chikawowwow Here To Help

    Terraria is awesome with multiple bosses for multiplayer. I think it's like £5.
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  3. Excluding Tiny Brains and Lovers, I've played and enjoyed all of these ones with friends. Lovers has been streamed by Geoff and Ian (iirc). Tiny Brains is something I had pop on my recommended list but I need a puzzle-geared friend before I play that one.

    Town of Salem ($4.99)

    Tiny Brains ($9.99)

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime ($14.99)

    Left 4 Dead 2 ($19.99)

    Gauntlet ($19.99)
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  4. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Multiplayer games I have in my library. If anyone wants to play, lemme know.

    BattleBlock Theater
    Burnout Paradise
    DiRT Showdown
    PAYDAY 2
    CIV: V
    CIV: VI
    CIV: BE
    Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    WWE 2K16

    This game sounds fun. Gets my vote.
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  5. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Didn't know Civ 6 was out played alot of Civ from 1 to 5:)
  6. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    3 was my personal favorite, gods, I played a lot of that game. 6 is good, very different from 5. Honestly the most fun I've had is playing Hot Seat with my wife or oldest.
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  7. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    I have two buddies I play Civ with hotseat playing against real players makes the game so much better.
  8. Aaron V

    Aaron V Famous

    Any Civ multiplayer must be approached with the utmost seriousness, preparation, and adequate supply of alcohol. ;)

    Hit me up if you wanna play a quick V or VI match. I make the schedule at my work, so I can commit to time. If it's a weekend I could get my brother-in-law to play, he got me into the games.
  9. Undead Geoffrey

    Undead Geoffrey Lead Designer, State of Decay Franchise Staff Member

    Astroneer might be fun ...
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  10. I suspect Civ might go on too long, at least for me anyway.

    I'm not certain but I think all of these more or less fit the criteria (didn't check the prices on each one individually):
    I second Geoffrey's Astroneer suggestion.
    TF2 is free.
    Don't Starve Together
    The Ship
    Space Food Truck
    Verdun for anyone else who likes fps, world war 1 and masochistic life expectancy
    Any of the many tabletop simulator games.
    Monday Night Combat assuming we can get enough people.
    There's also a decent chance people already have Left 4 Dead and Overwatch
    Town of Salem can be fun but I find people often have trouble getting into it and figuring out the meta for a little while.
  11. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    I've been looking for a reason to buy this anyway. I'd third it...and have no idea what is going on when we got there :)

    Lovers seems retina-searingly brilliant as well, haha.
  12. Actually one note on Astroneers: because it's still being developed the possibility of game breaking bugs popping up if they come out with a new patch does exist. However to counter that it also has the benefit of a persistent world and if the host were the same each time we could all play on the same game over multiple sessions. The same can be said of Don't Starve Together and Terraria.
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  13. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    Papers, Please is on my list of my most favourite games in the world.

    It's essentially a Communist-Dystopian game where you play as the winner of the states Labour Lottery and work as a Border-passport checker man between the countries that have just finished a war with each other. ​

    Simplistic but meaningful and fun. I do recommend it.
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  14. @Kjolly99 I know a few people at least would agree on it being a fun game but it's a single player only game. The suggestions are for games that we can play as a group. :)
  15. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    You can play it unconventionally in multiplayer. Using something like Discord or Skype and the steam broadcasting system, you can play with a friend to spot issues in documents, I've done this a few times and it's both infuriating and entertaining.
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  16. Would not have guessed that, I was assuming it got some unofficial/official patch post-release that allowed multiplayer like...Just Cause or...that other game that @Undead Geoffrey played for awhile that got MP added in by modders.
  17. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    I've never heard of anyone even going near Papers, Please with mods. Which is a shame, I'd imagine it'd be dead easy to re-make into a game.
  18. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    I'm assuming most people on these forums have Garry's Mod. Perhaps an official forum server? One of my friends linked me to a Erik Tan PM, so perhaps tha could be available?
  19. Najdorf

    Najdorf Here To Help

    I'd like to suggest Left 4 Dead 2 or Killing Floor 2
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