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    It should be noted that I haven't read anything official from Undead Labs that confirms a lot of what's in this article. So, we're basically going off of what the writer's word, and should probably expect changes by the time it ends up in our hands...a year from now. Still, it does touch on some core concepts and is a good read.

    What I found the most interesting, is that when they played the game, they were able to choose a randomly generated survivor to start! Maybe we'll be as lucky.

    edit: sorry didn't see the e3 round-up thread @Undead Nicole
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    This was one of the reviews I was reading when I posted elsewhere about them all having the same experience.
    I also noticed that they used the word "presentation" in this review.
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    Sorry @YojimBeau , I should have been reading more of the forums it seems.
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    Dude, it's E3. There's a ton of info to sift through so there are going to be duplicates and missed posts.

    Don't sweat it. We're all trying to put all of the pieces together to sort out this kaleidoscope of data.
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    everything not SoD2 is supposed to be in the great wonkin' e3 2017 thread, I believe.
    for SoD2, I had seen all kinds of threads poppin' up though.
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