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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nengtaka, Jun 18, 2014.

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    would have been a nice touch if bioware was laying in that ditch too since I posted that one about ea offing bioware on the previous page.
  3. sc2mitch

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    im sorry i lack PS and im not at home and wont be for some time
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  4. sc2mitch

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    EA News

    Ministry of Justice in Belguim say opening loot boxes is gambling and call for a European ban on it.
    FIFA 18 Fans revolt
    Fifa Fans are getting all giddy and jumping on the bandwaggon of #FuckMicrotransactions

    Battle for Net Neutrality is now on, FCC Egit Paji, companies are firing back with Google, Amazon, etc


    CoD points have hit the market and oh boy, let's see how much drama this fucker can cause.
  5. Dbomb 12

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    100 bucks for fucking digital coins!!! You've gotta be kidding me.
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  6. Dunadain

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    I would love to see EA bankrupt, but that is as likely to happen as Apple. They have too many ignorant customers.
  7. sc2mitch

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    I was going to say it's Moneysoft but then I realised it's Assitivision
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  8. Dunadain

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  9. YojimBeau

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    The attention that this draws is great, but let me be clear on my opinion here, we (as gamers) need to tell devs/publishers what is good and what is not good. Legislation is not the answer. All that does is pay the lawyers to find loopholes so they can keep on keeping on.

    Don't support the companies that practice these methods and they'll go away. Not today, not this year, but they will go away.
  10. ziplobthud

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    Everyone calm down. The story about Belguim declaring them illegal is not true. Don't know why everyone is saying this. Look at facts before believing what you read. Sadly you have all been caught up in fake news. I think it is on the way but nothing official has been announced at all, only one guy said something but it has a long way to go.
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  11. Etienne Marique, the chairman of the Gambling Commission in the House, contradicted this statement: no conclusion was reached on the ongoing investigation in Battlefront II and Overwatch. For the time being, only an informative note on the problem of money in online gambling has been drawn up, so no final decision has yet been taken.

    At the origin of this false information, an article by VTM Nieuws reporting on the remarks of Justice Minister Koen Geens, who would like to see in-game purchases banned. In the article, our Flemish colleagues quote a quotation from the Commission when it launched its inquiry:"The mixture of money and addiction is gambling". A sentence that was interpreted as the conclusion of the investigation, while it just explains the characteristic that needs to be studied in video games to determine whether they can be characterized as gambling.

    Google Translate could be partly at the origin of this confusion: its translation from Dutch is still very approximate, and the first media to report the information - largely English-speaking - had to use it to understand the article by VTM Nieuws. These media themselves admit that the translation is pretty bad.

    It will have had the advantage of awakening the political world to the problem of microtransactions in video games. In addition to the recent release of Koen Geens, who wants to ban these microtransactions at European level, a French senator has also asked the Secretary of State for Digital to take an interest in the issue. On the United States side, a Hawaiian politician called Battlefront II "a Star Wars casino, dangerous for young people".

    The French consumer association UFC-Que Choisir also position itself, asking that the boxes of loot be considered as a game of chance, by sending a letter to the French Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (Arjel).

    On the side of the Belgian Gambling Commission, Etienne Marique explains that this link between money and online gambling is a problem that has been identified for several years, and that the Gambling Commission would like to see its competences extended in order to become the Gaming Commission, so that it can better analyse these phenomena.

    Source in French:
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  12. ziplobthud

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    You got this pretty much spot on sir. Yesterday there was so much misinformation that most people just ran with what they were reading.
    As a gaming journalist I knew when reading these articles yesterday that they were incorrect as their was nothing about official legislation being passed which would also be unrealistic just a few days after investigations were started.
    Give it time though, I really think gamers are going to win this one, but how it changes things in the future regarding game pricing and content remains to be seen.
    Just keep on making your voices heard and intrusive loot boxes will soon be a thing of the past.
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  13. Cejao

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    Im waiting on this 3.0 update to come out, Ive already bought a few starter ships, but flying around in arena mode gets boring.
    Looking forward to hauling cargo and mining in the new update in the persistent universe. will be a big step forward.
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  15. Cejao

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    Someone I know recently convinced me to download the freebie battle royale version and I did that an hour ago. maybe tomorrow ill give it a shot.
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  16. YojimBeau

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  17. Revenge0frock

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    Its oodles of fun, you can just look at clips I post if you want a light grasp on some things. I tend to record bugs/funny things/great kills/winning kills.
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  18. Cejao

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    I played a solo match earlier and even though I didn't get any kills or shoot anyone else, I was #21 out of 100. :) so not bad for my first game.
    I died from the storm, was barricading myself in a bunker thing and got trapped :p

    Add Cejao to your friends list there and we can play together sometime.
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  19. Auditorex

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    Who knows? Maybe they will ban gaming because it promotes violence? Or maybe Congress might actually approve the FCC decision on getting rid of Net Neutrality? On a serious note though, I don't understand why people would pay over one hundred dollars for digital currency.... Can someone please tell me why?
  20. Revenge0frock

    Revenge0frock Famous

    We are already friends. Solo is silly, and often unbalanced because you can get derped to death with no forgiveness. If you hide, its not particularly hard to get that high in solos though. The trick is just not being found!

    I'm open to teaming up, assuming you have a mic (its vital) and a high tolerance for following me into battle. (Or being mocked, should you ignore advice/requests that end up getting you/us killed) :p
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