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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

  2. Abhor Deities

    Abhor Deities Got Your Back

    Where's the coat Jeff....WHERE IS IT????? ;)
  3. NiteFox11

    NiteFox11 Starting Off

    Finally! Ive waited so long.


    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    Okay, and now we need hats added in there. But I'm totally buying a few of those posters, one for myself and one for a contest somewhere down the line since you guys are quickly rocketting to fame I'm sure people would love them as contest prizes :D
  5. Where's the "Big Dick" T-shirt? I'd buy one of those.
  6. James009

    James009 Starting Off

    I doubt you'll be selling Sam's t-shirt, lol.

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    Only Sam can wear that shirt. Is your name Sam?
  8. Prizrak232

    Prizrak232 Starting Off

    Already bought a shirt and a hoodie. I got to show my pride for the game and UL somehow. But yes hats would be nice, and maybe implement some clothing with the skull logo for SoD please. lol
  9. Saw30

    Saw30 Starting Off

    Sanya, I'm still waiting my sweatshirt for superfan contest :D
  10. I'll take them all please :D

    Bought a Tee and a Poster, too hot for a hoodie right now, but fall is around the corner :)

    JIRWINKO Starting Off

    Unless I'm not allowed to do that of course! Don't want to step on any toes ^_^
  12. Why no shark hoodie?
  13. It would be nice if there's shark hoodie :D With the sleeves of course.
  14. thornboosh

    thornboosh Starting Off

    How much for delivery to the UK?
  15. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    got my poster & shirt in the shopping cart...just need to lift my boyfriends
  16. NiteFox11

    NiteFox11 Starting Off

    Lmao, too funny.
  17. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    sad thing is, it's

    edit: woohoo..1000th post
  18. xR0ckNR0llx

    xR0ckNR0llx Starting Off

    hey Jeff. couldnt give us a hand could you? is there a uk and European site with this stuff on?
  19. If you're from the UK/Outside America you can get it :)

    The prices are in dollars, but you can convert them into currencies beforehand if you want, to check the price in your own monies.

    I think they would use PayPal, and that tells you the price in your own currency once you get to check out.

    Delivery outside America of the T-shirts is $10, Hoodies $20, Posters $10 (for up to 4).
  20. DeadOldfoggieo

    DeadOldfoggieo Starting Off

    I will take 12, of everything, in varying sizes so that I can still wear them as I decend into obeasity from never leaving the house since the 5th:)
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