German distribution build in certification

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  1. just got back from work but its still not out in germany. ill spend the points elsewhere and wait for a discount.
  2. this really disappointing me...right now, it's still not available in germany....
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    I've officially lost my excitement. So angry I might just get Dead Rising and forget SoD.
  4. Hopefully Australia will get some good news. Is this heading for a yes and they are taking there sweet time, or will it still be a Yes Or No!
  5. german version not today?
  6. Seems so. :'(
    hopefully tomorrow.
    I Asked XboxDE via Twitter.
    They have no idea.
    Xboxde SoD ausschn.jpg
    Tweet (german)
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  7. this is so frustrating
  8. Well, I have to say this is kind of killing the anticipation. I'll keep the points until tomorrow but then it's FC: Blood Dragon for me. It's sad that an rookie mistake like this is the cause for me to not want to play a game anymore. And since I don't think that there'll be a customer-friendly decision to give the game a release discount...well no SoD for me.
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    i downloaded the game fom the uk marketplace. anyway, you will miss a great, innovative game, aber deine entscheidung...
  10. Naja, the problem is that I'm nearly broke and that I have 1600 Points on my DE-Account. Irgendwie will ich solche Geschäftspraktiken nicht mehr unterstützen, sei es, dass der Fehler von Seiten MS oder UL kommt.
  11. This should not be spamming, but: are there any news about getting it today in germany? It would be very sad, if it isn't possible to get SoD today, but I will wait, no matter how long it takes (as long as it is released this week ;) )
  12. Germany: Cross your fingers...and if you write for a German news site, email me now. sanya at undeadlabs dot com. from the undead labs facebook page
  13. Seems that Germany is going to be online really soon - marketplace just updated the testversion... At least a little hope that it´ll come (hopefully) within the next days!

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  14. Well, we can download the dem now. Better than nothing worse then hoped.
  15. it is now available
  16. OK, Fullversion is buyable. But i get disconnected when i start the Game.

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