Getting news in January.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vladtheimpalerr, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Erudain

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    It's not as bad as it was then but could still be better.
    You still have no access to the game files using Win Store UWP format, which makes modding a pain in the ass, you have to go around it using several command promps and 3rd party software like Extreme Injector just to get access to the files you want to work with....with most other platforms (Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG, etc) you have a much better access to files on your PC
  2. DJB204

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    Always online and DRM have been removed from Xbox for the most part thanks to Phil Spencer. As for the other issues you speak of, those plague every platform in the industry and 9 times out 10 are implemented developers and publisher. Sad:(
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  3. Kid Kayole

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    Yep, 99% sure they're the same pictures I saw back in June
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  4. DJB204

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    Funny how the rest of us missed those images after E3 in June. We were also checking out SoD2’s page over at
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