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  1. Erudain

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    Ok this one got depressing at first but after giving it a tought I'd like to submit my late girlfriend Julia "Nessime" Ferrero, she died in a car crash 3 years ago...we where basically total opposites other than both being huge Tolkien fans (Nessime is one of the elvish forms of her name) and racing fans.
    Maybe that's why we liked each other and had a great time, she was outgoing a social and liked to go out, I was more a stay home and catch a movie together guy, she was pretty emotional I was always the rational (or a nerd as she said lol), she dind't like gaming but had no problems with me doing so, she used to get hook up on the storylines even if she didn't play.
    Traits for her? mechanic definitely, that girl could dismantle and rearm a car engine in a couple hours just for fun and to see what was inside.
  2. zechs

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    Amber Moss. No nickname.

    She was my late fiance, if it wasn't for cancer. Before things got tough and we wanted a little easy fun, we would take turns playing the original State of Decay. I cannot play it without thinking of her... But when I do it's kind of like a connection still...
  3. Erudain

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    Well yeah, below all that Zed skull bashing, Feral focus-aim shooting, ill people mercy shooting and Juggs fragging....there are persons :p
  4. Dylan Lem, an uncle that was a free spirited person and was the life of the party always joking and smiling away.
  5. Russell "Spikey" Overheu, a living legend among the local police force, an extremely missed family member and a treasure to God's drug detective force, alongside his well trained ruffian puppies. He fought with and won the battle for many addicts trying to get clean but succumbed to his own darkness. He was my uncle and a second father to me.
  6. Dbomb 12

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    William Page
    Nick: Billy
    My grandpa was a dang good musician and an even better grandfather. He was a lovable guy and I miss him dearly.
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  7. I'd like add my grandpa to the mix. His name was Melvin Johnson and his nickname was "Mel". Although he never played video games, because it wasn't of his generation, he used to play NASCAR 2004 on the ps2 with me, while he waited with me for the school bus when I was in kindergarten. He went through many struggles in life but always remained happy and joyful. He was a strong man and good leader as he was captain of his baseball and football teams in high school. Though strict at times, he was a big, jolly man and taught me many life lessons and only wanted the best for his entire family. I think he would be perfect as a generated named character in your game because your game's characters tell a great story - and my grandpa was one hell of a storyteller.
  8. Rebecca Katherine Sims, my sister. If she had a nickname, it'd be "don't call me Becky!" She was in the infantry (Army), a radio and electronics specialist with the police, and a mother of one. She died from a gunshot in 2010, the exact circumstances of which remain undetermined. Nonetheless, it seems like she might have been a good survivor.
  9. Cejao

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    David Robert Jones
    Nick: Bowie
    8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016

    He was known professionally as David Bowie, an English singer, songwriter and actor. He was a figure in popular music for over five decades, regarded by critics and musicians as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s.
    His career was marked by reinvention and visual presentation, his music and stagecraft significantly influencing popular music. During his lifetime, his record sales, estimated at 140 million worldwide, made him one of the world's best-selling music artists.
    In the UK, he was awarded nine platinum album certifications, eleven gold, and eight silver, releasing eleven number-one albums. In the US, he received five platinum and seven gold certifications. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

    (He is one of my favorite artists.)
  10. Ivan Lovejoy

    Ivan was my granddad, who never really got this whole computer shinanigans when I used to take my PS1 over to my grandparents house and play Destruction Derby for 4 hours solid.
    'Lovejoy' as he was known by his squad, fought in WWII and never really spoke of it, being a really gentle guy. But the last few years of his life he told some amazing stories about people he had helped or saved, along with a few crazy stories about missions he was forced to go on.
    Even got out his old war chest (probably not opened for 50 years at this point) that had old flags, documents, coins, medals and even his damaged helmet in it.

    I remember his recalling a mission, telling me about losing a very close friend, very candidly, like he was saying.... 'Shit Happens, so make the most of it buddy'

    He was such an awesome caring guy. Even on his last legs, asking if the nurse could just shoot him already, as patients near by chuckled.

    Ace Guy, and I would love for him to be always remembered within one of my favorite games, even if he didn't truly understand what they are.


  11. Firs, I wanna thank all of you who shared their story...may God bless their souls and may they rest in peace (whatever their religion is) ...ameen
    I'm just gonna refer to all our loved ones that are now gone by this : "The Unknown Survivor".
    since there's an unknown soldier..I guess we can also say it this way.

    My Father passed away in the 4th February of 2014...it was the first time I saw someone die in front of me...
    I still miss him sooo much (tears)...let me put it in a more funny way....without him the legend of the roofparking Master would have never existed (smiling)...
    Thank you Undeadlabs...thanks to my community family...love y'all
    (his name is/was Tihamou Ahmed )
    (sounds like Ti amo ... Lol)
  12. Han Solo Do1o

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    I was hoping to use the names of my cousins, one of whom passed about a month or so ago. David Lewis and Adam Stroup.

    My cousin David had the biggest heart but also the biggest appetite, passing from a heart attack at 39.

    My other cousin Adam died from an overdose a few yrs back. I would love to see them live on in my soon to be favorite game. If my name and there's make the cut, I sense a family reunion, killing zombies :)
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  13. Thunder Ice

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    Roger Morin (1946-2016). He was a soldier in the United States military who served in the Vietnam War with his brother. He died last year of organ failure and a broken heart.

    He was also my grandfather.

    I think it would be nice to have a middle-aged man with military background, maybe even wearing a military uniform, named Roger Morin that you could play as or access as a hero in Breakdown (he was a hero to me). Being able to play as somebody named or even based after my grandfather would probably be the best thing to happen to me in a while. I think he would've loved having his name embedded in history, even as a video game. :)

    I like this thread, but now I'm sad at the same time. At the same time also, I'm glad I saw this when I did.
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  14. XzerothreeX

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    I hope I got here in time. Just saw this thread. Thank you folks for sharing. My uncle Johnny Futrell passed away yesterday afternoon. He was just plain awesome. Most of my family on that side are kind of uptight, 'churchy' folks. Johnny did not give a damn. He cursed freely and poetically, taught me the first dirty joke I'd ever heard. He was very tall, broad shouldered and quite handsome by all accounts. A born 'ladies man.' Had raven black hair up until about 10 years ago. Finally got a few strands of gray. I used to worked carpentry with him about 23 years ago. He'd sing bawdy songs during work, we'd go to lunch and he'd flirt with every woman he saw. Have grown women giggling like school girls. I miss those days. A hell of a man. He was about 71 when he went. Thank you for this.
  15. Bob Crees

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    Instead of family, I think I will have to go with a good friend called Lyndon Goldstraw. He was a police officer and worked at the first police station I was posted to. Maybe not the best 'Thief Taker' but he had a very good way when dealing with 'Sudden Deaths' and next of kin.

    Why nominate Lyndon, well he taught me how to rock climb and you form a bond when you are 300 feet up a cliff. One slip and your life is in your mates hands, as he is holding the end of the rope.

    He was also Best Man at my wedding.

    It was diabetes that took Lyndon from us:(
  16. lucion242

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    Jane Godwin, to my loving grandmother.
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  17. Brundolar

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    My mother, Diane Kiske.

    She weathered more than anyone should have to. She lost a sister, a newborn son (my twin) and her mother, before passing at the age of 60, to breast cancer.
    Sadly, she never got to see me get married or meet my two children, and she always wanted to be a grandmother.
    She was always a strong and wonderful person, always full of life. Even in the face of all that, she always kept going, a fighter to the end.
  18. orgelambart

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    Irene Johansen

    Nick name was: Pat

    my grandmother, was always giving her time and energy for her family and her 6 grand kids.. taking me too and from boy scouts every week, being part of every major event, she was literally the glue that held our family together. Everyone called her mom or Grandmom, she just had that way of making people feel comfortable around her. She died from Lung Cancer about 10 years ago, was really sad watching her lay there, unconscious, hearing her struggle to breath and knowing it would be the last time I'd ever see her... She is sorely missed, and it's really hard to put into words how important she was to me and her other grandkids..
  19. HighCadet

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    Kyle Pape.

    "We Ride for Kyle" He always said he would never live past 21. (GF little bro. Same Day Bday. He past away at his 20th. 9 days before his 21)
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  20. Michael Spalding

    He isnt gone yet so this may not count.

    He is my Grandfather. He isnt truly dead yet, but he isn't truly alive either. He was diagnosed with dementia many years ago. And its progressed to the point to where he can barely make noises at best. He cant talk at all and doesnt know where he is or (probably) who he is. Or even who my Mother is. I havent heard him say a word in years. He barely makes eye contact, and he stopped eating a while ago. Luckily they got him to start eating again, but he doesnt have long, its likely he will be gone before the end of the year. He's had several strokes since he went into the nursing home. This has been the toughest on my mother, as I can barely remember him before the dementia took over. He wasnt the best dad in the world but my mom loved him. She still does. But he isnt himself anymore. He doesnt recognize my mom at all. Its horrible seeing my mother breakdown as she is feeding him trying to get some sort of response, even just a moan, and he doesnt do a thing, or sees that he has defecated himself, completely unaware of it. My mother has told me that she is "going to have to see her dad die twice." I am mostly telling you this for my mother. Shes not much of a fan of video games (she isnt very good at them) but she finds state of decay really interesting and likes watching me play. I think it would mean the world to her to see her father paid tribute to in such a way.
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