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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    What is the thing we're going to reveal Friday? Check out the mockup image on the Lab website, and post here with your guess as to what we blurred out.

    I suspect a 100% correct guess rate ;)

    I'll pick at least three random winners from all the correct guesses. Officially the prize is a decal, but if you've already got one, we'll figure out something else for you.
  2. Doctor Invictus

    Doctor Invictus Got Your Back


    Or Stork. Probably Store.
  3. Oh i was going to guess Wiki but store makes waay more sense.

  4. I was thinking about wiki, but then i saw that blurred S. Brant mentioned it during a stream lool
    I just want a mini bobblehead dedicated to me & my awesome challenges!!! Or just a Lily Bobblehead or Puppet Geoff Bobblehead!
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  5. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous


    This will be even more epic than the Dragons that never showed up in GoT...and ultimately, will never show up.

    Edit: I may have to go ahead and apply for another credit card now so I have it by Friday...
  7. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous


    Bankruptcy, here I come! :D

    (Is there going to be an Undead Credit Union too? 'Cause that would be perfect. ;))
  8. Morak

    Morak Got Your Back

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  9. QMJS

    QMJS Famous


    Quite looking forward to seeing what's inside.
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  10. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    I'd say something else like "zombie hitman squad" just because, but swag vs. cheap laugh, swag wins.

    So I'll say "store" just like everyone else.
  11. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I am going for 'Shop' just to be different:)
  12. It looks like 'Store' to me.
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  13. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Going to say "Store"
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  14. Virgel

    Virgel Here To Help

    Glad to see that we are finally getting another way to support you guys!

    Having a "Store" around is definitely great! :)
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  15. since i'm the only one who's too miserably poor, maybe i should get free shipping!!!
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  16. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

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  17. Cejao

    Cejao Famous


    Take My Money!!!
    T-Shirts here I come!
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  18. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    Well not to show off with an overly creative and unique answer but... I think it's store!
  19. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    well Liamypoo, since your here, maybe you can go post new rolls on Stay Alive...
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