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Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by bderue, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. The Wikia guns list is severely lacking. I wonder has one of your board members put together a comparison list of and included incendiary shotguns?
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  2. Alan Gunderson

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    Hello! Unfortunately I'm not sure where I could direct you other than the wiki. This is the best I could find for you: and there is no gaurantee that it is complete, there are definitely a lot in the files that may not actually be part of a loot list.

    It would be better if this topic got moved to the General Discussion as this section is for PC related issues specifically, so you could get responses from the bulk of the community - this part is a little more specific.

    Edit: That link at the top is definitely missing a lot, unfortunately.
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  3. Sentinel

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  4. I play on PC so after searching the forum for an hour I posted here.

    Wish you could take any shotgun load it up with incendiary rounds and go!
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  5. chikawowwow

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    @bderue what are you looking for specifically? I can get a list of stats for each weapon from my editor if just stats is what you're after.
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  6. accuracy of the incendiary shotguns
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  7. chikawowwow

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    I'm going to assume you want the 'rating' given in the inventory? Otherwise it'd be stuff like 0.2 recoil on Y axis etc.

    I've put the 700 Huntsman Rifle & the Doubleshort Shotgun on to give scale.

    Weapon----------------------Accuracy Rating
    700 Huntsman----------------1.0

    1187 Nitro------------------0.4
    Burning Diplomat------------0.2
    R12K Dragon-----------------0.2
    Revo 6-12-------------------0.6
    Super 90 KIWF---------------0.4

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  8. bummer only five of them but thank you
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  9. chikawowwow

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    No worries
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