Gurubani Import Save??

Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by SgtMBeck, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Hey all, I was an Early Access 360 player who picked up yose recently for PC.

    UD Nicole was awesome enough to send me a Preppers Pack code, but I'm hoping there's some way for me to get Gurubani in game.

    Does anyone know if having an original PC save file imported could work? And if so, does anyone have a save file they could send me?
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    As I recall, Gurubani had nothing to do with importing a save file. She was a reward for buying YOSE on the same platform that you owned the original game on - that is, if you owned SoD on the 360, then bought YOSE on the Xbone using the same gamertag, she was unlocked for you. Otherwise, no luck.

    I never imported my save from the 360 when I bought YOSE for the Xbone, and got her no problem.
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