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  1. hey everyone I have been playing SOD and fiddling with mods and such for a couple of week and had an idea for hardcore reloading.

    Basicly how it would work is you have a gun for this example the m1garand, and you have your bullets 7.62mm.

    currently the game will take 8 bullets from your stack of bullets put them directly into the gun and show you have 8 bullets in the gun. and this is done in a couple of seconds.

    in real life you would have to load the bullets into the clip and then load it into the gun, a much more time consuming process.

    maybe someone knows of some way this can be done? im getting myself familiar with all things modding so i will be able to pull off something like this.

    i found the .xml for the m1garand.
    i found the .xml for the 7.62 bullets.

    Is there someway that i can change the item required to reload the weapon to its corresponding magazine.
    And is there someway that i can change the bullets from instead of going direcly into the weapon, to instead go into the magazine?
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