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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by SpudsyForever, Dec 27, 2017.

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  1. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Hey, so I'm working on a mod that completely changes the survivors within the game. My problem is that as I have changed most if the traits and their effects. I started up a new game to see how it looked, but here is the thing. It works, but Ed and Maya aren't with me when they need to be, they run up to the Ranger Station and act like normal survivors. I can even play as Ed at this point. Is there something I did wrong, or a way I can fix it?
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  2. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    I think you answered your own question. You changed traits that the story relies upon.

    You need to put all of these back to their defaults, and put the proper ones back on the characters that are STORY types:

    Those traits are how the story identifies and manipulates characters, so it is likely that most of the story missions won't trigger either.

    Trait types that you can change without unusual effects are:

    You can also change these, but without adjusting missions and fatecards, you will cause other issues:

    There is a whole lot more room to adjust traits in Breakdown, as there isn't a story that relies upon them.

    Make sure every one has a Trait.Voice., Trait.Mood., and Trait.Personality. after changes as well.
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  3. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    Some traits in their traitblocks are mandatory for storymode.


    Bolded ones are required to not mess up stuff in storymode. That is, if you're sticking with the story. I haven't messed too much with storymode.

    Without more information on what exactly was changed, and how much so, that's all I can think of at the moment.

    Edit: That too, what QMJS said :)
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  4. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Ok, I see that. But what if I was only in the stage of editing the text in them. Not the other things surrounding them. No skill editing, yet. I also didn't add anything to story traits. On Ed, his only difference was the clerk had now said "neat and tidy"
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  5. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Well then, I guess a better question is how can I add more traits to the game. Not editing the existing ones at all.
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  6. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    The easiest way is simply make a new trait group and put them all in there.

    That avoids this issue (copied from a very old thread https://forums.undeadlabs.com/posts/549126/) "I'll take a guess here... you added a number of additional traits to the jobs and hobbies list, right? I would bet that your college kid is in one table, and handyman in another... and the characters that are showing up with those traits that should not have them have a trait from the table that is listed after those two, and those extra traits are not showing up.

    There is a maximum number of traits it reads from each of those two tables... so if what I said above is correct, you'll need to take the traits after those, combine them into a new trait group (hobbies2, or jobs2), and then you can add the traits to the characters and they should show up properly. I ran into this myself, but what I did was simply to combine some traits and remove some that seemed redundant to make room. But, looking at Lifeline and thinking about adding some of those, I believe I will have to use this method to fit any more in. I haven't tested it, but it should work... it is how the military ranks were added in Lifeline, just another trait group. "
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  7. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Ok, thank you very much! I am working right now on a gigantic mod, even including some 78 new survivor voices, with the originals still there. It will have, as currently planned, 2000 new traits and a lot of new survivors. Hopefully I'll have that out later in 2018. But then I'll have to start figuring out how to mod SoD 2.
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  8. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Okay, so I went back and copy-pasted the entire job traitgroup. I changed it to "Hobby2" and created my first trait. It is called "Likes to Draw" I changed the traitID to "Drawing" so the final product should end in Hobby2.Drawing. I replaced Marcus's original hobby trait with this one. For some odd reason, when I loaded the game, Marcus had only the "Clerk" trait. The only other edit I did was to give the trait the subtrait giving it the Arts and Crafts Skill. I'm wondering if there is some type of numbering system to the traits, so it counts it wrong, or id the fact that all the other copy-pasted traits which aren't edited are causing this problem?
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  9. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Remove the duplicates from your Hobby2. Just include the new ones.
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  10. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    ok, thanks. I'm still a little new to the XML files, so I get confused easily.
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  11. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Uhh, actually, i did that, and now the game is crashing upon load

    <TraitGroup DisplayPriority="90" Exclusive="" Name="Hobby2">
    <CharacterTrait BadgeName="" Flags="" Icon="" TraitId="Accountant" Badge="" IconId="">
    <DescriptionText Flags="" Notes="Trait Description" Text="Hey, leave me alone when I'm drawing in my notebook, okay? (Adds Arts and Crafts Skill)" />
    <ExpertiseBlock />
    <NameText Flags="" Notes="Traits" Text="Likes to Draw" />
    <CharacterBonuses />
    <CommunityBonuses />
    <PlayerBonuses />
    <SubTraits />
    <Subtrait Name="Trait.Progression.ArtsAndCrafts" />

    This is what the code looks like for the new trait, is there something wrong?
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  12. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Make sure that there is an ending </TraitGroup>

    The reason it is crashing is that you have two <SubTraits /> . The first one should be <SubTraits>
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  13. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    Ok, I edited it and it loads up, the text appears, but the actual arts and crafts skill doesn't. Is something else wrong, or does Marcus's Powerhouse and Leadership take up all the skills for that character?
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  14. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    I missed this part... change TraitId="Accountant". Although it isn't entirely necessary, it will make things much easier in the future when you have a lot of them.

    There is a trait limit, but it is sort of hard to define. Each character needs a voice, mood, and personality. Then there are dozens of other traits that aren't directly assigned, but depend on game status. Subtraits are counted also. The interface will display unhidden traits from the highest priority traitgroups until it gets to seven (maybe eight, can't remember at the moment.)

    For those that are not hidden, the overall traitgroup priority is the first consideration (such as <TraitGroup DisplayPriority="0" Exclusive="" Name="Meta">)
    The trait groups with the highest display priority are shown first.

    This is getting to be complicated.
    Arts and crafts however, is hidden.: CharacterTrait BadgeName="" Flags="Hidden" Icon="" TraitId="ArtsAndCrafts" Badge="" IconId=""
    It doesn't do anything at all really, because it never actually progresses.

    The only place it will show up is in the "star" lists under cardio and such, not in the trait block. However... that isn't actually displaying the ArtsAndCrafts progression. It is displaying the Aptitude.ArtsAndCrafts, which is in Expertise.xml, and that shows up because of
    <RestrictionTrait HideIfRestricted="1" TraitId="Trait.Progression.ArtsAndCrafts" />
    which hides it unless you have the progression trait.

    But anyway... look at the star list and you should see it there.
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  15. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    That's where it is not showing up. The star chart is not showing it.
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  16. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Try moving it up above one of the other traits... if you are hitting a limit, it will show up and another will drop off.
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  17. SpudsyForever

    SpudsyForever Starting Off

    I tried that, and the trait shows up in the journal, but the skill's star chart doesn't. I'm going to look and see what else I can do, i don't want to waste your time. But if you do find out what is happening, then definitely tell me.
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  18. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    I'll think about it. At the moment I don't have anything else to suggest.
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