Heads up on TU1 rolling out for Germany and recent players

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Hi all,

    As we noted in our post when Title Update 1 (TU1) started rolling out:

    We've been told the TU1 update for the newer version will indeed begin rolling out Friday at around 2:00 AM PDT (09:00 UTC). This is not the anticipated Title Update 2 (TU2) release! This is instead identical to the TU1 release that rolled out to everyone with the original release of the game last week. As with that rollout, this update suffers from the same issue and will have no visible effect on your game.

    TU2, which contains all updates from TU1 in addition to many more updates, has been submitted to Final Certification. I'll let you know when to expect it as soon as I get an estimate.

  2. Looking forward to the fixes and improvements in TU2. Wanted to say thanks for an excellent game. Finally, a zombie game that incorporates the best elements of the George A. Romero "Dead" trilogy. Cheers to all at Undead Labs!
  3. Will users who have the "German" version have to wait an extra week for TU2 also?
  4. Dear Jeff,

    First let me congratulate all of the people @Undead Labs for such an incredible job and for bringing us such an immersive and spectacular game. Despite it's many flaws they are not enough to deterr gamers from lending their support to you, the developers, because we know this game can be more than just great, it can be excellent. That's the mark of a job well done! And not to mention your close involvement and listening in to our feedback! :3c

    Anyway, just got a few questions: Has the issue with the TU1 been resolved? If so: When can we expect the fix for it for us people who got the game after June 12?

    Also, What does it mean that characters cannot die during simulation? Is simulation the time when I'm not playing the game? And why do people keep going missing so often? D:

    The update installed for me this morning and I first noticed there was finally someone on the watchtower after NPC's started refusng to go up there, as well that there was no longer a 'Too many infestations' notice. Yay! But on the other hand the TU1 patch notes say I can break a windshield if both doors are blocked, which I cannot... And if simulation is what I think it is well, I lost two people while the game was off ._. But that's ok I guess, adds certain realism, though I'm still getting some screen tearing issues.

    Maybe I got lucky?... sort of?


    EDIT: Seems that whatever small corrections the update did this morning are now gone :c Seriously, when will the REAL update come?
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  5. "Man, this update doesn't work, it's a complete waste of bandwidth, better roll it out in places that don't have it yet!"

    lol bureaucracy.
  6. So are we going to be waiting an additional week for TU2 as well?
  7. To the staff @ Undead Labs,

    After reading some posts I decided to update SoD with the "ineffective" TU1 patch for the "German" version of the game. A random survivor was standing guard in my watchtower* immediately upon loading the game. This was by far my biggest concern (lol) as it took away from the realism (for me at least). Glad to see that this is fixed! I can work around every other bug until then! (Remember when patches didn't exist for console games?) :p

    I absolutely cannot wait for the Sandbox mode and for v-sync to be enabled.

    Keep up the outstanding work and thank all of you for making one hell of an epic game!

    *Addendum: Watchtower guards assume their job to be optional.
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  8. Harben

    Harben Starting Off

    Thanks for the update Jeff.
  9. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    I wanted to clarify that there is one change in this "update" that does work - your stuff will be repaired at game-day dawn, just as I described in the FAQ :)

    AK47s - no, the big awesome TU2 is supposed to go global all at once.
  10. I did wonder about that as my cars seemed to be repaired what seemed like almost constantly compared to before, excellent. No zombie horde shall be left alive/dead/undead....they will get splatted!
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