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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Aery, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Hello again

    I would like to know what should i add in the /expertise.xml/ to add and unlock my custom character, i already added it to the character.xml and i can use it and play with it after editing rtsevents.xml, selecting "ramdom character" from the character selection menu it always choose my custom character.
    Wich are the lines to "Add hero unlock requirements"

    Now, i would like to know how can i add my character to the list among the other hero characters. please help :)
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  2. QMJS

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  3. Hi, i tried and it did not worked

    My character shows up in the select menu, but its still locked, i've lower the requirement to "just start a new game at level 1 to unlock" and in the missions tab it appears as achiviemente 1/1 but the character is still locked.

    By the way doing these changes is as fun as playing the game!
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    Once he unlocks you should see an escort mission to bring him to your base. Did you get that?

    If it is still not showing up as unlocked, try starting another new game, then quitting and try to select him again.
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  5. Your code did worked, i made a mistake having GENERIC in chatacter.xml instead of HERO, it made crash my game, then i forgot to delete the spawn of my character from rtsevents.xml, it made my unlocked custom character appears as a random xD anyways...

    Thanks a lot, after checking all over again looking for my own mistakes along the way, i made it work, now my custom hero appears in the select menu and it got unlocked just by starting a new game, so thank you very much QMJS without that code i could have never figured out how to do it.
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