Heroes in subsequent playthroughs of Breakdown

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    (Edit: Changed my mind and put it in FAQs, since this comes up a lot.)

    Here is how it's supposed to roll:

    Before each level of Breakdown begins, the game looks at your pool of survivors, and scoops out a selection of them.

    Now, let's add Heroes to the mix. You meet an unlock requirement, gaining access to a Hero.

    You finish (or decide to quit) your Breakdown game.

    You go to the Breakdown start menu to start a new game of Breakdown. (The unlocked Heroes do not appear in the regular game. Totally separate systems.) Your Hero is now a starting character option, and you can choose to begin the game as him.

    But what if you have more than one Hero?

    All of the ones you've unlocked, besides the Hero you choose as your starting Hero, go into that pool I mentioned at the beginning. You now have a chance to find those Heroes somewhere on the first level. If you don't find any of them on Level 1, you have a chance to find them on Level 2.

    But it's not guaranteed. It's like a goldfish tank at the pet store. After you unlock the big gold one with the swishy tail, he will be in the tank for every subsequent playthrough. But that doesn't mean you're going to get him when you close your eyes and scoop with the net.
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  2. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    Thanks for the clarification on this. I'm really excited to try this out, though it will have to wait sadly. :(
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  3. ~Silver

    ~Silver Got Your Back

    Yes, we have all understood this. Proof, would be nice, as I have found not a single survivor that's a Hero.
    So, they're like the games normal enclave-characters then?
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  4. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Silver, I think I'm missing something. They're...heroes. They're not like anything except themselves.

    Which ones have you unlocked so far?
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  5. ~Silver

    ~Silver Got Your Back

    These, my dear.

    Also, once I've moved to a home base and unlocked a hero, I don't get the option to go to them to recruit, or deny them, which is the case sometimes. I've gotten them joining my group as soon as I unlock it...?

    And I meant is that how they spawn? Like normal, enclave characters?

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  6. oneburnett

    oneburnett Starting Off

    How about on my next play, I wipe the saved files and unlock them as I need them, lot easier than trying to be lucky. Thanks for the post though, was wondering how it was going to work out.
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  7. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Oh, I get it. Yes, on subsequent playthroughs, they just spawn like regular characters, only, they're more awesome.

    This is from a chat I had with Geoffrey: "The first time you kill X zombies with fire, you get Becca immediately. Thereafter, you can't get her that way, but you can select her at the outset, and you can get her randomly, WITHOUT killing zombies with fire."
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  8. ~Silver

    ~Silver Got Your Back

    So it seems most of us has had very bad luck, as I've not seen a single hero in a enclave, although I just unlocked a whole bunch this very weekend. So moving onto the next level should fix this, correct?
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  9. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Mmm... not "fix." See the goldfish tank analogy. There's simply a chance that a hero will appear each level. Every level has the same chance to spawn a given character, be it a standard survivor or a hero. It's just that until you unlock them, you'll NEVER see a hero.

    They're supposed to be special and exciting to see. The only one you're guaranteed to have is the one you start the game with, and whoever you happen to unlock as you're playing.
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  10. ~Silver

    ~Silver Got Your Back

    Rumor has it they spawn as one man enclaves. This, is a problem, as they can be overrun, however, yes. It's possible as I have seen it thru screenshots. Apparently, might have some people up at Mt. Tanner.
    Next topic: Voices. Will characters that do not have their correct voice actors at the moment, be... fixed in the future?
    People like Pastor Will, the Wilkersons, etc.?
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  11. "The unlocked Heroes do not appear in the regular game. Totally separate systems."
    is that mean i have to open a new profile and a new game?
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  12. Nightshade52512

    Nightshade52512 Starting Off

    I think she means you won't see Breakdown unlocked heroes in the main game (except for the plot-present form of them as NPCs).
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  13. Do u mean in the main story one?
    If hero show up like sanya said that once you unlock a hero than start a new level, hero will get into a pool of survivors´╝îand scoops out a selection of them.
    But when u start a new level there will be 2-3 enclave already exits. so that mean if there aren't any hero in these enclave. U won't have any chance to get hero at this level anymore
    the pool of survivors only work when the game start and the map re-spawn.
    so like Lily Radio or the other enclave re-spawn in the game do not include into the pool of survivors. Right?
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  14. Hi!,

    I think their should be a better, option to recruit heroes again they are just too rare and generally we are after specific heroes anyhow, like an option to radio out for hero, maybe cost 200 points it would be amazing to select the actual heroes we want and maybe only have a limit to 5, and have the rest with the rare goldfish find to stop someone spamming the whole lot.

    For example some players might want all the wilkenson brothers, or all the soldiers, it would be extremely rare to get this the way you have this now...

    I got to level 3 and only had one hero cross over as I could not figure out how to get the 6 survivors in the RV until i looked it up online, id rather do the challenges again then spending hours searching enclaves, and then when finally finding a hero its not the one I want.

    Thanks for reading, and hope you consider this option.

    BTW I love the whole hero system!
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  15. Agreed, either this is bugged or its simply far too rare. I unlocked most characters in level 1-5 had to quit and start a new level fresh. Almost 10+ hours playing and still not a single "hero" besides the few I have left to unlock (only 5). The chance is so small. I'm on Breakdown 9 and its ridiculously hard but I am still finding random enclaves, but no heros whatsoever.
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  16. BeastNips

    BeastNips Starting Off

    So the first play through, in terms of heroes, is easier then? In the sense that having a goal you can control is easier than a very low probability?

    If that is the case, what governs when you run into heroes?

    The radio to offer shelter
    Randomly finding an enclave (actually walking up to an enclave and discovering it)
    Getting a random mission from an enclave (resulting in you discovering them)
    All of the above
    Some of the above
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  17. this is clearly not working correctly i been playing daily since release and have seen plenty asking about this. i personally havenot seen a single hero spawn this way.
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  18. Skinny

    Skinny Starting Off

    I've yet to see this work, and I play daily. I'll keep at it though. Thanks for the statement.
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  19. Skyles

    Skyles Starting Off

    I can verify that they do show up; posted this in another thread somewhere - I ran into Ed as a member of an enclave (not alone, one of three members of the enclave) up on Mt. Tanner near the end of level one as I was getting ready to move on during a replay.


    Have to agree that the rarity is annoying though - I had all level one heroes to choose from when I first finished level one. Having to rely on luck on subsequent playthroughs to get those same options feels a little like being punished for restarting. I'd much rather see one of the level one unlocked heroes added to each new enclave until all have been made available at level one - or higher levels in subsequent enclaves if I move on quick.
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  20. @Skyles
    I saw this on that thread, and how to find them with enclaves which gave me hope.
    I came across the 'Mother' Hero in an enclave by herself after about 4hrs, great for zombie bait.

    @Undead Sanya
    Whats great and what works is we can start with a hero we've unlocked, that's fantastic.
    But all these characters we have earned through unlocking should be equally or easier to obtain through restarts, Surely even you guys at undead labs find this frustrating too? how does Geoffrey feel about it?

    Honestly it will extend the longevity of the game, I would go through a few times with different combos of characters, but with the current system most likely start again with shark guy short term.

    I hope this doesn't sound negative but its near perfect, its just this one thing would make it amazing.
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