Heroes in subsequent playthroughs of Breakdown

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  1. jerlys

    jerlys Starting Off

    I didn't liked the heroes too much at all.. In bd lvl 3 I went ahead and changed all the challenges to be only unlockable at lvl 14 and deleted my userfile to re-lock all the heroes again. Mostly because a lot of them have a negative traits like autocrat jerk braggart which potentially stirs up trouble and also takes away the "lets see what we get feeling" when befriending an enclave. With heroes I saw their name or their skin and was already like "ah.. another soldier.. 'yey' :/"
    also the radio commands while easier to ignore are kind of not fitting.. it's the zombie apocalypse and it don't want the option to call in an airstrike or make a car just magically appear.
    Their only boon really (at least from what i can see) is that they start with a maxed fighting/gun skill and potentially have a radio command. But the gun/fighting skill is something you can build up with any survivor. I don't consider their unique outfit a boon, as just because it is unique doesn't make it good looking necessarily (while some do look kind of nice)
  2. Frosteyes

    Frosteyes Starting Off

    Good points, Jerlys. There are a few Heroes I like, but most are more trouble than their worth. Building up characters is also a lot fun, so the ones without maxed combat I find the best. A few I recommend are Thomas Ritter, Marcus, Ed, Amelia and Leon.
  3. I'm seeing a lot of people having trouble with finding heroes... complete challenges get heroes I am playing breakdown for first play through and currently am on act 3 milking each r.v. trip of T.C. for stage 6 for an endless holdout. Also if I could get a response of a couple questions. 1) how many "zeds" can be supported on screen? 2) what is the max survivor population?
  4. Jordano1

    Jordano1 Starting Off

    Do you have to have all of the heroes unlocked before any begin spawning in enclaves? I'm currently on Lvl29 and I have all but 4 heroes unlocked, Eli is the only heroe I have in my camp, and Ive yet to ever see any heroes spawn in an enclave. I was wondering if this is normal, or if I need to have unlocked them all before any of them begin spawning in enclaves?
  5. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    You do not need to unlock all the Heroes to have them appear in Enclaves. Maya turns up for me a lot.
  6. What really stinks is after getting a hero maxxed out, he died on some NPC mission that I had no control over. I saved and logged out one night. I came back the next day to find out he died on some mission during my hiatus. That really sucks.
  7. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    wskinman, that has happened to me many many times. Some Heroes I have never seen, logging off before I went to Escort them home, or have gone missing as soon as the get Escorted Home - Anyone would think the toilets in my Home Base were blocked.
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  8. I would suggest that the developers of the next DLC take it under serious consideration. Spending hours to get a hero maxxed out only to have them die beyond anything under your control seems extremely demotivational. We spend hours hoping to luck out and draw in a hero. We spend hours maxxing them out. We log in and they're dead.
  9. Jordano1

    Jordano1 Starting Off

    I still haven't come across any heroes in enclaves. I'm on Lvl 34 on xbox, I'm starting to think the 360 version has some sort of bug that hasn't been worked out.
  10. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I have just located a Hero in a 'Squatters' Enclave, that was one of the Heroes that I never got to play, as I failed to 'Escort' her home. Just hanging around on Level 8, to try and recruit the Enclave.
  11. broudie

    broudie Here To Help

    I think the idea of your favorites dying is well in line with Permadeath- there can be real setbacks and the challenge and enjoyment in the game is working through and beating those setbacks
  12. There's so many posts that I only had one question:

    As you look for heroes in enclaves, can you also obtain them using the radio to search for survivors???
  13. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Its Random.
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  14. ZedHuntress

    ZedHuntress Here To Help

    I play Breakdown a lot, but I also never had the luck of finding a hero in an enclave..
    Ah well, another excuse to keep playing ;)
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  15. subzero_myth

    subzero_myth Starting Off

    Increase your chances by making room for 24 people at least in your base. I get heroes all the time, most of them aren't that good. I only keep Ray Santos as my hero as he allows me to call in a car instantly when I've moved on to the next level of Breakdown.
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  16. this is unrelated but please tell me... is state of decay coming to xbox 1.? i sold my xbox before completing the new dlc and i really miss this game. Also any news on multiplayer version gettin the green light would be great.
  17. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Zed, its Random, I went about 4 Levels of BD with no Heroes in Enclaves, then found 3. One in each of the Enclaves I had found. Having Unlocked all but 2 of the Heroes, I restarted BD and again have found 1 Hero in each Enclave (Level 1 at the moment). Now that hard decision (as I have never used 'Roof Ride') is who do I take to Level 2. Some of the Non Heroes I have are better with their abilities than the Heroes lol
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  18. ZedHuntress

    ZedHuntress Here To Help

    I know Bob, but it seems that I am just very, very unlucky when it comes to this (unlike you.. 1 hero in each enclave, wow! :)).
    Just like you I only have two heroes left to unlock and I have restarted Breakdown a lot, but no heroes for me other than the one I start with :(.
    But I agree with you, when playing Breakdown for the first time I also had a hard time choosing between the heroes and other survivors I maxed out haha.
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  19. mystyk

    mystyk Famous

    With this playthrough I've written down all the heroes I've unlocked so far (I reset my file so I'm doing the challenges again) and each time I see one pop up in an enclave I put a mark next to them, to see how often certain people pop up. I'm at level 9 and the most common hero that spawns for me is Alan (5 times), closely followed by Owen (4 times). I never see the Judge anymore as I used her for my custom character.
    Looking at my notes and, even though I thought Lyanna and Ed were popping up far too much it turns out they aren't. They've only showed up 3 times in 8 levels. But, with those I don't like even once is one time too many :p
  20. radiong for surviers works sometimes you get lucky and get 2 heros at once found a couple in enclaves but got most from radio
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