Heroes in subsequent playthroughs of Breakdown

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  1. The goldfish analogy seems about right. I unlocked almost all heroes first time around. Playing my second time around in Breakdown i didn´t come across any of the already unlocked heroes but now i´ve passed through level 7 heroes are spawning quite frequently in friendly enclaves. Currently at level 9 and there´s a bunch of eager heroes scratching the fences to get in. Since level 7 i´ve seen the Believer, Dead Man, Mentor, Rebel, Mother and the Killer. Kind of inclined to think that´s it´s a higher level thing??

    Brilliant game btw.
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  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I think its random, as I was finding unlocked Heroes in Enclaves on level 1 of my restart.
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  3. Revenge0frock

    Revenge0frock Famous

    TU5 (the update that added rucks in trucks) greatly increases the spawn rate of heroes. Thats why you're seeing them, it has nothing to do with level. If anything, the lower levels will offer greater chances to meet heroes as significantly more survivors spawn in enclaves.
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  4. You´re probably right. I was surviving on level 7 when i got the TU5 update. Makes sense.
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  5. Revenge0frock

    Revenge0frock Famous

    I am. Previous to TU5, heroes respawning was... once in a blue moon at best. Now, well. On a fresh restart with all heroes unlocked, its more surprising not to get a hero in an enclave/recruitment call. But as the levels increase, the number of enclaves decrease. I believe it stops at level 11 with something like 7 enclaves. I'm not 100% sure what the exact number is, but it definitely decreases by level.

    Best of luck finding the specific hero you're looking for :D
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  6. Good Lorde

    Good Lorde Got Your Back

    I will find Heather LaRue. I will. :cool:
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  7. nartazen

    nartazen Got Your Back

    since we've had the new update I have not had any problem getting heroes I get heroes all the time they fixed everything with this last update it's great I have no complaints now I'm so grateful thank you
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  8. I got becca but she attacked so many other survivors and every morale mission was about her I expelled her. Same with stella. I had the pastor and he levels up stars really fast, great survivor until I came on and he was dead no explanations. Then I unlocked Pym, escorted him to the base and the next day he was gone.. disappeared. The only special I have now is the captain and she always says awwww do I have to? and the same with ray santos, he says the same thing. So I use them with some trepidation. I have yet to get a powerhouse survivor or nimble - I have one with 'fast hands'. So I make due with two cowards one sleaze and the rest total lushes

    I gave up on heroes. I make my own. I load a survivor up with snacks and run them around the compound until they have seven stars. That unlocks the combat endurance option, now they can take on a horde alone. Most of the time I select edged weapons as an option and once I get seven stars at that I go for the leg sweep. That is a great move, in a horde, leg sweep, roll, turn and leg sweep again, they fall like wheat before the scythe. Put your snacks in a pickup truck so you don't have to pay for them twice. The best time to train is early morning, when lily is going on about hordes, you have already set the traps so there is no big deal and you have time. People with asthma level up really slow. Smokers are next. So choose someone without any bad health, or you will waste snacks on someone that takes fifty snacks to level up to seven stars.
    the pastor with the bad back is a surprise, he leveled up with the minimum of snacks. and he could run and fight with the best of them. Good luck, I know this game should be used in anger management classes, it is one helluva frustrating game, but once you know the ins and outs, it gets much easier.
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  9. if you look at it as being as close to a real zombie outbreak, it would be hard in today's world to find a special person with all a skills you want. Heroes aren't born in this game, you train them to be the best zombie killers in the county.
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  10. Abe F

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    Since the last great update i have had more heroes in prospective enclaves than regular Joe's by far.

    Very happy with all the fixes and patches set in place.

    Still experience random save data loss. Believe it has something to do with lifeline play then breakdown right after.

    Introduced my friends to SOD and they love every minute.

    Will say i have been seeing someone else and feel slightly dirty for it rofl......Dying Light has me currently hooked.

    I still find time for my first zombie smashing,house raiding, zombtastic love of SOD ;)
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  11. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Welcome to the Forum @MikeHahn78 :) Normally people that resurrect an old thread get slated by other Forum members and Yes, I have done this myself, however I think your post should have a serious response.

    I think we need to define the term 'Hero'. It's not just about killing zombie's, as lets face it, anyone can do that. Destroy the brain and they are dead.

    Let me give you some of my Real World Heroes:-

    My Grand Father - amongst many things a Brick Layer, Good Gardner and live stock keeper (Cattle and chickens).

    My Grand Mother and Mother - both very good cooks (Know how to skin something shot) and good with a sewing or knitting machine. My Mother was a trained Hair Dresser.

    My Father - a Pharmacist, so a knowledge of medicine. Also a dam good shot with pistol or revolver, but I could beat him using a Full Bore Rifle.

    My Wife - a trained nurse, but that is within a hospital environment, so not good at first aid.

    My Daughter - Good with computers. I taught her First Aid, Pistol Shooting and Field Craft skills.

    They would all have a space on my RV:)
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  12. sorry, it wasn't but an hour old on Twitter when I posted it.
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