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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tsewe, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Tsewe

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    So, here I am again, thinking about what places would make awesome homebases in a zombie world. Then I thought, "hey I wonder what SoD community thinks about this". Because, well you know, SoD 's bases are cool, but not all of them are very useful/playable. They could be better; there are better spots to build a homebase in such a world.

    So I thought, why not start a thread where everyone could share what he/she thinks is or would be a good or awesome homebase - and maybe, MAYBE influence UL currently workin on Class 4...
    That, and, if a zombie apocalypse do occur, I'd know where to go - and where to find the most prepared people (all of you,obviously!)

    So here's my small list:

    1- Elementary or High School: it usually has a fence, a cafeteria, a gym, maybe even an infirmary, etc
    2- A "big" church: while it could be a bit creepy to live inside a church during a Z apo, dat bell tower...
    3- A not-that-big hospital: cafeteria, medical supplies, etc
    4- A jail: well, see TWD for further reference...
    5- A stadium? I think it might be interesting
    6- A farm

    I think the truck warehouse is a good idea too, but not as much as the first places listed up here

    Please share what you think would make a good homebase (early on) or an awesome one (when your community gets larger)! I want to know! haha

    *EDIT: I don't necessarily mean in a game, I mean in a Zombie post-apo world in general...
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  2. Unsent Soul

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    I don't have a great idea other than maybe Walmart lol...

    Seriously though the bases with built in features are okay, just sucks you can't upgrade them.
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  3. silas2142

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    I think that having a base made completely of scavenged parts and materials would be cool(sort of like Megaton in FO3)
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  4. Cejao

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    Was looking for a place to share this picture I found online.
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  5. Dunadain

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    I think a mall with Walmart, Home Depot, and a gun shop would be very good to start.

    Having a truck/car dealership and service center involved would be awesome.

    A shipping container storage facility nearby would be ideal. (Walls!)
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  6. noah

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    A movie theater might be neat. Large or small. You could convert the showing rooms to what you needed, just strip out the seats. They've all got concession areas, so that could be the kitchen, and theaters usually only have windows in the front.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    Yes but the windows and door at the front are normally quite large.
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  8. noah

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    While this is true, they have to have some sort of security mechanism to close them up to protect from thieves and whatnot. Whether it's electrically powered or manual, there's gotta be one.
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  9. Bob Crees

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    I just had in mind trying to board up large windows to keep the Zeds out:)
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  10. noah

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    I also think that a drive in would be cool. I know that was in the trailer for SoD2, but it's still cool.

    Maybe a big warehouse, too. Like those huge white warehouses in marshall, there are 2 next to the cell tower below snyder, if y'all know what i'm talking about. For the indoor facility spots, they could have "shelves" which could be storage or useless, either/or, and we could fix/remove them. Fix if we want storage, remove if we want other stuff. And there could be outdoor space also, or smaller warehouses outside with a short walk for some other facilities. it could be like a storage compound. Of storage units or something of the like.
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  11. Cejao

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  12. noah

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    I dont think elaborate structures like that are likely for SoD2. But if we're just talking about in general, then that's pretty cool.
    I also think a house with some type of basement would be neat, space for another facility below ground level, internal and/or external entrance, and since it's below ground, it's cooler, so it could be some kind of makeshift refrigerated storage
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  13. Bob Crees

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  14. Jeffry. B

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    Island is good idea unless they learn to swim :D well my country have a lot of islands at least..
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  15. MrFish

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    I'd go with a library. Way too much stuff I don't know how to do outside of modern society. Maybe try to find one of those ancient technology DIY guys. You know, if they aren't already living on the mountains like kings because they were ready for the world to fall apart.

    That or a multi-story office building. Those places are pretty secure what with the stair wells being super durable thanks to fire codes.
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  16. Bob Crees

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    @MrFish - Welcome to the Forums:)
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