how to get mercy shot?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Domino_Effect_V, May 23, 2015.

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  1. MrsFish

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    If you aren't fully exiting the game, the simulation doesn't run. You're essentially just pausing it if you leave your Xbox on standby. That looks like what the problem is. You need to fully log out and give it enough time before logging back in for the simulation to run. If you don't wait enough time, it's like you haven't logged out. The simulation has events that specifically deal with this issue, but only if you are logged out long enough for it to run.

    When you come back after the simulation has run, you get the "end of day" event in the journal. If you don't see that, then you probably didn't log out right or give it enough time.
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    I know, but even when I DO shut it down, barely any time passes. Whatever I had running (upgrades, RV fixes, etc) gets finished, I have a menagerie of new cars parked perfectly in my parking spots, but people are still sick, hurt, etc..., and the same missions are there on the map and no one has died unexpectedly like they used to back in the day of the 360 version.
    Oh, the random deaths.... I'll never forget those. Had to make sure EVERY infestation was clear before quitting the game or else.
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    It's a 14 hour cycle. If you have started playing, after a daily reset, 14 hours of real time need to pass before the next daily reset. You can load the game any number of times in between and it is still technically the same day. (Day/Night cycle doesn't make any difference.)
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