How to improve survivor attitudes.

Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by Clyde, Jan 19, 2014.

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  1. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    My solution, forgot to say last time, is just control the worried, concerned, etc and make them do a mission. Bringing in supplies doesn't improve mood, but doing most missions do.
    Plus if they want a training mission and are in similar distress, that mission seems to make them feel better too. Basically, I send two stressed survivors out with hordes, ferals and juggernauts for R&R. o_O
  2. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Delivering rucksacks does improve survivors' moods— some survivors just require more than others.
  3. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Maybe it's buggy? Wouldn't shock me.
    Anyhow, I delivered 12 rucksacks with an amped up survivor who was stressed. Later when he became suicidal, he snapped out of it. That has happened to 6-8 survivors by this point. Maybe I ...j ust have to deliver...
    THEM ALL?! :eek:

    Well thanks for the tip regardless. Probably working in tandem with doing missions, and just not seeing it that way.
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