How to unarmed combat for nubs.

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  1. SinceDay1_Zack

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    Note: This topic will not cover special attacks that come with powerhouse and reflexes. This will only cover what to do if all you have is a knife.
    Roll + M1 (Good for 1v1's)
    This is by far the easiest to pull off. When a zombie is in front of you, roll into the zombie (which will stun and leave you behind the zombie) and press attack. You will automagically perform an execution on the zombie. This however takes a decent amount of energy.
    Dodge + W + M1 (Energy Efficient 1v1)
    This is a little tricky, but it uses so little amount of energy, it should be your go-to unarmed move against 1v1. Wait till a zombie comes at you and starts his swing animation, press dodge/crouch and do not move until right before a zombie swings. The result: You will duck through the zombie, and end up ghosting thru the zombie and ending up behind him. Even if you are exhausted, this move still works, and gives just enough time when exhausted to still execute the move
    Jump kick (Good for groups)
    We all know this one... When there are 3 or so zombies clustered right in front of you, do a jump kick and you will knock down about 2 or 3 zombies in a group at once. Then you can knock the rest down with the same move, and when they're all on the floor, just execute them all. This takes up a decent amount of energy, so doing this on a 1v1 is very inefficient.
    Fence Kick: (Good for just about any number of zombies and even bosses)

    This only works under one circumstance; there is a mini fence about the size of half your body. You may or may have noticed, but when you jump these fences, you do this kick animation when you jump over. When being followed by a horde, just find these fences and jump back and forth on it. Each time you hurdle over the fence, as much as 5 zombies can get knocked down at once... And you can do this move no matter how tired you are. If you do this while a zombie is trying to climb over, it will just glitchily kill them.

    Use these tips if you have no weapon nor car. These moves can make you as dangerous as if you had a weapon. Stay alive guys.
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    Moved to guides. :)
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  3. mystyk

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    Fence kick, lol. I only recently discovered that. It's fun :D
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  4. SinceDay1_Zack

    SinceDay1_Zack Starting Off

    Ikr. You are like invincible. You knock down like 5 zombies for every jump and kill 1. And you don't slow down at all even if you are tired.
  5. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Favorite move of all is still reflex spin kick. Especially next to wall or low fence.

    Looks cool, nearly no stamina drain, and can unarmed one-shot zeds.
  6. Can you tell me more specific how to do that Dodge and get behind zombie.Everytime I done it I always got in front of them never got instant kill from it
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  7. Doomen Gloom

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    My favorite move is bleeding
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